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8 New Side Business With ANY INKJET Printer Buy @

8 New Side Business With ANY INKJET Printer Buy @

8 New Side Business With ANY INKJET Printer Buy @

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8 side Business with an Inkjet printer using inkjet photo paper, Inkjet Transparent Paper
Inkjet Photo Sticker, AP film, Transparent Sticker, AP Sticker Film, Powder Sheet


00:00 – 8 side Business with an Inkjet printer
00:28 – Development in the Inkjet Papers
01:06 – Visiting cards printed with Inkjet printers
01:24 – Photo Papers
01:50 – Sizes available in Photo Papers
01:59 – Business you can do with Photo Paper
03:12 – Inkjet Transparent Paper
03:40 – Business you can do with Inkjet Transparent Paper
05:52 – Inkjet Photo Sticker
06:10 – Products you can make with Inkjet Photo Sticker
07:17 – Two qualities of Inkjet Photo Sticker
07:58 – How to remove the Sticker
08:53 – AP Film
09:00 – Product you can make with AP film
09:31 – Quality of AP Film
10:00 – Size Available in AP Film
10:23 – Uses of each size
10:54 – Transparent Sticker
11:16 – Uses of Transparent Sticker
12:24 – Customer’s Attracted by Transparent Sticker
13:31 – AP Sticker
13:45 – What is AP Sticker
14:13 – Uses of AP Sticker Film
14:48 – Unique Products in your Shop
16:06 – Powder Sheet
17:15 – Where this Powder Sheet used
19:04 – Die Cutters – Other Machine for ID cards
20:13 – Conclusion
20:26 – Demo printing – Photo Paper
20:51 – Demo printing – Transparent Paper B&W
21:17 – Demo printing – Transparent Paper Colour
21:37 – Demo printing – Transparent sticker
22:01 – Demo printing – AP Sticker Sheet
22:34 – Demo printing – Photo Sticker
24:02 – Demo printing – AP Film
25:37 – Demo printing – Powder Sheet


Today we are going to talk about the

Like these 8 different products

Which is printed with an ordinary inkjet printer

This allows you to start 8
  different types of business

which gives 8 sources for developing the income

Hello everyone I am Abhishek Jain with Abhishek
  products, by S.K.Graphics

Our main work is to develop your
  side business

So thinking about this, last year

from last year April 2020, to this year April 2021

We have done this range

Printable inkjet papers, media and stickers

from this, you can start different types of
business with less expense

So quickly, we are going to see
  the details of the product

But before starting this
video, you can like, share &

subscribe to our youtube channel,
for regulars update like this

we have printed visiting card with,
  ordinary looking inkjet printer

This is two side printable visiting cards,
  and this is a full set of visiting cards

and I also printed my visiting card with this

for full details about the visiting cards,
  please watch this video till the end

first, we are going to see product No.1

which is photo paper 270gsm

in the market Photo paper starts with 130 gsm,
  and we also get 180 gsm also

But 270 gsm is used rarely

and those who use 270 gsm, get
  low-quality papers

We are supplying Nova brand photo papers

we are the direct distributor in Telangana

In this, we have different sizes

the first size is 6×4 inches

the second one is A4 size, and third
  one is bigger than this also available

A3 and 12×18 inches

from 6×4 you can do passport business

photo frame business

any type of photo book business

You can print some small certificates for business

or you can make ready-made gift items with this

after printing it this paper is like a flower you can cut and
paste or write happy birthday to you and make any articles

you can paste on the
gift items, if you are doing

corporate gift items you
would have understood this

what I am telling,
  so this is the passport photo work

this is the thick paper

This paper is used in a photo studio and photo labs

you can easily print passport photos on this paper

this is done in a normal Epson inkjet printer

if it is an inkjet or ink tank there is no tension

if it is canon, Epson, Hp or Brother

if you have a good printer all works
  will be done perfectly

if you are thinking about how the printing
  will be, no tension about that

watch till the end of the video

I have printed each of these papers in this
  video with Epson L3150

our next product is my favourite

which is inkjet transparent paper

this inkjet transparent paper

this is a transparent paper in which you can
  print with inkjet printers

this paper is transparent in which
  you can print on one side only

only one side can be printed, and the other is
  is not printable

like this, you will get the output

from this, you can make different types
  of products

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