How To, Thermal Label Printer

Barcode Label Printer [TSC TE 244 Thermal Label Printer] Buy Online

Barcode Label Printer TSC TE 244 Thermal Label Printer Buy Online

Barcode Label Printer [TSC TE 244 Thermal Label Printer] Buy Online

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How to use the Barcode Label Printer TSC TE 244 Thermal Label Printer. How to load the roll and ribbon in TSC TE 244 Thermal label Printer


00:00 – Address
00:15 – About TSC Label printer
00:29 – Authorised Distributor
00:50 – about this video
01:05 – printer parts
01:50 – sample print
02:10 – BarTender Software
03:19 – sample print
03:50 – Label size
04:08 – Printer capacity and speed 04:44 – how to take the sticker
05:08 – uses of the sticker
05:50 – Roll & Ribbon of the printer
04:25 – Size of the ribbon
06:40 – How much you can print
07:00 – about Label roll
07:39 – How to access the printer
07:47 – how to buy this printer
08:13 – one more feature of this printer
08:47 – Indication light
09:05 – Loading of paper
09:18 – Speed of the printer
09:40 – Connectivity
10:10 – Feedback
10:27 – For more products


Hello everyone I am Abhishek Jain and this is
my WhatsApp number

Abhishek Products from S.K Graphics

our office is at Secunderabad

and in today’s video, we are going to talk about

TSC Thermal label printer

you can know from the printer’s name that it
is made to print sticker label

we are the main distributor of TSC in
Hyderabad region

for this specific model TSC 224E

we are the authorized distributor, whenever you
require this printer or any label printer

contact through the below given WhatsApp number
or give message

Today I am going to give a basic overall idea about
how to use this printer

how to manage troubleshooting, and
what is the main feature of this printer

what is the printer limitation and speed

so you can see this is a TSC brand and it has
energy star microprocessor

this printer opens towards the upside like this

and here there is a ribbon

ribbon means this printer’s ink

this printer’s ink is a ribbon

we can say that the printing ink will
be given through ribbon

at the back, there is a roller which is
the sticker roller

this machine has the capacity to print
4-inch sticker roller

and it can be connected to a laptop and

so first I will give a basic idea of how to
print in this printer

here there is one of our product

and the round cutter’s photo is here

we have manufactured this product and we
want a sticker for this

we have used software, this software name
is “Bar Tender Designer” software

you can put the sticker design in this software
for printing

you can give the size, quantity and
easily manage in this software

If you are using Microsoft word, you will
be familiar with the icons above

if you want to change the logo position

very simple drag and drop and if you
don’t want just press ctrl+Z

if you want to change the text you can
change the text

and if you do any mistakes just press

this is a good and easy software, if you have the
basic computer knowledge is very easy

you can also go to the Bar Tender website and
see the details

now I will give a print and show you
how the printing is done

first press ctrl+P

after pressing the ctrl+P we are going to
print two stickers

we have given the print command and
the sticker has been printed

as this is a black & white printer, the print
will be in black colour or grayscale

we have put a black colour ribbon

and the label print is ready

here we have used a 70×100 millimeter label

is its width, 100 millimeters means 4 inch

because it is a 4-inch printer

you can see that the sticker is printed at very
high speed

so in technical terms the printer’s capacity
are 4 square inches per second

which means it prints 1 square inch in one second

imagine if I have given 10 prints in the future

I have given the 10 print option

after the enter button is pressed the printing
is processed at a very high speed

if you have the target of printing ten thousand or
fifty thousand prints in one day

don’t worry about it just purchase this printer
and print sticker’s easily

as the print is done like this

you can release like this easily

you can paste this into the product easily

here we have made very basic, simple, and easy

in which we have given the brand name, product information
and the product’s description

we have given the product’s basic image

if you have packaging jobs or if you have international
export or import works

you can change the label designs according to
your needs

you can put packaging detail, expiry detail

manufacturing detail, service number

call center number, health center number, bar code
QR code

you can put other tracking details,
courier details etc.,

it’s quite simple and very easy

there is no need for more technical knowledge
to print in this printer

you can get this sticker at a very low cost

we supply this printer’s sticker roll

and also the ribbon for this printer

I tell you once more, this is the ribbon

this is the ink of the printer we say it as ribbon
and at the back is the sticker roll

sticker roll is available in different sizes

currently, 70 x 100 is the top-selling sticker rolls

and if you want a bigger size or smaller size
or one-inch size

if you want different sizes and shapes, on the order
the basis we will supply to you

the basic ribbon supplied with the TSC printer is
110 millimeter

which is 10mm bigger than 100mm

and its length is 300 meter

length is 300 meter

you can print so many stickers, and you don’t
need to refill every time

imagine if you want to print five thousand or
seven thousand labels, you can finish it in one roll

then comes the sticker roll, this roll width is also

inside is the label, its width is 100mm

in this roll there are 500 stickers of the size

if your sticker size is small you will get

if it is big you will get 500 or less

we will supply sticker rolls according
to your order basis, sizes, or as your demand

and the ribbon is always available

to access this printer, you can download Bar Tender
software from the internet, which is open free software

if you want to order or purchase or delivery
of this printer from us

contact through the WhatsApp number given below

don’t call first, send your demands through WhatsApp
so that we can understand what your demand is

then we can do a full conversation via phone

this is a very simple printer

I will tell one more feature about this printer,
in the future, if you want to change the roller

just pick this up and change the roll

and if you want to change the ribbon press
this button

the cassette of the whole ribbon or tray

pull like this and open it

it is very simple and very easy

not a very complicated printer

very user-friendly and layman-friendly printer

here there is an indicator light

imagine if you have not closed the door correctly

if you have not closed the door
correctly the red light will glow

just press and close the door, then the
the green light will glow

when you don’t understand how to load
the roll

then see the instruction sticker inside

in which full instruction is given on how to load
the paper and ribbon

It’s a very simple and cost-effective printer

and works at really good speed around 4 square
inch per second

if you want to print ten thousand or twenty
thousand per day with variable data

with barcode or QR code with variable data in it

then this printer is up to it, you can print
it easily with this

before going I will tell you something that this
TSC224E is the most basic model

this printer has only USB connectivity

if you want to connect an ethernet data cable along with the USB cable

that option is also available

for that information contact through the given WhatsApp number below

so okay guys Thank you!

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So thank you guys, this is Abhishek Products
from S.K.Graphics, Thank You!

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