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Setting Custom Label Size for TSC Label Printer in BarTender Buy @

Setting Custom Label Size for TSC Label Printer in BarTender Buy @

Setting Custom Label Size for TSC Label Printer in BarTender Buy @

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Setting Custom Label Size for TSC Label Printer in BarTender. Make levels of any size shape or in any design using the Bartender software for TSC thermal label printer you can make labels for shipping MRP licence numbers expiry date and other usage and warranty details in any size using the Bartender software for the TSC printer of any model


00:00 – Intro
00:45 – Measure your Sticker Size & Gap
02:00 – Setting in Bartender Software
02:29 – Pre-Defined Stock Setting
03:11 – Setting Custom Size Setting
03:50 – Layout Setting
04:25 – Setting Margin/Gap in Software


Hello every one and welcome to
  Abhishek products

In this video I am going to tell about the

how to use TSC, TVS or X printer for
  printing different types of barcode label

how to use bar tender software

to desing the sticker size and the label size

many of you purchase different types of stickers,

printer also, but many of find difficult
  in the starting

setting the label size

for this purpose I am going to tell about
  the Bar Tender software to solve this problem

first take a scale

measure each label size in millimeter

and also measure the gaps between the stickers
  left, right, bottom and top

you have to measure the total gaps

in the centre there is no gap, in the top
  there is gap and on left and right side

this is bigger size label, it has gap on left
and right side, there is no division in the centre

it has gap on top and bottom

you have to measure the gaps

in many labels their is 2 millimeter gaps

but if you mesure this, the setting will be
  fix permanently

we supply label which has 2 millimeter
  gap on top, bottom, left & right

I have measured each label size

like this and like this and this has
  by 150/100 millimeter

and this has 100/70 millimeter

this has 50/50 millimeter

and this has 25 and 50

now we will see how to set this
  in the software

come here and click the new button

from new button go to blank template or
  select template from library

now we have no template so we select
  blank template and press next

select the your printer model number
  and press next

and here comes user predefined stock

  ok, here there is so many internation

for the labels, you can check for the
  label of yours size in this

check that your ready made label
  size is here or not

ok, we have got the size

inside this if we get our sizes ready made
  press next

then click the finish button, so that
  ready made size is ready

now it’s designing, DTP, typing whatever
  you can do here

but if didn’t get the size there

so what you do select your size and
  click ok

we have mesured 50×50 millimeter and
  2 millimeter gap

one more thing we have to measure

total width

here total width is 110 millimeter

this is 110 mm width 90% of the paper
  is of 110 mm width

come here and go to file

go to page setup

select page option

and here we give the 110 and 110

  also just needed for setting

come to the layout

in the layout how many rows we have

we have one rows

and how many coloum we have, in
  the coloum we have to give 2

when you give 2 there is an error

the mathematics is not same here
  because the template size is wrong

this was the first predefined template size
  now we put our template size

we put 50

and here aslo 50

height and width we have put 50

height and width we have put 50
  now the two of them match

but what we see that there is gap
  in between two stickers

so this gap must aslo be in the design

so what will we do, put 2 mm gap at the top

you can see in the arrow

we put 2 mm gap in the left

and in the right side also we put 2 mm gap

here we have to change the widht to 50
  I have mistakenly changed the value

here we have set the settting for the sticker

in the lap top it seems like this

and our sticker in the physical
  real world it also seem like this

two of the setting is prefect match

this is satisfied

now we click ok button

when you press ok button

now we have given the setup for the
  barcode desing

we have given the design setup, but
  you have to note one thing

here there is only one sticker setting

but we have 2 stickers

we have to design only one sticker,
  when you print with ctrl+P

we have to decide the quantity

it will automatically set the left and right
  and print

this is a short video

to solve the issue how to set

custom sticker size in BarTender software

in this video I have teached that how to
  set different size stickers of your own

with Bar Tender software

thank you for watcing the video

  if you want to order any type
of stickers like this

or if you want purchase this barcode printer

go to

or you can contact through the Whatsapp which
  is below the description

there is a Whatsapp number through which
  you can call or message to comunicate with us

and thank you very much

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