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The Power of Rewrite Printing: Personalize and Reprint with Ease

The Power of Rewrite Printing: Personalize and Reprint with Ease

Learn about the innovative rewrite printing technology that allows you to personalize rewritable cards and easily update them as needed. Discover the various applications and advantages of using rewritable cards, including cost savings, environmental benefits, and increased customer engagement.

Understanding Rewrite Printing Technology

Definition of Rewrite Printing: Rewrite printing is an advanced technology that enables the personalization of rewritable cards. These cards can be easily erased and reprinted using a specialized card printer equipped with this feature, making them reusable multiple times, depending on their usage.

How Does Rewrite Printing Technology Work? The rewrite printing process involves two key components: the rewritable card and the card printer.

The Rewritable Card

  • Made of PVC or PET, the rewritable card has a heat-sensitive film containing ink, usually in blue or black.
  • When subjected to specific temperatures, the ink in the film reacts, either revealing or erasing the printed content.
  • The personalization areas can cover the entire card or specific sections, making it suitable for various card types, with or without chips and magnetic strips.

The Card Printer

  • Card printers with rewrite capabilities have a thermal print head that heats the rewritable card to the required temperature.
  • The heated card allows for personalization or erasure of the content, as needed.

This process doesn’t require the use of ribbons since the ink is already embedded in the heat-sensitive film. The rewritable card is simply inserted into the card printer, and the printing or erasing process is carried out efficiently.

The Design and Application Possibilities of the Rewritable Card

There are three variations of rewritable cards, each offering unique design and personalization options:

1. 100% Rewritable Blank Card

  • The entire card surface is covered with heat-sensitive film.
  • Personalization can be done over the entire surface, using monochrome black or blue.
  • Areas dedicated to rewritable data can be left empty for future personalizations.

2. Pre-Printed Rewritable Card

  • The PVC or PET material allows color personalization to be applied initially by a service provider.
  • Heat-sensitive film is then applied over the personalized design to make it rewritable.
  • Ideal for using large quantities of cards with personalized backgrounds.

3. Card with Predefined Rewritable Area(s)

  • The heat-sensitive film is applied to specific areas on the card.
  • Users can customize the card in color outside these predefined areas during the first printing, while keeping the rewritable spaces intact for future personalizations.

The Different Uses of the Rewritable Card

The rewritable card’s flexibility and easy update process make it ideal for various applications, including:

– Cards for Time-Limited Use without Chip:

Ideal for visitor badges or event passes that require frequent reprints for different individuals throughout the day.

– Cards for Advanced Access Control or Membership System with Chip:

These cards are reused by various individuals with different access rights or membership levels, making the rewritable version a cost-effective and practical solution.

– Single-Holder Cards that Require Regular Updates:

For cards with a single holder but need regular updates, such as student cards or loyalty cards, the rewritable card simplifies the process and ensures information remains up-to-date.

All the Advantages of the Rewritable Card

– Ecological: Using the same card multiple times reduces waste, and the absence of ribbons in rewritable printing further promotes environmental sustainability.

– Economical: Reusable cards and the elimination of ribbons save costs, especially for more expensive smart cards with limited cardholder usage periods.

– Easy to Use: Rewrite technology can be integrated into the card printer driver, requiring no ribbons, and making card printing a straightforward process.

– Scalable: Rewritable cards offer limitless possibilities for personalization, making them a long-lasting and scalable solution.

– Marketing Tool: With the potential for short-term use, rewritable cards are perfect for temporary promotions, events, and personalized customer experiences.

How to Choose a Rewritable Card Printer?

When selecting the right card printer with rewrite technology, consider the following:

  • Determine if you need a dedicated card printer with rewrite capabilities or a multifunctional printer.
  • Assess if your rewritable card needs can be combined with other card or badge requirements.
  • Estimate the number of cards you’ll issue annually and the frequency of updates.

For those seeking reliable and efficient rewritable card printers, the Evolis Primacy 2 and Tattoo Rewrite are excellent choices.

Type of Personalized CardsRewritable CardsMany Rewritable and Non-Rewritable Card Products
Printing SideFrontSingle or Double Sided
Encoding OptionsMagnetic Strip, Contactless ChipMagnetic Strip, Contact Chip, Contactless Chip

Explore the power of rewrite printing and revolutionize your card personalization process today!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is rewrite printing technology?

Rewrite printing is an innovative technology that allows you to personalize rewritable cards. These cards can be easily erased and reprinted using a specialized card printer with rewrite capabilities, making them reusable multiple times.

2. How does rewrite printing work?

The rewrite process involves a rewritable card made of PVC or PET, with a heat-sensitive film containing ink (usually in blue or black). The card printer’s thermal print head heats the card to the right temperature, revealing or erasing the ink, thus enabling personalization or erasure of the card’s content.

3. What are the advantages of using rewritable cards?

Rewritable cards offer several advantages, including:

  • Ecological benefits: Using the same card multiple times reduces waste, and no ribbons are required for printing.
  • Cost savings: Reusing cards and the absence of ribbons result in significant cost savings, especially for smart cards with limited usage periods.
  • Easy to use: Rewrite technology can be integrated into the card printer driver, making card printing a simple process.
  • Scalable and customizable: Rewritable cards offer endless possibilities for personalization and can be easily updated as needed.
  • Marketing tool: Rewritable cards allow for temporary promotions and personalized customer experiences.

4. What types of cards can be personalized with rewrite printing?

Rewritable technology can personalize various card types, including cards with or without chips, magnetic strips, or specific rewritable areas for customization.

5. How many times can a rewritable card be erased and reprinted?

The number of times a rewritable card can be erased and reprinted depends on the card’s quality and the type of rewrite technology used. Typically, rewritable cards can be reused multiple times, ensuring a cost-effective and practical solution for various applications.

6. Can pre-printed rewritable cards be personalized further?

Yes, pre-printed rewritable cards can be personalized further. The PVC or PET material allows for color personalization initially, and then the heat-sensitive film is applied over the personalized design to make it rewritable.

7. What are the different applications of rewritable cards?

Rewritable cards find applications in various areas, such as time-limited use without chips (e.g., visitor badges or event passes), advanced access control or membership systems with chips, and single-holder cards requiring regular updates (e.g., student cards or loyalty cards).

8. Are rewritable cards suitable for environmentally conscious organizations?

Absolutely! Rewritable cards promote environmental sustainability as they reduce waste and eliminate the need for ribbons in the printing process, making them an eco-friendly choice for businesses and organizations.

9. Can I combine rewrite printing with other card or badge needs?

Yes, you can combine rewrite printing with other card or badge requirements. Depending on your needs, you can choose from different types of rewritable cards or use a multifunctional card printer to cater to various card personalization needs.

10. How do I choose the right rewritable card printer for my requirements?

When selecting a rewritable card printer, consider factors such as whether you need a dedicated printer or a multifunctional one, the number of cards you’ll issue annually, and how frequently you’ll need to update the cards. Consult with a reliable card printer provider like Evolis to find the ideal solution for your specific needs.