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Best Center Pinning Heavy Duty Stapler From 10 to 200 Page Capacity Buy @

Best Center Pinning Heavy Duty Stapler From 10 to 200 Page Capacity Buy @

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Heavy Duty Long Throat Stapler Kangaro. Loading capacity: 200 Staples and stapling capacity: 200 Sheets. All metal construction. Long throat. Adjustable paper guide with lock. Rotating anvil
Rubber base to avoid desk top from scratches.


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00:00 Intro
00:03 Heavy Duty Center Pinning Machine
00:06 Capacity of the machine
00:24 Stapler loading Tray
00:32 Demo ot this Stapler
00:36 Loading the Stapler pin
01:06 Book binding
01:30 Depth of the pinning
01:55 Center pinning
02:30 A4 size center pinning
03:08 Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome to Abhishek Products and today we
are going to talk about heavy duty center pinning machine,
inside which you can easily do book binding from 30 pages
to 210 pages if you put 70 pages
or 210 pages
you can do it in a single shot, as well as you can center pin it
if you want, you can also pin the center inside it.
Extra cabin has also been provided.
And now I’ll tell you by doing a demo of it.
First of all, you have to press this red color button, after
that this tray will come out.
here, after the tray comes out, put the stapler pin according to the
size of your book, if you are making a book of the size of
30 pages 100 pages, then there is a seprate pin for that
if you have 200 pages.
then there is a different size pin for
that, after closing the tray, you have to take all the
pages you have to do.
After taking the book, pin here in the center or the side.
In this way, the binding is done, like above, there is a
neat and clean pin and on the back, in this way, there is a
neat and clean closing and inside this machine, the
special thing is that you can control its depth
can do
At this time its depth is one centimeter but now if we want
to increase its depth, we have to do finning here in the
center, then you just have to pull the liver back from behind.
You have to take your handle back like this, lock the liver
back in this way and now your book will go all inside and now
you can try it once.
And in this way, if you do not want to do any center, then the
book etc. will open here and if it is a large browser or
catalog, then in that case you are used in the will book, then
it will not be needed for the bill book
In this way, if its depth goes inside up to
21 centimeters, then 21 centimeters become almost one
more paper, if you want, then the seat of your entire A3
Science or Thirty Nine is also inside.
Can put and can’t even do it at the center pin it
Here we have taken some waste papers and now we tell you not
now we will tell you how to center pin this A4 sheet
In this way, the center pinning will be complete, you will get
a complete neat and clean on both the top and on the back side,
in this way, the book, binding is done
there is a big catalog, broucher then in that case you will get
It works well
And this was just a simple demo for our machine, if you have to
order this machine, then you can contact us through our
website or you can contact us through WhatsApp, which you
will find in the first comment section of YouTube.
We have many more such machines such as two hundred pages
single punch machine or 200 pages side stapler
machine, you will also find a video of them in my YouTube

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