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Best Manual Paper Cutting Machine A3 Hand Cutting Machine Paper Ream Cutter Paper Cutters

Best Manual Paper Cutting Machine A3 Hand Cutting Machine Paper Ream Cutter Paper Cutters

Best Manual Paper Cutting Machine A3 Hand Cutting Machine Paper Ream Cutter Paper Cutters

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A3 Paper Cutting Machine – Paper Cutter, B3 Guillotine Paper Cutter, A3 Paper Trimmer, 17 inches Cut Length, 500 Sheets Capacity, Heavy Duty Guillotine Machine for Photo Craft Card stock, Large Paper Cutter for Office, Home


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00:00 Intro
00:03 Demo of 17inch A3 paper cutter
00:09 cutting 800gsm cardboard
01:56 Blade of  this cutter
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02:40 Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome to Abhishek Products S.K Graphics
Today we are again showing you the demo of our A3 size 17 inch
paper cutters, at this time we are going to cut it inside it,
to cardboard up to 100 GSM or board paper
which is calendars, posters and
Many other boxes are used in the manufacturing business, at
this time we have put about five boards in this demo and
inside this A3 paper cutter from which you can also cut
visiting card papers photo papers, we are cutting these
boards at this time.
We have tightened the handle, we tightened its shutter,
pressed the safety panel and manually pressed the handle
from the bottom. Here you can see that the blade is now going
down and the whole board is simultaneously a single shot.
If the uniform is being cut in a uniform way, then we did not
use any hydraulic machine, did not use any kind of separate
sophisticated machine, but still we have the business of
box making or poster making or banner making.
This kind of board is used, we can processor it, we can cut it
at a time at a time you can easily cut four to five
if you want to cut one board in this machine.
You can also cut the one piece board, here we have cut a
six-inch board for the demo, if you want, you can cut the
entire 17 inch board together by five pieces.
And even if you have a small work of a single board, then
you can also cut it inside it, so the paper board, the
cupboard, or non-tearable media
You can easily cut all those items inside it inside this
paper cutter, this paper cutter is of A3 size and the
blades you are seeing are made of stainless steel and if you
buy this cutter.
If you need extra blood, we can also supply those extra blades
to you.
You all know that our website is
You can buy extra blade of this machine from us through the website
and that website and if you want to buy this cutter, then
there will be a common section below this YouTube video, you
will open the first link of that comments action.
From there you can get more details from us how this
machine will be delivered and in this way it is the complete
processor and in this way we have given you information
about this whole product, if there is any demand, then
definitely contact us.
Thank you

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