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How to Convert Paper Roll Into Sheet ? [Easy Cutting Machine – Rotary Cutter] Buy @

How to Convert Paper Roll Into Sheet Easy Cutting Machine Rotary Cutter Buy @

How to Convert Paper Roll Into Sheet ? [Easy Cutting Machine – Rotary Cutter] Buy @

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It Comes In Two Variants 14 Inch And 24 Inch Both. The Cutters Are Versatile And Follow The Same Principles Of Cutting The Given Article Using A Rotating Blade Module. The Cutter Is Made Up Of Hard Steel And Is Capable Of Cutting Plastic Sheets Paper Sheets Sticker Sheets Of Up To Eight Hundred Micron Thickness. The Given Cut Is Very Sharp, Very Precise And Has A High Level Of Finishing. It Cuts Roll, reel, paper to sheet form.


– Time Stamp –
00:00 Intro
00:03 Roll to sheet with Rotary cutter
00:30 Cuttin 13 inch roll
00:52 Rotary cutter
01:08 Order online
01:20 Rotary cutter sizes available
01:32 14 inch & 24 inch Rotary cutter
02:02 Finishing
02:35 Our Showroom


Hello everyone and Welcome to Abhishek Products
This is today’s new concept
in which we convert roll to sheets
This is a simple machine
14-inch roll-to-sheet cutting machine
in which you can convert 12×18, 13×19, A4, A3 any of these roll to sheets
depending on the width of the roll
Now we are converting 13 inch roll to 13×19 size sheets
here we are using two side gumining sheet
we have kept a small block at one end to mark the size of the sheet
here the machine is cutting the sheets
this cutting machine is called a rotary cutter
there is a round blade inside this a rotary cutter which cuts the sheets easily
sheets are cut when the handle is move from up to down or down to up
go to our website to buy this product online
where you can buy this cutter
we have this cutter in many sizes
this cutter is available in 14-inch and 24 inch
I will tell you
This is our showroom
we have 14-inch and 24-inch rotary cutters
you can buy according to your roll size
This is the ordinary cutter you can get everywhere in the market
you can’t cut as neatly as the rotary cutter does
I will show you how is the finishing of this machine
how will be the paper after cutting in this machine
This is the finishing of the paper after cutting in the rotary cutter
very good finishing is got with this rotary cutter
very perfect cut with a straight line
This is a gumming sheet Even though it cut perfectly
so this was a small demo of this product
In the future, we will make more video of different products like this
with different concepts. You can visit our showroom
We are located at Secunderabad
in minerva complex
if you can’t visit us and want to order the product
then you can go to our website
if you have any technical doubts
Go to the comment section below there would be a link to that
contact through that link only
before calling
Thank you!

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