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10 Colour x Toner Reactive Foil Now in Mini Packs EASY CUT GOLD FOIL Buy @

10 Colour x Toner Reactive Foil Now in Mini Packs EASY CUT GOLD FOIL Buy @

10 Colour x Toner Reactive Foil Now in Mini Packs EASY CUT GOLD FOIL Buy @

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– Buy Products Online – | Gold foil printing is a very simple method where we take printout from a laser jet printer and put gold foil roll on it into lamination machine all the printed toner converted into gold colour when it goes into the lamination machine


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00:00 – How to Print in GOLD
00:27 – Using Lamination Machine For Gold Foil
00:43 – About Snnkenn Lamination Machine
01:17 – Releasing Foil
01:43 – Type Of Paper For Gold Foil
02:10 – Colors Of Foil For LaserJet
02:30 – Printing Gold On Black Paper
04:40 – Black Paper Gold Quality Print
06:02 – How to Turn Lamination Machine Off
06:57 – Showroom Tour


Hello everyone
I am Abhishek Jain with Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics
Today we are going to talk about gold foil rolls and what are the colours available in that
If you are our followers of our channel
then you may know that we have made a detailed video of gold foil before
how to keep this gold foil and use the gold foil and how to cut this gold foil
how to make gold foil like this using lamination machine
this black paper is called Mamba paper
or over white 100 gsm paper
or gold foil over this transparent sheet which is called limpi sheets
these all details are already given in the YouTube channel
In this video, we are going to do something different
for last one year, we are getting comments and phone calls about
that you want to do the gold foil work
you want to do with all the colours but
but the problem is that your volume or quantity is not as much as in this roll’s quantity
This roll has 112 meters of gold foil
but you have a customer’s order in which you need only 20 meters or 30 meters of roll
there is no need to buy this much of a roll for that
if you buy this you may not need it for months
indirectly this was a wastage for you
This was the complaint we got from you
We had no time to solve this problem
finally, we had a process or method or system to solve this problem
we have now got more colours in the gold foil rolls
now I will tell you what are the colours available with us
red, matt gold which looks like jewellery
this is navy blue or royal blue
this is metallic silver which gives a reflective finish
This is a dark gold colour which is the most selling and most demand gold foil
if you are doing the wedding card works you can buy without any doubt
this is copper colour which is a new colour
card printing for pooja functions this colour is used the most
” Peethal rang ” in Hindi
This is rainbow silver or holographic silver colour
This is pink colour
This is our light gold colour
and this is our green colour
now we got 10 colours
you can’t keep all 10 rolls in stock
and this will be costly
and you may doubt in your mind that you may not able to finish all rolls
you may not use at all you may lose the net amount
What we have done for this for you
we have made 10 meter of a small pack of every roll
we have made pricing for this and we can send this through the courier no problem with it
This is the packing
we have converted 112 meter roll to 10-meter packs
you can get this in every colour
red, matt gold, blue, silver, light blue, pink, green like this we have 10 colours
you can get this easily from us
you will get this in this package
you will get 10 meters of gold foil
imagine if you want green colours 10 meter
red colours are 10 meters or 20 or 30 meters for any colours
so we can supply all these easily through courier and the cost will also be less for you
there would be no wastage in ti
you can give many varieties or options for your customers
you can tell the customer one-half of the pamphlet will be made in gold colour
and one-half with red
The customers will also be happy that they have got a variety of product
When you keep stock of all these different colours you will get more benefit out of it
If you think you can’t use this is for two or three months
you will miss one thing, if you have colours options you all also have customers
if you have fewer colour options
the customers will need that colours
then the customer will search for who has got the blue colour who has got the green colour
all are doing gold foil we don’t want that
the customers want to print pamphlets in green and pink only
where do they go
The customers will search for that in the market
if you don’t have that colour you can’t do that work for the customers
you have two options you can buy the whole roll or buy ten, ten-meter packs
keep stock and use whenever customers come
if you give more variety only you will get more customers
this is the golden rule, the thumb rule
we also follow this rule in our business
you are in the printing line or printing business or in the common service centre
if you want to enter into printing business of gifting, corporating, branding
here the customers get customization
customers want customization
whoever does more customization like a different type of finishing
branding, lamination or cutting whichever may be
who can give special in these varieties
customers always need new things
the only way is to change the variety of products
by buying colours only your job is not completed
you have to improve your designing the skill also then only you can upgrade
you can buy different foils and make different designs
make different patterns, use a different types of papers
make a different setting and see how to improve your products
then only you get more benefits of these colours
when you improve your design and work you get more benefits
The concept of this video is you can buy these 10 colours gold foil rolls from us
or you can buy 10 meters gold foil pack
now you can order transparent sheets also
In the next video, I am going tell about how to do gold foil in the transparent sheet
you can foil any colours you want
like green, red, blue, matt, copper or any colours the process is simple
we will experiment or demo with heavy-duty machines
you can get this product from our website
I want to do one more thing
that is what are the colours you need other than this in the comment box
I will try to bring that colours also in one or two months
then we will launch that colours 10 meters mini pack also
so that you will get that product easily and we can also supply easily
Thank you for watching my video,
We deal in the ID card, lamination, binding
and corporate gifting-related printing media
you can get all machines and materials related to that
you can also join Telegram to get more updates videos like this
or join Instagram or you can WhatsApp or phone calls
Thank you for watching my video
and we will see you next time

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