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Sample Roll For Satin Matt, Khadhi, Canvas, 3D, Flower, Cold Lamination Film Buy @

Sample Roll For Satin Matt Khadhi Canvas 3D Flower Cold Lamination Film Buy @

Sample Roll For Satin Matt, Khadhi, Canvas, 3D, Flower, Cold Lamination Film Buy @

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Special Cold lamination Film that are one of a kind and widely used in photo studios and photo frames. Use cold lamination to create amazing photo frame, photo studios Prints and portrait photographs with long lasting and durable finish such as flower, Sparkle, canvas, 3D and matte finish along with the new and latest khadi finish of cold lamination films.


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00:00 Intro
00:02 Special cold lamiantion samples
00:30 Roll format
00:50 Now Availble in 10 meter rolls
01:25 Other machines availble at our showroom


Hello everyone and Welcome to Abhishek products
These are the special cold lamination film which are used in the cold lamination machine
these are used in a photo studio
these are mostly used in photo frames and photo albums
This is a sparkle variety
This is khadi
This is 3D
This is flower
Matt and canvas finish
I have made a detail video about finishing all these films
you can see the link in the description
all these films come in the roll format like this
this comes in the 50 meter roll which will be a little costly
so many customers had a complaint about
the roll is costly and the variety is more
so we are not able to check the variety
to solve that problem we are now supplying 10 meter roll also
this is 50-meter roll
now you can order 10-meter individual roll
or you can order a jumbo pack
in that, you will get a total of 30 meters, 5 meters of each variety
all these products are now available on our website
you can order through our website
If you have any doubts type in the YouTube comments
or join Telegram where we update technical details every day
if you want details about other products like
sublimation machine
3D mobile machine, mug printing machine
double mug machine
any type of paper-cutting machine
or about foils
you can visit our showroom
or our YouTube channel
or you can join our Telegram channel

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