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25 Inch Thermal Lamination Machine – Roll To Roll – All New – Foil & Laminator

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25 Inch Thermal Lamination Machine – Roll To Roll – All New – Foil & Laminator

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Whatapp Us –  | Introducing our 25 inch thermal roll to roll lamination machine, perfect  for all your document lamination needs. This versatile machine can also  handle gold foil, UV foil, lamination, and foil badges with ease. With its  advanced technology, it ensures a smooth and even lamination process, leaving  your documents looking professional and protected.


00:00 25 inch thermal  lamination
00:06 Pouch lamination
01:02 Control panel 
01:38 Pressure knots
01:50 Roll fitting rods 
02:30 What are documents you can laminate
03:10 Wheel base  stand
03:36 Output from thermal lamination machine ‘
03:59  4 roller system
04:38 Demo(Lamination -demo)
05:44 13 inch  thermal lamination machine
05:08 other products you can  get
06:12 button badges and other products
07:56 finishing  the document
08:30 golden foil
08:48 adventages of thermal  lamination


Here because we are  doing
lamination for limited

documents, so by not  fitting
the roll, we are doing direct

pouch  lamination here, you have
to use this method only if  you

have to do the lamination of
limited quantity  or just one or


Quantity lamination  has to be
done, here we are adjusting  the


and setting our machine  inside
forward mode

And by putting pressure on  it
in this way by hand, you are

keeping its  straight alignment

We have already given  the
option of rolling inside  this


Moving upwards and  downwards is
why lamination is being done in

this  way at this time.

So that

Our work is  doing a small run,
we are doing a small job,  it

should be done easily

And I can use  it a little later,
if you have to do lamination of

different  sizes or different
fitness, then you can also  use

this method for that.

The special  thing about this
the machine that here we  have

given you an integrated
detailed panel and  inside this

the panel you get speed  control,
whether you can increase the

speed,  decrease, the thickness
of your document or its  quality?

According to the thickness or
length, as  well as have

given the temperature control
here,  forward control, backward

control and stop control  are
also provided and when the

the machine is  operating, you have
to select it in hot mode.

Its  PCB model is a very
detailed model and here you  get

a pressure knob where you can
decrease or  increase the

pressure so that the roller is
up or  down, forward or back, up

or down, the adjustment  is
easily done with it.

At the same time, we have  given
you inside this machine.

there is a full  arrangement to do
roll-to-roll lamination in  this

machine There is a rod on the
top and a rod  of similar

pattern at the bottom, inside
which  you can laminate 1-inch

core or 3-inch core  lamination
easily, here you will put in 25

inch  lamiantion roll

you will put one roll here  also

And you will also put them on
the bottom and  bring them from

bottom to top through a  pattern
and will also bring them from

top to  bottom through a pattern,
which we will definitely  give

you the full demo of the machine.

We  will also provide you with
full training, how to do  the


These roles have to be  adjusted
here and if you have any kind

of  drawings, projection posters,
some different photo frames  of

God or you have any order  of

Or if you have a  blueprint
lamination work, you can easily

do it  inside this machine

The name of this machine  is

FM650, I think this 650mm
length is around 27  inches and

mostly used in 25 inch
documents  lamination

Very heavy duty and very strong
and  steady machine and with this

machine we will give you  the

we offer wheels base stand  also

When you receive this  machine,
you will have to assemble the

stand, but  the machine will be
ready to use, you will get  it

from its control at the back.

On the  front, you will get this
switch of double side  lamp

heating and your pressure
towards the  right-hand side and

the output from this  machine
looks something like this.

It is a very  simple and
easy-to-use machine, whether

you use  it for small runs or
for large runs

If you have a  little technical
knowledge then you can  easily

use this machine, it is a very
strong and  steady machine and

its roller looks like this,
this  roller is a four roller

the heating system inside  this

There is a  four-wheeler
feeding system, due to which

the  work of this machine is
done easily with a lot  of

quality and pressure sensitive
work, nowadays  you must have

seen in the market that there
is a  lot of trends going on.

satin lamination if you do  that
too a little carefully, then

you can handle  this machine

Drawing, Plloter,  Projections

As well as all the documents  of

If you can, let’s see a demo of
it  now.

And now we have set the same
document upside  down and then

laminated it from the other
side so  that the starting part

which could not be laminated  is
also laminated in it now.

This is a 27-inch  machine roll
to roll machine

Heavy-duty model  silicone
rubber with 4-roll lamination

inside  and

This is a simple machine of
front feeding and  bank loading

and if you have a house or
office  facility with normal

single-face electricity,  then
you can easily do the lamination

inside it.  here we have done the
lamination of the  projection

We have easily laminated it
here and  it is very easy and

simple process, if you have  a
lamination of one or two

documents in this way,  then you
can cut the lamination roll and

set it  in this way and inside
this machine.

Along with  large machines to do
lamination, we will find you  in

a small machine 13-inch or you
will get  documents laminates,

rim cutter or labels,  printers,
rims cutters and creasing

machines are  also available.

We have more business  products,
so that you can improve  your


We can improve  business,
develop side businesses and

along with  existing machinery,
we also have many inkjet  media

and laser jet media so that you
can develop  different types of

products whether it is a  button
badges or metallic  button


Be it this kind or any  corner
cutters or staplers or thermal

printers or  ID cards tag
machines are also available, we

have  many other products such
as wiro binding, and spiral  binding.

cold lamination, paper cutters,
sublimation  machines

wiro binding machines look
something  like comb binding

machine, thermal binding  machine

Value binding machines,
electric spiral  binding

machines, electric wiro binding
machines,  manuals spiral

binding machines, as well as
you  can find sublimation ink,

paper, tape, sublimation  roll,
sublimation stand, sublimation

heat press  for ID card lanyard

And most importantly many  types
of round cutters, cold

lamination machine  from 14-inch
to 40 inches will be available

to us  along with their supplies,
their roles as well as  their

different variations.

If you ever  visit Hyderabad or
you live in Hyderabad, you  can

visit our store, see our
machines metal and  if you find

these machines inside some  EMI

We need that facility in  our
facility of the bank, so that

the facility is  also available with

And one special thing  about
this machine I forgot to

tell you is that  it is such
a golden foil inside  this


It gets  done.

So if you want to contact us,
then you will  find the link of

WhatsApp, WhatsApp is given  below
inside the description and also

inside the  paint comment.

Don’t forget to subscribe to
see  many more such demos

After lamination, it is  also
very important to finish the

document, so  for that you can
take normal scissors or take

our  24-inch rotary cutter and
cut it in a straight line  in

such a way.

While purchasing the  machine,
we also give a demo of at least

one to  one and a half hours
separately so that you  can

easily get all the technical
information, but  for now I think.

You must have understood  what
are the capabilities of this

machine and  what can you do in

In the next demo, we will  see
how golden foil is made on

transparent paper  inside this

And inside such  wedding
invitations, wedding cards or

any  corporate gift card, you
can do this kind of golden  foil,

inside this machine, now I will
tell you  some of the features

of this  machine.

Inside this machine, you can  do

of business, only with this one
machine, you  can follow the

first inside the transparent  paper,
which is very much used in the

wedding  card industry.

You can also do different types
of  files that are used in the

gifting branding and  box
industry, you can do this kind

of instant  spot lamination on
top of any of your colour  prints

with this machine.

Fourth you  can do the lamination for
drawing, AutoCAD and  plotter,

fifth you can create such
golden button  badges or

metallic foil button  badges

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