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How to Clean Evolis Printer? Use Cleaning Card/Swab Pvc Card Printer Buy @ abhishekid.com


How to Clean Evolis Printer? Use Cleaning Card/Swab Pvc Card Printer Buy @ abhishekid.com

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Buy Swab -https://abhsk.com/12g |  Evolis Primacy & Zenius or any other models Cleaning Kit
Evolis cleaning cards feature a low-tack adhesive that cleans dust and other debris from your Evolis Zenius or Primacy printer’s card rollers to help avoid damage to your printhead and help ensure the quality of your printed cards. Simply run the cleaning cards through your printer to clean the rollers.
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00:00 intro
00:22 cleaning swab
00:30 removing the ribbon
01:05 cleaning the roller
02:01 cleaning the inner roller
02:55 conclusion


How to clean the head of the
Evolis Primacy printer, how to

clean rubber rollers?

And how to clean the cleaners’

Today we will tell you about this

First of all, the printer will
be turned off.

Then remove the power cable
from the back.

then remove the ribbon from the

This is the cleaning swap and
these are this is its sponge

and this is the head of the

When you press it slowly, the
the liquid will come here and we

have to apply that liquid on
the head so that when you rub

it slowly, whatever dirt it has,
dust or small ribbon particles,

then they will be attached to
this sponge.

Your head will be clean, print
will come dark

First turn on the printer

After that, open the panel and
remove the ribbon

And then take your cleaning
swap and clean these rolls.

To do cleaning, we will press
and hold this button, due to

which these rollers will start
running non-stop, then we will

press our cleaning stick
lightly, so that we will slow

the cleaning of the roller.

Or any soil or any other dust
particles will be cleaned by

your roller.

Here the second roll is hidden
inside the printer, so you will

flip it like this and press it
down again here

like that, there is four roller
inside the printer 1, 2, 3 and

will press the button and clean

the rollers.

the sixth roller is hidden
inside here, it is called

cleaning roller, in the next
video, then open the lid from

the back and remove the ribbon,
turn this big fall on the

inside first and then you will
see this our cleaning roller


When you press the liver in
this way, its lock mechanism

will open and now you can
remove this roller.

There is a lot of dust stored
inside it, now how to remove it?

For this, first of all, you
will take normal silicon

transparent tape, not a brown
tape, take only transparent

tape and rotate it in such a
way that whatever dust

particles are inside it, there
are pieces of ribbon, there are

some small particles of PVC,
they all come out of your rubber.

You have to use only and only
transparent tap and if you use

brown tape then you will buy a
new roller because it will be

completely damaged.

Rotating such a circle for at
At least a minute will bring such

finishing and cleanliness in
this way similarly pushes the

roller inside by pushing the
back of the lock mechanism here

and turn the printer off and
turn it on once.

Do it if your printer is ready

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