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What Is A Thermal Pvc Id Card Printer? Business Model And The Cost For Id Card, Selling Price In The Market, Which Is The Best Thermal Printer, What Is The Cost Of The Ribbon, Cost For Card ?


00:00 – Intro To ID Card Printer
01:19 – What Is Thermal Printing
02:00 – What Is Thermal Pvc Card Printer
02:47 – What Is Inks In Thermal Printer
04:35 – What Is Cleaning Kit 05:08 – What Is Pvc Cards
06:35 – Type Of Pvc Cards
07:07 – Costing Per Cards With Print
12:20 – Problems With Thermal Card Printer
13:30 – Benefit Of Thermal Card Printer
14:00 – Customber Mentality 15:00 – Card Print Life


Hello everyone, and welcome to Abhishek Products
  by S.K.Graphics

in today’s new video, we discuss
all the different types of business

different types of business which you can do
with thermal PVC card printer

may it be Evolis, or
Datacard or Zebra

in this video, first, we discuss
about what is a thermal printer

inside it, there is a PVC card or
pre-printed card, what is that

and after that, we see what
is a half panel and full panel

at last, we discuss the cleaning card

and after that, when we
understand what is a thermal printer

then we focus on how to improve
our business with thermal printer

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let’s start with my first question,
What is the thermal printer?

the word “thermal” means
printing by pressing colour on it

please understand that for
thermal and thermal means heat also

so with these two concepts
mixed like this card is printed

it might be a voter card, aadhaar card
or any type of access card or plain card

or any membership card or any ID card

how this thermal printer works

the thermal ID card printer is specifically
designed for printing like these PVC cards

this printer’s like Evoli Primacy,
Datacard SD360

these printers print on the front and back
because it has duplex technology

so that it prints front and back side at a
the time automatically without any manual work

we say this technology is duplex technology

in this type
printers, we have zebra ZX3

which we sell in that also,
you find all these features

ok, so now you will know what is a thermal printer

now you think about how this thermal printer works,
inside this what type of ink or toner is used

ink for this printer we say a ribbon

there is no liquid ink or powder
toner this is not an inkjet or laser jet

this is a thermal printer in which
ribbon system is used for printing

in these ribbons, there are colours which
is transferred or printed to the cards by heating

so this is known as thermal ribbons
and the printer name is a thermal printer

the thermal ribbon is of two types

full panel and half panel ok

this ribbon is of plastic material
which has layers like polythene

which we say ribbon
which will be in the long roll

in this ribbon, there would be
different types of colours printed already

pink, yellow, or CMYK

these colours are printed in pieces
and it will repeat automatically

like this would be half
panel and full panel

where to use this full
the panel in the market and half panel

where this is used I will tell later

only understand that
this printer ink is like this

after that inside this comes
the cleaning card like this

you have to maintain the

to maintain the printers life you have to
use this cleaning card and clean soft

this cleaning card and cleaning
a swab of the Evolis is like this

data card would be different

and ZXP3 Zebra companies would
be different, but the concept is the same

from the name you can
understand that it is used for

cleaning, it goes inside the printer and
cleans itself, you don’t need to do any test

the cleaning card does it work
automatically, similarly, there is a cleaning swab

inside it has a special liquid from that

printer’s head is cleaned

every company has different names and different
methods the concept is the same, a liquid and a card

now we know what is thermal

what are its specific items,
and how to clean and maintain it

next, we are going to see about,
  what is a PVC card?

in PVC card, it’s
size is 54×86 millimeters

it’s an international size

in the world, many cards are of
this size, all the access card is of this size

our voter’s card is of this size,
our aadhaar card is of this size

in the future, if you make any card for the customer,
the card name is a card, but its size is 54 x 86 mm

this PVC card means plastic, a good and high quality

we have all these cards, we supply all these cards

in this comes an aadhaar card, pre-printed aadhaar
card, pre-printed pan card, pre-printed voter card

mifare card, 1k card

thin access card, thick
access card, chip card

driving license card with a chip, with golden color

all these types of cards are compatible with
thermal printers, which works with all 3 printers

Evolis, Datacard and Zebra ZX3

we supply these three printers

you can communicate with WhatsApp for these items

you can print all these cards
with these thermal printers

in this PVC card, there are 3 types one is
the plain thermal card in which you card print ID cards

one is pre-printed cards in which
government’s cards are printed

one is an access card, an RF ID card which is
used for attendance or security clearance

all these businesses are done
with these thermal printers easily

now you have to understand what is PVC card, Ok

now we go to the next section, now
we see what the cost per card is

I am giving a general idea, you may use any printers

Evolis Primacy, Datacard SD360, or Zebra ZXP3

cost for printing is the same for all printers

I will inform you that, for costing it
depends upon what you are printing

if you are printing Aadhaar
card, pan card, voter card

or the fourth option if you are printing
any private companies’ pre-printed cards

so what is the cost for that

the aadhaar comes like this with pre-printed,
this goes into the printer and prints and comes out

voters card is the same as that

voter card, pan card, aadhaar
card and any pre-printed companies card

license or any type of card
for that, we use half panel ribbon

half panel ribbon would be different
for Evolis, Datacard and for Zebra ZXP3

we supply ribbons

A pre-printed card is used for half panel
and the half panel is used for pre-printed cards

two of them are used together

when you are printing pre-printed cards

and using half panel your cost will be less

because this ribbon is designed for
this work and it’s engineered for this

it costs Rs.20 per card

your cost price is Rs.20, you can give
Rs.50 or higher to customer it’s your choice

your cost price is Rs.20 for the half-panel ribbon

I am telling the printed cost
higher than the actual cost

when you calculate later it will be Rs.17 or Rs.18

but you have to think that its cost is Rs.20

because there would be some wastage
like electricity or labor charges etc.,

there would be some problems so
you round the cost for the card as Rs.20

when I print an aadhaar card, pan
card, voter card with this thermal printer

the cost price is Rs.20 only

now next step, when we print an ID card

when a retail customer comes
to you or print companies’ card

to print membership cards,
front and back colour print

for this, you use a full panel ribbon

full panel ribbon of Evolis is different,
full panel of SD360 Datacard is different

Zebra ZXP3 is different, we supply all
these ribbons and also this plain card

when you print an ID card
or something in plain card

you use full panel ribbon, front and
back of the card is white

The front and back of the card are full
white for this you use a full panel ribbon

when you use a full panel ribbon your per
card cost is Rs.30, whichever printer you use

its actual cost is nearly Rs.27 only,
the method is considered to be costly

because it has some wastages,
mistakes so that you round it off with Rs.30

you may use any of the
printer Datacard, Zebra or Evolis

the printer cost may
differ but it doesn’t matter

one or one and a half rupees
is not a big value

when you are giving the card to
customer for the target of Rs.50 or Rs.100

you have to memorize
the round figure is Rs.30

the printing cost of
the thermal card is Rs.30

with this full panel, you can
print this access card,

RF card which is used for attendance, in school
and companies with bulk quantity have started

security and online digital security

for this, it may cost above
Rs.30 plus for an access card

it will add to your cost,
you can calculate this later

like that when you are
printing Mifare card or chip card

it will cost Rs.30 plus the cost chip
card or access card you have to add that

if you want to order this thin card,
chip card or access card or any card

we supply this also you can
order this little thing on our website

form there you can order 100 pieces, 50 piece
there are many ranges, from there you can order it

you can also order a ribbon of Zebra, Evolis

Datacard SD360, these all
products you can order at our website

and this big product like this printer
you can order by phone or on WhatsApp

now you have understood all these things

what’s the card and ribbon now
you must have a clear still picture of this now

after that only you have to purchase this
printer, don’t purchase without knowing this

now we discuss the limitations
and problems of this printer

limitations and problem
of thermal card printers

now I give an average idea of these 3
printers like Zebra ZXP3, Evolis, and Datacard SD360

I am not talking about one printer

I am talking about the technology only

the thing you have to understand is

is that costing

your one card cost is Rs.20

that is when you use half panel

when you use a full panel
Rs.30 of printing ID card, is it costly

it’s costly but it has quality also

cost and quality two of them run together

when you decrease cost the quality also
comes down, you don’t need to ask about it

the thing is that you may print an ID card,
aadhaar cards, voter cards whatever item may be

you may print in Rs.4 or Rs.5 or Rs.6 with AP film

using a small lamination machine
and make PVC cards with AP film

but you don’t do that, you use this card printer

in this, you have an investment of Rupees between
fifty thousand to sixty thousand the rate changes

why do you make this investment and
increase this cost price per card

if you want to produce quality
then you can 100% buy this printer

when you have the manpower
then also you can buy this printer 100%

and also you can give superior
service and give high quality

then 100% you can buy this
the printer you don’t have any option

when you are using AP film or
dragon sheet and lamination machine

in that, you can give the card to
the customer in 10 or 15 minutes

so that the customers see that your
printing, doing lamination, and then die cutting

then the customer’s mind
set will be to bargain with you

when they see while working
they begin to bargain with you

then the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th customers in
the waiting line will also bargain with you

but in the same case when
you keep this printer in front of the customer

and show this is your design,
this is your aadhaar card, ok then ok

prints come, your card comes,
payment comes you got Rs.100

this mindset will be different
when the customers wait for less time

so that the customer gives the payment
earlier and doesn’t bargain with you

and your professional
level also changes

this is the mental benefit
to have this thermal printer

what is the second benefit?

instance service

and better quality

you can use AP film, dragon sheet whichever may be

dragon sheet’s life is 6 months

when you thermal printer the card’s life is

you will get the life and original quality

an instance service

so that the customer has a good link with you

when you give the customer
a high-quality aadhaar card

when they see the quality is superior, they
say make my wife’s card or my children’s card

make my father’s aadhaar cards copy

because we get the original quality and
driving license is also got in original quality

you don’t need to do any editing over the card you
just copy and make the card that’s your business

when you give high quality the customers
also bring their family members and friend also

because you are giving the quality

more when you are in the city

or when you are in a developing city

then the customer gives Rs.100 or
Rs.50 per card easily without any problem

they’re the customer who needs quality
and they need fast delivery

they don’t need any problems

when you have customers in high frequency
then definitely you can purchase this printer

this is my suggestion

if you are in a small village and the customer
doesn’t want to give too much AP film is best there

and when you are doing the ID card works

or when you are working for small local schools

this is not suggested
for it and this method also

in case you are working for international
schools, international colleges, e-schools

they’re the customers who give the rate also

entertain also, there you can
print their ID card with this printer

we suggest for this market

international school, big schools, big companies

for them, this will be better because
the cost and quality they want both

they don’t need cheap products, so for that
the market you can purchase this printer with us

after purchasing we
provide service also

we will provide technical knowledge also,

so don’t need to worry about the printer has
come, how to print we also clear that thing also

next is the CSC center, CS online, AP online

online multi services, Karnataka, Maharashtra area

and when you go to Delhi
the side where there are CSC centers

and when you come to
south side there is CS online, AP online

there are many Government initiatives

for all those centers this printer is commonly used

because the customers there is
a public and private partnership

from which it’s said CSC center
or CS online or AP online e-seva

when the consumer comes to you for
printing aadhaar card, voter card, or pan card

they expect original quality only

for that, if it’s costly they pay for it
because you are giving good service

they know that when they apply to
the government then it will take a month to get the card

when you go to eSeve, meeseva, CSC centers

there they will give the work in 30
minutes they will get the payments

their mindset is different so that you
can purchase Zebra, Datacard, or Evolis from us

we provide its services, training and
tutorials through our channel partners

so you have now got the basic
the idea of how to target the market

and I have told you about the cost already

so this was a basic idea about
what are a thermal printer and its ribbon

it’s parts and its brand, if
you don’t understand the brand

this is an Evolis brand printer

this is datacard SD360 brand printer

and one more is there which is Zebra ZXP3

I have forgotten
about that to display

we deal with all the printers in Hyderabad

we are the authorized
reseller for these three brands

we supply ribbons for these 3 brands, these 3
printers ribbon is different from each other

and they have different types of cards

I have made this video too long because
I have told all general things inside this

how to do the business and
  how to do not do the business

when you understand the power of this product or
strength and weakness, when you understand these two

then you can contact us to purchase this product

below I have given the WhatsApp number,
when you go to the description you will get that

when you have this printer already

then if you want a voter’s card,
aadhaar card, pan card, access card

cleaning kits, ribbons whatever you want to purchase

then go to our website
where you can get the small products

or if you want to purchase
bulk quantity 1000 or 5000 cards

so communicate with
WhatsApp no tension about it

so this was a little update

I am telling you the inside thing
and the concept of this printer

when you want this type of video for my subscribers

they write in the comment box

then for every product
we talk in this language

so that you get the internal business idea

if you want anything
we are ready to sit here

thank you for watching the video, giving
this much time to see this video, Thank you!

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