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DataCard Ep1 – SD360 PVC ID Card Printer Unboxing and Important Update Abhishek Products

DataCard20Ep120 20SD36020PVC20ID20Card20Printer20Unboxing20and20Important20Update2020Abhishek20Products

DataCard Ep1 – SD360 PVC ID Card Printer Unboxing and Important Update Abhishek Products

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Unboxing Of The Data Card Sd 360 Thermal Card Printer And Understand The Comprehensive Features And Capabilities Of The Printer. Hands-on Demo Session With The Full And Half-panel Ribbon In The Series Series. We Will Discuss The Various Kind Of Business Opportunities That You Can Pursue Using This  Printer Datacard Sd 360 Thermal Card Printer.


– Time Stamp –
00:00 Intro
00:15 Authorised reseller of Entrust printers
00:30 Whats in this video
01:06 unboxing Datacard Printer SD360
00:14 Accessories
00:23 Power cable
01:28 Tested card with serial number
01:40 A complete Acessories kit of the printer
01:46 Standard 2.0 USB Cable
01:54 User Manual and Driver CD
02:02 Power Adaptor
02:11 Cleaning Kit Roller nob
02:18 Cleaning Swab
02:36 Printer Datacard Printer SD360


Hello and welcome to Abhishek Products for S.K Graphics.
And we are very happy to announce to you that we are now
an authorized reseller for entrust data card printers.
And in today’s very special video we’ll be discussing about
the unboxing of the data Datacard SD360 printer.
We’ll be going through a brief explanation of all the products
and all the services that you get out of the box in the
And we’ll be also discussing about the demo and the special
software used to print Aadhaar card in this new series called
the Data Card Printer series.
So you can subscribe to our channel to get latest and
greatest updates about this new series of videos that are
especially focused on the Datacard SD360 printer model.
So let’s begin the video and stay tuned for more updates on
the demo of the printer and the special software for printing
Aadhaar card the unboxing of Datacard printer SD360.
So, in the box you get the following items.
First we get a power cable.
The second item that we get is a tested card
and the serial number of the printer is printed on the
testing card.
This is the total accessory kit.
This is the total accessory kit.
In that accessory kit you will get
USB cable.
We get the standard
USB type 2.0 cable,
driver CD and user manual.
We get the user manual and then we get this driver CD along
with the printer
power adapter.
This is the power adapter of the printer.
This adapter will help you protect your printer against
any power fluctuation.
And then we have this
cleaning kit, roller knob
and along with the printer we get these cleaning swabs which
are very important to maintain the life of your printer.
And then we have the printer itself.
As you can see, the printer is packed with thermacol and
cardboard and a double corrugated box.
So this will make sure that your printer is safe in
transport or courier
And this is just a small piece which is not any function of to
the printer, it is just to prevent any order.
So this is how the SD360 printer comes along.
And these are all the accessories that we saw earlier,
that comes along with the printer.

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