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M7102dw Pantum Printers 3in1 Wifi LaserJet Printer Great for Side Biz Buy @


M7102dw Pantum Printers 3in1 Wifi LaserJet Printer Great for Side Biz Buy @

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Whatapp Us – | Multi-function 3-in-1 with ADF(printing, copying,  scanning) laser printer. Fast and high definition printing up to 33ppm(A4) /  35ppm(Letter) in black and white. Support multiple media sizes, and media  weight up to 200g/㎡.  ADF scan with  max. scan size 216 x 356mm, scan to E-mail, PC, FTP, USB drive. High ADF  scanning speed up to 24ppm(A4) / 25ppm(Letter). Easy copy with ID copy, N-up  copy functions
Easy one-step wireless installation. Connect with  High-Speed USB 2.0, network, and WIFI. Mobile


00:00  Intro
00:01 Pantum M7102dw
00:25 Legel size front &  back
00:55 Buy at
01:07 Features of pantum  M7102dw
01:40 Output tray
01:45 A4 flatbed  scanner
01:50 ADF scanner
02:10 Software & connectivity
02:36  ID card printing
02:48 Demo
03:20 Taking a  xerox
04:28 ADF
05:04 Paper tray
05:16 ID  card
06:12 Transparent sticker
07:30 AP  sticker
08:34 Transparent sheet(Limpi sheet)
10:20 AP  flim
11:35 Gold foil
12:20 Conclusion


Hello everyone I am  Abhishek
and this is the Phantom, you

are in  Abhishek products with S.

In the  exhibition, today we are
going to talk about  the

Phantom’s latest printer, whose
model number  is M7102dw, this

model has many special  things
and many good software features

that we  are going to discuss
inside this video.

Before I  do, let me tell you
that this is a black and  white

printer that is.

this printer  prints legal size
in front and back

I have used a  lot of laser
printers of HP, Canon and all

of  them have these A4 sizes
trays and a four-size  printer

is printed, but there are very
few such  printers or I would

say maybe there are only a  few
such printers.

Inside which the legal size  i.e.
full scape size is also printed

with the  front and back with

This is the 7102dw printer  by
Phantom if you want this

printer or do you  want to resale
it or want to use it for  your

office yourself, then you can
contact us  below through

comment section.

Let me  explain to you some
features of this printer.

So  this is a tray at the bottom
inside which legal size  paper

can be input, A4 size input can
be done or  A5 i.e. A4’s half

size paper is also can be  input
inside it, then at the top.

On the side we  see

If you want to manually feed A4
size paper  within a little less

quantity then you can insert  it
here, but inside the tray below,

you have  already fed 250

After that comes our  upper
the output tray, whose output we

are going  to see soon, after
that comes with our A4 size  flatbed

scanner and above that comes  our

ADF scanner which is double
side, this is not  DADF this is

ADF, ADF means it does double
side scanning,  it uses two pass

system for double-side  scanning,
not single pass system

There are also  some great
features of the software  and

connectivity inside this
printer such as  WiFi

connectivity and NFC printing,
well NFC is  used a little bit,

but WiFi printing is a  very
good option in India so

that you can use  your laptop or
mobile phone with Wi-Fi.

You can  easily do wireless
printing by connecting to  WiFi,

you will not need wire, but
with the  printer, we will also

give you this USB  cable.

The next option is very good
inside this  printer, which is

ID card printing, whose  demo

I’ll give it to you soon

It is  very easy to use the
printer, I will show you how,

first  of all, we will on the
power supply, as soon as  the

printer is on, a white light
will come inside  it, now

imagine that there is a small
mini Xerox  machine and we will

come inside it.

You  can easily print out for A4
size and legal size,  whether

from mobile, laptop or direct
from its  scanner.

If you want, you can also
connect USB  inside it, which

you can easily print any  paper
or document from a pen drive  or


So here I have a simple  sheet,
I will take a simple xerox and

tell you  how it is going to
happen, so we first opened  the

printer here, inserted and
pressed the button  of Just Copy.

I think the speed of this
printer  is 22 ppm

So when you print it from your
laptop,  it will easily print at

the speed of the 22 ppm or  we
are going to scan it and  print


So here we will make it  ok

And here we are going to  press
the print button

Scanning has  started

The print has also  started

The jet-black printout has  come,
I’ll return and do it once more

for you,  you note down the time

Copy has  started

So I hope you must have noted
the time  and you must have

understood how fast its  scan

You are just inside it.

You can  also do scanning using

this is a front and  back
scanner which uses ADF

technology, not DADF.  DADF is a
superior technology this is its

level  one, so the paper inside
ADF is automatically  scanned

twice by the printer and in
DADF the  double side is scanned

at single  time

two sides will be scanned at
once, ok then,  because this is

a low-entry low-cost model, so
we  have put ADF inside it.

Then we are talking about  the
next option is that of the

paper tray we have  given you
here, there is a full scape

size (legal  size) paper inside
this paper, you can  easily

print it using it.

The next  feature that we have
given you are an ID card

printing,  the special thing
inside this printer is that  it

gives very good print of
receipts, such as ATM  slips or

a hotel slip.

If it is done,  then they get a
little light, but they have

given  a software setting here
so that the printout of  your

receipt will also be scanned
very deeply and  you will get

dark print, which is beneficial
for  the customer.

And a customer will get  good

Apart, From This, did  you
understand how a normal black

and white  printer works?

this works in 22 ppm and has
ADF  technology, there is a 250

paper tray, there is  legal
printing, ID card printing,

Wi-Fi printing,  recepit
printing, software setting is

there is  one year all India

Along with that, what  else do
you need now?

You need some side  business
ideas for which I am sitting

here, so  let’s start with that.

Now we are going to try  to
print on the transparent

sticker above the  print inside
it, so let’s see how it happens,

so  first of all we folded the
paper on the other side and

slide  the tray below.


Double-checked  the paper and in
what  way?


And here I just show you an  ID

to print the ID card

Inside  it, we also printed the
transparent sticker

Did  you know what a
transparentt sticker is?

This is  also the first time I
have just printed a transparent

sticker  inside it.

I didn’t know that such a good
the  result would come, I am really

happy like it is not  bad

this is transparent,
stickers and these are  also

printed inside your  Phantom

Nice now start the  next
AP stickers who don’t know what

AP stickers  are?

What are AP Stickers?

AP sticker  is a
waterproof non-tearable

this sticker is used  to make
ID cards, see AP sticker here,

we give  you for ID card, but if
you want, you can also  create

some other product using your
creativity  or I did not even

think about it.

But  if you look at it once,
then once because there is  a

possibility inside this printer
that you can  also print AP

stickers inside it, even if
black  and white is not colour,

but with this, you can  start
thinking about something else.

And you can  also start
imagination to develop your

business  in another way and for
the first time in front of  you,

I have also printed a sticker
on it, this is  a waterproof

non-tearable synthetic sticker
and  synthetic stickers are also

printed inside this  Phantom

It’s so  cool.

Right, look at this, synthetic
waterproof  non-tearable sticker

does not burst when tearing, so
this  is the AP sticker, it is

also printed inside it,  so
that’s good, after that we try

limpi papers,  this is a new
product of ours

I have not even  launched it on
YouTube, you are the first one

who  is going to have its demo,
so this is a  completely

transparent film that we are
going to  put inside our printer

and see how its print comes.

So  I am printing it for the
first time today, recording  on

this video, so it is also a
surprise for me  that how?

What result is going to  come?


So its print has also come,  we
can improve the settings of a

little print,  because this film
paper is a little  technical

product and its scan will not
work, we  have to print it from

the laptop itself, so  its
setting is completely researched.

I will tell  you by doing it and
you can make this  transparent

paper from your CorelDraw  or
photoshop designs.

There are different types  of
wedding cards.

You have to  print
black print and transparent

the paper they  fold like this and
if you see then it will look

very  good, then we will do a
little more research about  it

and give it to you, but the
print is  happening, it is

getting printed very  well.

so if you are making any
pattern or design  in this way,

then you are putting it on the
wall  in this way, then it will

give you a very good  look.

I told you by printing the
the transparent  sticker inside it,

printed the AP sticker,  told
you by printing on limpi paper

now the only  thing left is that
of our AP film.

We have taken  the AP film.

Let’s see how its result comes,
I am  sure that this film will

also, print because I  have
understood its heat profile, it

does not  close the paper so
much, if it does not do  its

mode, then the AP film inside
it is also  easily

It will be printed and I will
print it and  tell you

So here they are given the
print command  to scan and print

it on the AP film is now

We  can connect this printer to
a laptop, we can connect  it

from any WindowsPC,

So from there,  you can also
print it. Amazing! Amazing!

Super  quality so here we have
used AP film and put it on  top

of a laser printer.

You have  printed and its
quality is also great,

generally,  we recommend AP film
only for the inkjet printer,  we

do not recommend the laser
printer because the  colours of

the laser does not print properly
on  top of some film, but

because it is a black &  white

that’s why I am giving you  a
demo of all these items because

the next step  will be the gold
foil and we will see whether

the  gold foil is printed inside
this printer or  not.

I’ll show you

This is a normal  paper and this
is gold foil, so you can see

that  there is a kind of golden
print inside it, a  very

the reflective print has come and
this is  through the golden foil

roll or through easy-cut  roll
and inside our next video we

will do  this.

Will test whether the paper
printed from  Phantom works on

gold foil or not, then it is  a
very exciting product, very

good product, I  liked it very
much, it has a very small  form

factor, there is not much
weight, I picked it  up myself.

I can set up a legal-size paper,
you  can also take the ID card

also, as well as you can  do
receipt printing inside it, you

can do Wifi  printing, what else
do you need it now?

you will  need a driver that we
will provide you, to  know

more about this printer, then
there is a  link to our WhatsApp

on the description below,  you
can contact us with it, you can

go to our  website where

You can buy this product online
or  if you want to buy a little

the bulk of this printer, then  you
can also contact us through

WhatsApp, and  thank you for
watching the video and in the

next  video we will test

Does gold foil work on  this
paper or not thank you so much

watching this  video I am
Abhishek Jain and we will  see


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