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Difference Between Inkjet and Laserjet Printer For Id Cards Which is Better Buy @


Difference Between Inkjet and Laserjet Printer For Id Cards Which is Better Buy @

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Buy Online – | AP Film Is Used To Make Id Cards At No Cost Using Just An Injured Printer Using The Original Ink And Without Damaging The Printer Or Its Warranty. It Is The Best Method To Make Quality Pvc Id Cards At Low Investment And Little Technical Knowledge.


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00:04 Difference between inkjet and laserjet printer for ID cards
00:08 What is laser card
00:25 AP film
00:38 ID card with laser printer
01:30 ID card with inkjet printer
02:13 ID card with inkjet and laser printer
02:50 Colour difference between inkjet and laser
05:15 Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome to
Abhishek Products by S.K.

Graphics, I am Abhishek Jain
and today we will talk about

what is the difference between
the laser card and AP film

first, understand what is a
laser card is if you have a

laser printer that runs on toner

Such as Konica Minolta, Xerox
or Canon Color Xerox machine

and if you want to make an ID
card inside it, then you will

use a rubber sheet which is drawn
like rubber but if you have an

inkjet printer then you will
use AP film.

Which is a low-cost solution to
make a high-cost product in

which your margins are good,
both methods have their own

advantages, but we need to know
which product do we have to use in

which situation so that we can
use our

If we can provide a better
service to the customer, then

we will understand the first
three scenarios here, we will

talk about a shopkeeper who
already has a laser printer and

wants to make an ID card. for
that customer rubber sheet is a

good option

which works in every laser
printer like, work centre,

Konica, Xerox, Rico or Canon
printer, if you have a laser

printer because you have made a
big investment then you do not

need another investment and you
only need a rubber sheet

Take a rubber sheet that comes
in the 12×18 size and take a

hot lamination machine, take a
die cutter machine, rotary

cutter, make an ID card and do
all the work, your cost will be

another scenario, we will talk

about such a shopkeeper.

whose budget is a little less,
the space is a little less and

the demand in the market is
little less and he has only one

inkjet printer or he just wants
to take a single inkjet printer

and does not want to make any
big investment, for those


we will suggest

AP film, with AP film you can
make good quality, dark prints

and you will get good options to
make an ID card, which looks

something like this

Both options are very good, in
both cases, in the case of AP

film, your cost comes within 7
to 8 rupees, if you make more

quantity of making an ID card,
then the cost will come down


Let’s say a shopkeeper who also
has a laser printer and an

inkjet printer

So for such a shopkeeper, we
would suggest that you do all

the work of your retail
customers in the inkjet printer

and if you have a bulk order do
it in the laser because there

is a lot of speed inside the

If you want to make a thousand
cards, then you can do all the

work in ten minutes, but the
same is that if you want to

make 1000 cards in inkjet
printer then, you give one or

two hours to the printer
because it will print its work


But we also need to understand
what to do with colour

combinations or colour

For this, I will show you a

Look at me here.

I have printed this on the
rubber sheet and I have printed

this on top of the AP film and
on the laser printer card the

colour is little light because
we used a rubber sheet

If we use plain paper, then
print comes dark on it too, but

we need a strong PVC material
to make the ID card, which

bonds with lamination and does
not open easily when folded or

even immersed in water.

such quality is in the rubber
sheet, these laser media and

the same quality is inside the AP
film inside luckily we get dark

print in AP film, but when we
use rubber sheet

little light print comes, there
is nothing to worry about, for

many years we have been using
rubber sheets only, using ID

card to make an ID card, but AP
film had come recently two to

three years ago.

Both the products are very good
but there is a difference in

colour, why am I telling you this?

Because many times when you go
to your customers for colour

proofing, you will be confused
why is this colour combination is

not sitting?

If the rejection is given
on customer rejection, then you

have come to know a reason here
that the colour difference is

good over the selection of the
printer media and you should

keep in mind that while booking
order from your customer or

the same.

If you are placing a bulk order,
first, give a sample so that

they have the clarity of what
you are going to give them and

what they are going to take.

So this was a simple video to
explain that two types of cards

are made, laser cards and AP
film card is made from a rubber

sheet, one is made from AP film,
one runs on laser, the other

runs on the inkjet printer both

Almost equal, the quality of
both are fantastic, there is no

problem, it is waterproof, long
lasting, one year will last one

and a half years, there is no
problem, there is a little

colour difference, take care of
it and you must have done the

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And in the next video, we will
talk about why head cleaning is

important inside these inkjets
printers and how much

the difference it makes between
your colour difference and colour


Thank you and keep watching
videos and wait for the next one

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