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Evolis Primacy 2 Dual Side Multi Colour PVC ID CARD Printer, this desktop printer is the best solution for issuing personalized cards, Employee card, Student ID Card, Membership Card, Loyalty Card, Aadhar Card / Pan Card, Kisaan Yojana Card, Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana Card, Event Passes, Access control badges, Transit passes, Payment cards, Healthcare card ETC


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00:00 Intro
00:04 Evolis Primacy 2 PVC ID card printer
01:17 Unboxing
02:04 Cardpresso software
02:52 Accessories
03:49 Evolis Primacy 2 printer
05:10 How to use this printer
05:28 Input hopper
05:41 Printer’s Head
06:02 Waste bin
06:28 Ports
06:33 Printer locking
07:05 Advantage of Evolis printer
07:28 About ribbon of this printer
08:05 How many prints – from one ribbon
08:40 how to load the ribbon
09:20 Next video details
09:45 Cards printable with Evolis Primacy 2
10:30 Special PVC cards
11:30 Thermal Chip cards
11:41 Pouch for PVC cards
12:16 Access card
12:39 Mifare 1K card
13:03 Don’t put inkjet cards
13:54 What are the accessories
14:28 Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome to Abhishek products by S.K.Graphics
I am Abhishek Jain
Today we are going to talk about Evolis Primacy 2
This is a good PVC card printer
Which gives double side front and back PVC ID card easily
or any type of licence card or even a membership card
to give it to the customers on the spot
this printer comes with its software
and has a robust mechanism for card printing
The printer is very good
We unbox this printer and see what’s inside this printer
Before going forward note one the thing is that this video is a two-part video
This is part one of the video
I will upload the part 2 next week
We will unbox this printer in part 1 of this video
and see what are the accessories we get and what is not in this
In part 2 of the video which will be uploaded next video, we will see how to operate this printer
How is the printer’s quality
and which customers must purchase this printer and which customers must avoid this printer
stay tuned
This is our Evolis Primacy 2 printer
we are saying this as 2 because its model number is 2
Before that, we had Evolis primacy 1 printer was there, its detailed video was made before shown
First, you will get a warranty the card, which looks like this
This is not very important
The bill or receipt is very important
second, you will get a congratulation card from the company
it has the key features of this printer
We discuss all these features in this video
after that comes a module
module details what you get with this printer
and those customers who don’t know
before this printer there was Evolis primacy 1 printer was there
The difference between the 1 and 2, we will discuss in this video
The first difference is that you will get Cardexpresso’s activation card and not the dongle
dongle means a Pendrive which activates the printer with Cardexpersso
you will get a key to online activation of Cardexpresso software
for model No.1 comes the dongle but for this printer, there is no dongle
This is the main difference between the Evolis Primacy 1 and Evolis Primacy 2
This is a standard USB cable
This is a standard adaptor
with that, you will get a standard power plug
and another standard power cable
and standard waste bin which is used for waste cards
These features are only available in Evolis printer only
This type of waste box is not found in Datacard, Zebra, HiTi or in Magiccard printers
This waste bin in got only with Evolis primacy printers
Good packing is given by the company
Thermocol, foam and carton box
This is a good positive thermal printer
We will take out the printer and see
So this is our Evolis Primacy 2 printer
This look like the Evolis Primacy 1
But it has some differences inside
So let us see what are the differences
Here we get a black matt finishing at the front
This gives the good look ever for Evolis primacy 2
So this is our Evolis Primacy 2 printer
With a complete black matt finish
Standard and very good-looking model
Standard output hopper
The standard power button, standard indicator lights
and the company has given a solid printer
As we have used the Evolis Primacy 1
We have to use the Evolis Primacy 2 in the same manner
Drivers and software are same as the Evolis primacy 1
The difference is some small things only
closeup view of the printer
This is the standard output hopper
and this is the input hopper
The input hopper means you will keep the new cards here
and it has to be close like this
the card goes inside the printer and printed here
Who prints the card?
This is the printers head
Which prints the card
How does this head prints over the card?
You have to close the cover like this
now the card comes near the head and the card will be printed
and after printing successfully the the card comes under the output hopper
image if the card is damaged or wasted
or any difficulties when printing
Here is the waste bin from which the card is pushed out
if you don’t want the card to fall on the floor
you don’t need to work for that
put the waste output hopper here and the waste cards will be collected here
With this printer come the standard USB ports
ethernet, this port is for network connection
This is a power plug port
Mechanical locking by key on the Primacy 2 prevents the printer from being opened by others
imagine if you are working in a public places
and if you have doubts about some will pick up this printer and runs away
you can’t say this will not happen
What will you do?
This is a lock
You can lock this with a lock
Google search laptop locks
You can fit the same lock here for your safety and peace of mind
Now we talk about what are key features of this printer
The first thing is that this is a 2022’s model
You will get more software updates
and also security updates
The printing quality is improved
The speed of the printer is increased
The look of the printer is changed
The printer’s body is made stronger than before
The ribbon provided by the company
I will show you the ribbon
you will not get a ribbon with this printer, you have to buy the ribbon separately
I will show you how the ribbon looks like
The ribbon looks like this
Evolis primacy 1 ribbon also looks like this
the only difference is there is the green sensor in the primacy 2 model
The sensor was at the centre earlier now it has moved here
so that you may not face any difficulties
This is a standard full-panel ribbon
which has 300 impression
or 300 prints or 300 images
Understanding this is very important
300 prints or images or impressions
It doesn’t mean 300 cards
it means 300 single-side prints
if you print 150 front & back this ribbon will be completed
If you print 300 single-side cards then this ribbon will be completed
now you have to understand what is print impression or images
This car-like product is the ribbon of this printer
Now we will show you how to fit this ribbon
you have to press the top of the cover to open
Just open the ribbon cover and insert the ribbon into the printer
You can’t load the ribbon in reverse or upside down
The company has given the grooves in the printer
The ribbon will go inside, only when you put it in a straight way
This is also an intelligent option which is given by the company
for loading the ribbon
The printers unboxing is completed
I just made a short demo video for you
After testing and using this printer I will make another video next time
How to load the software? How to print with this printer?
What to do when the card is jammed?
How to print single-side and double-side cards?
Before going I will tell you what are the cards you can print with this printer
With Evolis Primacy 2 printer you can print all these cards
First is the PVC card special quality
This is our PVC plain card which is of ordinary quality
The PVC card looks like this
Front & back is plain, glossy finish and smooth
and it has a uniform thickness
It has two qualities, quality no.1 & quality no.2
We call plain cards quality No.1
This is a special PVC card
plain PVC card comes like this bundle packing
and it has 100 pieces
The cards sometimes stick together and scratches are formed when printing
bends or lines are formed sometimes
because the card is moved over the other cards
Where else in the special PVC card
These are untouched cards
It has zero static electricity
So that it has no static charge on the card
No scratches are formed because there is no static charge in the card
When you touch with your hand no fingerprints are formed
If you have used a thermal printer before
you may know that before printing your hand must be clean
if the fingerprint is made over the card
it is also possible of fingerprint in the final printout also
This is packed without touching and packed inside a pouch when manufacturing
You can give the customer a premium-quality card
As this card is neat and clean, dark print is obtained
The print on this card is slightly light print, but the print quality is very good
but slightly light
and there is a cost difference between the two cards
You can also get like this, chip inserted inside the PVC card
This is the thermal chip card
You can also order thermal chip cards from us
This is an ATM pouch which is an extra accessory for keeping the cards
If customers come to print an ID card
imagine if you have charged Rs.50 or Rs.100
give the card after inserting it in this pouch so that it looks very good
if you want to go one step forward, print your shop name at the back side with screen printing
So that the customer remembers your shop and they will visit again
They can get the address and phone number with that
second, we have access cards like this
This is an attendance card, RF ID card
or chip card
People say this in different names
So this type of card can also be printed with the Evolis Primacy 2 printer
Next comes the Mifare 1K card
This is mostly used for opening doors in hotels
mostly used in hotel rooms
or used in government agencies
where there are more security threats
There 1K Mifare card is used, it has a memory card inside, this is a contactless card
you can also print this easily on the Evolis printer
Customers in search of the cheapest the card will insert the wrong card into the printer
here what the customer did was, for the cheap the product they inserted an inkjet card into the printer
The coating over it was very bad
The ribbon will stick over the card
Once the ribbon is stuck over the card you have to clean the printers inside completely
when it sick over the head, there is a possible getting damaged
The ribbons, two or three series is also damaged in this process
Then you have to stick the ribbon and test 2 or 3 times before printing
So don’t go for the cheap products
So buy only the quality product and your printer is expensive
So use the quality cards only, so that the printer gets a long life
This was an example from a customer, I have shared with you
These all are the card and accessories that you can get from us
If you want the printer you can get that also
If you want the ribbon you can get that also
After purchasing if you want any sale support
or technical support or any help or direct contact with the company
or if you want the engineer’s number
for all that work you can communicate with the WhatsApp numbers there are no difficulties in that
But if you have still any doubt of how this printer works
No problem, I will try to make another video and upload next week be subscribed
you will get a notification in the Telegram channel
Its link is in the description
So thank you for watching the video
I am Abhishek with Abhishek products by S.K.Graphics
Our job is to build your side business
Thank you for watching the video

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