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Thermal Lamination Full Demo Part 3 [How To Gold Foil] Buy @

Thermal Lamination Full Demo Part 3 How To Gold Foil Buy @

Thermal Lamination Full Demo Part 3 [How To Gold Foil] Buy @

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Roll To Roll Laminator is loaded with features. Digital Display, Lesser Warm-Up Time, Light signals when the machine is ready, special rollers for uniform and bubble free lamination, Hot and Cold lamination and reverse function, temperature control system, and Light Weight Plastic body with smart looks. You can do both side lamination at the same time by using two Thermal lamination rolls i.e. one above and one below. Used in Thermal Lamination.


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00:00 Intro
00:05 Part-2 video details
00:24 Gold foil lamiantion
01:28 Temperature setting
01:40 Setting the rolls
02:03 Inserting Gold Foil
02:41 Pressure Knob
02:52 Setting the roll Correctly
03:32 Putting the paper for gold foil
04:20 Gold foil output
04:58 Paper feeding for gold foil
06:21 Design printed paper feeding for gold foil
07:29 Gold foil output
07:50 what happens when colour laser printed paper is inserted
10:00 How to order the machine


Hello everyone. And welcome to Abhishek Products By S.K.Graphics
I am Abhishek Jain
In the previous video we have shown how to
so in this thermal steel roll-to-roll lamination machine
If you want to make visiting card
may it be in a velvet finish, 3D finish, glossy finish or matt finish
We have shown in the earlier video about how to assemble this machine
and how to use this control the panel alone with this side knob
In today’s video, we are going to tell
how to do gold foil and make
like this gold foil cards
you can do the leaf printing
may it be thesis-binding work
or it may be white colour design work
or it may be a wedding card
or like this type of premium quality transparent paper
in which you can do different types of colour gold foils
like pink, green, and red
or like these colours we have
like silver, blue, rainbow silver, pink,
matt gold, light gold, dark gold and copper
you can laminate 300 gsm the paper also in this machine
or you can use a transparent sheet which comes from 100 to 175 microns
or you can use the black mamba paper
or you can feed any 100 gsm plus papers
To do gold foil in this machine you have to set the temperature to 115 degrees Celcius
temperature to 115
Then put it in the hot mode
We have set the roll like this
As we have set the lamination machine roll earlier
At the top, it has to fall in the backward direction
We have set this roll also in the same manner
you have to fit this roll like this and the roll will fall in the backward direction
Now I will tell you how to do foil lamination
To do the foil first we have opened the front cover of the machine
Bring the foil below
there is a rod here, bring the foil below that rod
and keep over the steel roller
we have taken a 300 gsm paper
so that we can push the foil forward easily
so that the edge of the foil comes to the other side of the machine
You have to notice one thing is that the top roll is unwinding the roll
and there would be no rewinding for the out coming foil
and we have put the pressure knob lock to the second level
now we have pressed the forward button and the machine is started
As this film is very thin
it has a 10 or 12 microns thickness only
so that you have to adjust the pressure slowly
so that the lines formed in the film will disappear slowly
When there are no lines in the film we will put the paper for foil lamination
now we are just setting it to get ready for lamination
here you have to adjust the pressure of the roll less or more with your hands
if you practice it 10 or 15 times you will understand properly
you can see now, it has come straight
now we will show you one-by-one how the output comes in this machine
First, we put the black sheet which is known as a mamba sheet
We have printed this paper in the laser printer
Notice one thing, this foil works only with the laser printer only
and not in the inkjet or offset printed papers
we have printed in black over the black paper
you can take laser printouts in digital or laser printer it doesn’t matters
The printout must be taken with the laser printers
I will tell you if you don’t what is a digital printer
digital printer means
like Koinca Minolta, Work centre, Canon’s black & white printres
printout that comes from these printers are called digital printouts or laser printouts
like this, the output will come
you can take colour or black & white printouts in a laser printer, it doesn’t matter
the foil will be applied to the laser printouts only
This is the output you will get after lamination
you can see the college the emblem in this sheet
When you do it 2 or 3 times
you will understand how to do it properly
and the gold foil is transferred to the sheet
you may take time for the first two or three pages to get good quality
you have to feed two or three time first to get a good result
then only it gets the initial quality setup
I will show you after inserting one more paper
once the roller is set you can get the constant foil result
and again we have given an output
at the back, you have to keep the paper like this
so that you can see the paper coming out
so that you get a good output
Gold foil is done over the whole paper
If you have bulk work of wedding cards
if you had taken laser prints in 400 gsm or 800 gsm and want to gold foil over them
you can also get like this output for that paper also
the fun thing about this is
There is no limit to the designs
you can gold foil after taking print out from laser printer
if you want to gold foil for one the piece you can do it for one piece also
costing and rate depends upon you for the customers
So this is the gold foil done on the 300 gsm paper
This is another printout in which we have done thin lines also
and other clip art also with the digital printout
we will see how this graphic design output comes
you can also put 13×19 paper also
it will not have any difficulties
We can also provide 13 inch roll or 12-inch roll also
The feed-out paper must be at the top always
so that the separation of the foil and paper are uniforms
Like this gold foil is done
and like this foil output is coming
This is the gold foil’s output
The out is in front of you
almost all parts are gold foil is done
There are some black patches
This depends upon the feeding, paper and your work
You can get 99% results like this
We will give one the more basic idea for this
What happens when we put colour paper into this machine
We can see what the output will be
This is a 300 gsm board paper printed in the digital printer
Like Workcentre, Xerox machine and now we are feeding into this machine
This is to tell that you can take rather colour or b&w print out for gold foil
The difference is that the print must be taken from the laser printer
may it be colour or b&w the gold foil is applied on both surfaces
the cost will be less when you take the printout in black and white
When you take the printout in colour the result is the same, but it is expensive
gold foil is transferred to the printed area on the paper
and we have got the output
That’s it
If you want to foil only the the logo you can do that also
It will handle paper from 100 gms to 400 gsm easily
You can use 100 gsm paper or 300 gsm map litho paper
or you can use the black colour mamba paper
you can use the transparent sheet also
With this simple machine you can do the visiting card gold foil
broachers, pamphlets, templates
In this single machine we have provided the steel roller
with temperature and speed control
A simple machine with steel roll-to-roll lamination machine
This is an FN series machine which will give this spectacular result
If you want to order this machine
You can contact us through our website
Or you can contact through our Whatsapp number
You can get the WhatApps link in the
the description below or in the comments
if you want to know more products details like this
Join our YouTube channel or Telegram channel
Thank you!

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