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Special Vs Ordinary PVC Thermal Card For Evolis, Entrust, Zebra Card Printer Buy @

Special Vs Ordinary PVC Thermal Card For Evolis, Entrust, Zebra Card Printer Buy @

Special Vs Ordinary PVC Thermal Card For Evolis, Entrust, Zebra Card Printer Buy @

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These Blank PVC plastic cards (a pack of cards) are the highest quality ultra graphics plastic cards. We guarantee all of our blank plastic cards will print on any thermal card printer. These PVC cards can be used to make a plastic ID card, a membership card, a loyalty card, school ID card, photo ID card, Photo ID Badge These cards can be printed by Thermal ID card printer like Zebra, Evolis, Fargo etc. • Color : White • Superior graphic quality cards • cards (packaged in single pack) • CR80.030 (CR8030) size–30 mil thickness, standard credit card size • 3.375″ x 2.125″ (85.6 mm x 54 mm) • Use with any ID Card Printers like Zebra, Evolis, Fargo etc. • Note: It Will not work with Ink Jet Printers


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00:00 Intro
00:06 Where our Showroom is situated
00:13 Difference between Special vs Ordinary PVC Thermal card
00:40 How this Card is packed
01:30 Colour difference between Special vs Ordinary
02:10  What is Thermal Printing?
02:44 Print quality
03:19 Printing in Evolis printer
04:15 Special quality PVC card printing quality
04:21 Printing Basic PVC card
04:48 Ordianry PVC card printing
04:50 Difference between Special vs Ordinary PVC card printing
05:27 What is advantage of printing in Special PVC card
06:08 Colour difference between Spevial vs Ordinary PVC card
07:18 About printer’s head
08:00 Who can buy this thermal printer
08:43 Conclusion


Hello everyone and Welcome to Abhishek Products by S.K
Graphics I am Abhishek Jain and you are inside our ID card
showroom which is established inside Secunderabad.
We are going to discuss what is the difference between the
ordinary PVC card on the one hand and inside a special PVC
How to find out which one is what and how to print them?
Regardless of your printer, Evolis, Zebra, Datacard IDP high
Magicard or any other third brand has arrived
So this is the way, this is the work and this card I tell you
is comfortable with all these printers.
Let me tell you a difference which is an ordinary PVC card,
it comes in 100 piece single packing and this special PVC
card comes in the packing of two hundred pieces and each
card is individually packed inside a polythene.
So that whether it is manufacturing or using, then
your fingerprints will not come on the card, if there is no
fingerprint on your card, there is no dust, then the quality of
your card will automatically come better.
And the consistacy will come and your head will not be
damaged because you did not allow any kind of dust to reach
inside it through the card.
And this is the ordinary PVC card, it is hundred piece
packing and when they are manufactured and when they are
manufactured and the die cutting and punching are done
in the factory, then they are manually hand-held by a person
who packs wearing gloves but during that time there is a
little dust micro.
Dust can come, it has become just a difference, the second
difference from the packing side is that there is a
difference of one color between the ordinary PVC card and the
special PVC card.
I am recording this, it is being compressed from my mobile
to YouTube and then you are watching it in YouTube, then
you may not understand a little variation of color in it, but
still I do it near the camera.
This card is a bit dull and it is automatically glossy white,
so in this way you must have understood the difference of
both cards, we hope this is the second because there is a
difference in the background of both cards and automatically.
Milky White or Glossy White print will be the best print
and our special PVC card has a right background, the third big
Thermal printing is basically a kind of complex computerized
sublimation printing, which is thermal printing, a kind of
sublimation printing. It is called sublimation printing and
dye sublimation if you have a little bit of sublimation.
If you understand that the whole game is not of the whole
substrate, that is, the base belongs to your whole game and
the thermal PVC card here is the base that is inside it is
very strong.
Due to which its prints also come dark, see, I have only one
And inside both you can give color difference, it is dark,
it is light and we have kept both the same setting, no
different setting has been kept, so this is one thing you can see.
I have also made a video of it, I will put it in the link in
the description and for now I am going to print a new design,
it is inside this printer, so you can also see its demo so
that you understand that both
What is the difference between cards?
Ok and two three let me show you a demo in the end of the
video OK?
This is the Evolis Primacy 2, which is the latest model of
thermal PVC card printing, this is the special PVC card solary,
ordinary, PVC card, what is the difference between both the
cards, what is the difference in quality?
Today we understand that here we have loaded the CorelDraw
software and here we are giving it the option of print, here we
will select the current page and give it a print direct from
our printer as we
Give this option to our printer, we should always have loaded
the card before giving the option, I will first load the
card here.
So here our special card pvc card is being printed, the box
of special PVC card looks like this, after printing, we see
how the card is being printed, here we have printed a single
with CorelDraw software
So here is our card, so the card is printed within the 40
seconds and we are going to print the basic card here to
the person, in which we have to select the control here and
give you the option of print here.
As soon as you give the option of print
The printer detects it and starts the print work further,
if you want, you can fill even 100 cards completely, but here
we have given you the example of only one card to demo.
Here it is yours, the quality of the ordinary card has been
printed, now you can see what is the difference between the
This card is in both these cards, it is dark, this is the
card, which is a little light, you can easily see it here, I
may not see this camera as much as you may not see the
difference, but if you look at it in real life, you will see
the difference of both cards.
It will be easily visible here, the face is also coming here,
there is a little dull skin tone coming here, in the
similar QR code, the clarity is more here because it is dark,
so in this way you understand the difference between the two
What is in the PVC card, there is special quality, there is
ordinary quality and in the special, you get better quality
So you understood how PVC cards are printed inside it and you
also understood that when you print inside it, you have two
advantages, the first is the quality of the card matures,
the second is the watermark inside the card.
And as I told you that there is always a postal print inside
the special PVC card, then your friend another benefit is that
when that watermark is being printed, then the watermark
inside the special PVC card will be a little dark, it will
be easily visible and
Inside the ordinary PVC card, you have to look at it a little
carefully and comfortably, then it has become a major
difference that you must have understood after watching the
video and here I have some more samples which I did last month
from the ID printer.
I had printed inside and will also put its video calling in
the description below, for now you see these samples once in
this video, then see this is ordinary PVC card, these are
special PVC cards printed inside the special PVC card and
inside both.
You can see the color differences, one is light and
one is dark.
Then we have another one.
It is connected in ordinary and it has been printed in the
special, inside both you can see that one is light and one
is dark, so you will see this from the bottom, even on the
side of the bar code, you will understand.
Then I got this one very good example of ours, I have this
fully dark tinted background and understand a very good
clear difference inside it, look at this, I will not tell
which one is printed in which, you find out yourself and tell
me, this is light,
It’s dark, see this.
So inside this, you must have understood that when there is a
light, the print that is printed, comes and if you have
to print dark within a regular setting, then you have to use a
special PVC card as well as increase the life of your head.
Because you have used a clean, clean and clean comfortable
card, see the printer which ranges from your fifty five to
sixty five thousand, all these thermals belong to all the
The most expensive thing inside this printer is that whatever
the cost of the head printer will be, from one third to five
percent of the cost head, then if you maintain the head, then
the entire printer has been maintained for a longer life.
And what do people like in order to maintain this head, in
the process of selling or sending cheap, they take a
light quality card or somewhere from the market they think that
duplicate ribbon will be arranged, see if the problem is
If you are using a thermal printer, you will not use it to
play in the competition, you will use it only to provide
high quality service to give quality, to give instant
delivery to provide fast service if your customer base
is like that.
If you have to use a thermal printer, if your base is that
brother, we have to cut the money, we have to give cheap
goods, we do not have to let the competition move forward,
we know, absolutely means half the money one paisa ten fifty
If you want to finish the work and give it to the customer and
work in bulk, then do not do thermal printer.
If your goal is to break the competition, if your goal is to
send quality, then you can buy a thermal printer.
Definitely think about
So I also had to remove this confusion, because people take
the printer and then later ask why this happened?
Why did this happen?
Why is that happening?
So I thought that in this video itself, I will clear the point
to you, so thank you for watching videos and if you
understand my video or my interests or my language or my
mental state, then you like my video,
Can you share and subscribe and if you have any accessories
related to id card or any PVC card, ribbons, thermal printer
or any other similar binding, want to order from us?
So below you will find the link of WhatsApp, click on the link
who will become WhatsApp or you can see my website www.
from there?
We will get an e-commerce website from where you can
order direct and at the same time by next year we are
launching a new concept, perhaps for the first time in
India, we are creating a B2B e-commerce website so that you
can bulk it.
The quantity that you can order and you will also have to be
much cheaper.

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