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Face Shield For Personal Protection (Reusable Safety Face Shield) ABHISHEK PRODUCTS SK GRAPHICS

Face Shield For Personal Protection (Reusable Safety Face Shield) ABHISHEK PRODUCTS SK GRAPHICS

Face Shield For Personal Protection (Reusable Safety Face Shield) ABHISHEK PRODUCTS SK GRAPHICS

Short Description​

Face shields are reusable, reasonably priced and easy to clean. We suggest cleaning them with an antibacterial wipe or soap and water.
A face shield is simply a curved plastic or Plexiglas panel that can be worn over the face. A face shield is kind of like that, except the visor part slants down to cover your face and extends slightly beyond the chin.


– Time Stamp –
00:00 Intro
00:06 Medical Essential Products
00:14 Fog machine
00:18 Sanitizer gun fog machine
00:20  Hospital Patient Identification tag
00:25 Face Shield
00:46 how this product is made
01:06 Transparent Sheet for face Shield
01:38 Face Shield Band features
01:46 Dent in the face Sheild
02:03 How to assemble the Transparent Sheet
02:49 How to wear the face Shield
03:40 Extra Shield
04:14 Transparent Acrylic sheet
04:32 Conclusion


Welcome to Abhishek Products and in today’s video, we will
talk about our medical essential products that can
help you fight Covid-9, so in this machine we have the first
product fog machine and sanitizer gun for machine.
This is the patient identification tags used in
hospitals and it is a very useful product for a common man,
according to us, it is face shield.
With Transparent
So basically I will give you an introduction about this product,
so the product will come on your forehead i.e. above your
And we have based this product on DRDO’s generic design and it
is produced on ABS &PP materials, in which you can see
that 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
There are spaces in which these transparent shields are
currently provided to you of 175 microns.
It fits easily in it and the transparent sheild that comes
is also given round corners so that you can easily use it on
your regular day to day use so that it does not hurt you
And if we talk about the features of this band according
to this band, then it is made of very flexible material, you
can use it continuously for the whole month.
Can there be no breakage in it, ann dash yes has a date given
which would have been attached to your forehead
If sweat is coming from your head, then it is stored on this
dent, it does not allow that sweat to come over your eyes,
nor does that sweat come on your face shield i.e.
transparent seal, then it will be given in a basic introduction.
I am telling you how to install this field or how to assemble it
So first take any corner of the shield and fit those holes
inside these spokes as soon as you fit inside the first spokes,
it will automatically align the second spoke because we have
made it in compatibility in the same way.
Once it is fully assembled, it will look something like this
because we have made OHP is very tight, it gets a tensile
strength in itself, it becomes very hard in itself.
And it maintains its shape and now I will tell you how to wear
It is a very easy way, just lift it and fit it on top of
your head, it will fit in this way, here you are seeing that
we have given two plastic rings here, in which you put your
fingers and easily take it back.
You can also see something like this only after wearing it and
it will look something like this from the front, it is
equally easy to remove.
Just that’s it
Suppose you have been using this shield for fifteen days
and twenty days and it gets some stains or any other kind
of rash or dust and your vision becomes blur because you are
It has a clear transparent sheet, it has 100 percent
almost 99 percent transparency.
So in that case you can also order this extra sheild from us
and this is that we give an extra leaf paper between two
shields and two papers so that there is no scratch in the
shades so that you can keep your vision clear.
So if you are a wholesaler or retailer or you have a retail
outlet and if you are looking to supply such shields to your
customers, then you can contact us on the WhatsApp number given
Will discuss about all the products
You probably don’t see it.
This is our transparent sheet, office shield
What will be useful to bankers, retail officers, retail outlets,
shopkeepers will get fog machine guns, fog machines,
patient identification taxes, we will discuss in the upcoming
video thank you.

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