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Contact Us For Sales Via Whatapp Only – | Manual Creasing Machine A3/A4 Paper Folding Machine Paper Creaser Scoring Machine for Thick Paper Card. The creasing blade set made by precision design has clear and full Creasing, no edge burst, no offset, and can adapt to different Creasing papers of 60-500 grams.


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00:00 17.5 inch best manual creasing machine
00:04 Placing the paper
00:14 Blade of this machine
00:20 Smooth Creasing
00:40 Intro
00:45 17.5 inch creasing machine
00:54 What are the paper you can crease
01:14 What is creasing?
01:18 creasing  the 100gsm paper
02:54 Creasing the 130gsm glossy printed paper
03:12 Prefect creasing without any tonner damage
04:10 Creasing the Gold foil sheet
05:00 Transparent Gold foil sheet creasing
05:06 What is Gold foil paper?
05:32 Creasing 300gsm Sheet
07:53 Conclusion


In the first, two or 3 sheets of the starting, you have to
experiment, set and tighten your machine with screws in
this way.
Have to put the paper according to your alignment and also have
to put the handle down.
The press is a single blade inside it which is made of
carbide material and that is why I am telling this carbide
because it does not have aggressive pricing inside it,
there is a smooth creasing inside it, pressure sensitive
pressing and the whole one is made of single carbide blade.
There is no roller creasing in it, that’s why you get this
kind of result, you want to give sampling inside a manual
creasing machine, want to give instant service, you do not
have that much volume but it is so much that hello everyone good evening
and welcome to
Abhishek Producst by S.K Graphics I am Abhishek Jain and
today I have brought another new product named is 17.5-inch
creasing Machine The special thing about this creasing
machine is that it is 300gsm board paper , 130
GSM Digital Printed Sheet
100 GSM Glossy Paper, 100gsm Gold foil Paper, 100 Micron
Transparent sheet can crease everyone with the same machine,
if you do not know what is called creasing, then I will
tell you now, understand, then here we are taking 100gsm
glossy paper first according to us, we have used it.
In the real world, you will have to have a printer paper
that you printed it in offset, exit, laser jet or any other
way, like screen printing and you will have many such bulk
papers to question.
At the time of the screen, you may have such hundred to
hundred or five hundred seats, so you have to experiment in
the first two or three seats in the starting, you have to do
the setting and update your machine with screws in this way.
Have to put the paper according to your alignment and the
handle has to be down.
And you have to hold the handle in this way and press it
downwards, after pressing, how do you have to remove your
second paper?
And you will see that here there is a line, this line has
been made of universe, this line has been uniquely pressed
i.e. there is a single blade inside it which is made of
carbide material and this is why I am telling this carbide,
because this is what I am telling.
It has a specialty, so it is easy for you to close it here.
When is the exact straight line?
And with a single hand, I have pressed you like this, I will
show you its neatness and cleanliness once nearby.
This paper has become a simple example 100GSM, but inside it
you will not be able to clear its full potential, for this I
will tell you a digital printed 130gsm glossy sheet here. I
will tell you by writing I am sorry creasing
So here you are seeing that there is a tinted text here and
we are creasing over it, so there is tinted text is a there
i.e. printed material, we have creased over the background and
this thing.
The special thing is that even when we crease this laser
printer or digital printed sheet in this way, the toner or
powder that is there is not a coating, otherwise if you use
this kind of in any roller best screening machine.
Can’t work and in this way you have given a very deep chris to
see here, we have given a very tight chris, so there are
levels inside the grease, here we have done very deep
cleansing, so this kind of grease is your second role.
You will not find the roll inside the machine, in this way
you will get unique pressing inside our machine.
So this is its functionality, speciality and now we show you
another speciality of this, the carbide that is made inside it,
which unique presses, we will press it here by putting a gold
foil paper in it.
gold foil paper is pressed now
After pressing the gold foil, the gold foil paper also has
the same difficulty because the gold foil works on the output
of a laser printer and also on this gold foil when we press it
normally if you crease it with a roller blade.
The coating of this gold foil goes out, not a little too much,
but when we do it through uni, press, the gold foil remains
the same in text, it does not come out, it does not leave any
powder and your product.
If it continues to give great results in the same way, then
see that the output is in front of you, but the paper is very
well, we have experimented very well, now we are testing a
plastic material, on which we have done gold on the
transplant seat, on which we have gold.
If you are wondering what gold foiling is, then do not take
tension, you will also get a detailed demo of it on our
YouTube channel and see that you have a very great way on
the paper of Gold foil here.
creasing has been done without any disturbance or damage and
which is possible only in this machine of ours now.
Do a creasing on a 300 GSM board paper
This is 300gsm board paper, whether it is thermal laminated,
even matte, or glossy has done, you can easily crease it, you
just have to set your skill according to your assignment
and then just crease it.
The work of doing crease is also very easy, if you just
press it down easily from here, then it will be creased, at
once we suggest that you do the same paper so that your quality
is not compromised at all, many times the customer is in a
hurry or someone.
If their deadline has to be done in the middle, then put 2
sheets, 3 sheets together, then two things are bad, one is your
customer is lost, the other is your machine is also damaged,
then the machine is damaged, then the customer will not come
Use the machine as a machine.
So this is how your creasing is done
Check it out here.
I will show you
So this is our creasing is complete, here we have used
three hundred GSM board paper and even after pressing with
both hands, its owner is the toner of digital print, which
is ordered, it is not getting leaked.
It is coming out, its grains are not missing, so because
there is no aggressive creasing inside it, there is a smooth
creasing inside it, there is pressure-sensitive pressing and
the whole one is made of a single carbide blade.
You can’t remove much volume inside it, the compartment is a
big creasing machine, but if you have a small digital press,
you want to give a sample to your customers, give instant
Want, you don’t have that much volume, but there’s so much
that you have one
Run a digital press, but you don’t have that much volume
current so you can start your work from this machine and
later upgrade to bigger machines
Also, if many times customers demand that they want soft
crease, then this machine will work like a monopoly for you,
we have many more such products from ID card lamination to
binding, so that we can talk to you through our different
YouTube, video.
We also have a Telegram channel which you can join and visit on
our website
so that you can purchase this product online from all over
the India
Thank you Abhishek Jain and you must like, share and subscribe
to our video call

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