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New Side Business Expo Renovation @ Buy AbhishekID.Com

New Side Business Expo Renovation @ Buy AbhishekID.Com

New Side Business Expo Renovation @ Buy AbhishekID.Com

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– Time Stamp –
00:00 Intro
00:00 About new exhibition
00:43 Spiral Binding Machine
01:16 Barcode printer
01:34 Gold foil rolls
01:45 Button badge machine
01:56 Lamination machine spare parts
02:00 Staplers
02:02 Corner cutter
02:08 Cold Lamination Machine
03:34 Wiro/Comb binding machine
03:42 Round cutters and Die cutters
05:41 Cold lamination rolls
06:18 Spiral Binding machine
07:54 Hot lamination machine
08:17 Roll-to-Roll lamination machine
08:25 Catalog binding machine
08:49 Sublimation machine and mug press machine
09:25 Rim cutter and creasing machine
10:00 Paper cutters and Rotary cutters
10:22 Creasing and perforation machine
10:41 Rim cutter extra blade
10.48 AP Film
11.52 Evolis Primacy 2 Thermal printer
12:37 Rotary cutter
13:33 Vist our Showroom at Secundarbad
14:24 ID card fusing machine
14:57 China’s ID card holders
15:10 Calendar rod, binding materials
15:16 ID card holder
15:35 LED Frame
16:04 Patient Wrist Bands
16:17 Sublimation Press Machine – Lanyard printing
16:45 ID card fittings
17:22 Satin Rolls
17:59 Certificates
18:30 ID card Holders
18:50 ID card tags
19:06 Multicolour tag machine
20:38 Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome to Abhishek Producs I am Abhishek Jain
today we are going to talk about our new exhibition this
is our side expo exhibition.
We have recently renovated this exhibition completely, have
brought a lot of new machines and have upgraded the old
machine a lot, so if you have not visited us in Hyderabad,
then this is a very good time to visit and now in detail.
Know what kind of machines, materials, products and what
kind of software we have that can help you to increase your
So these are the latest greatest of our latest machines
that are used to make multi color ID card tags, but if we
talk about it later, first of all, let’s start about the most
best simple spiral binding machines, which are something
like this.
Here we have two variants, 4mm, 5mm and Regular Machine
ordinary machines, so the special thing about these machines is
that they can hold two types and here we have one two three
four five.
There are five options for you as well as we have electric
spelling machines I have already made a detailed video
about all these products, which will help you on my YouTube
channel or my website www.
After that we will get it on . com, after that we come to the
most important reminder for today’s latest and greatest
generation, which is barcode label printers, which look like
this according to your requirement, but at the mercy
of 500, 1000, 10000, 0r 20000
label prints
printers of different options, as well as gold foil rolls
which are always on demand and on high demand.
If you want, you can do it from them, after that we have a lot
of button badge machines from 32mm, 44mm
58mm now we have think next week tangle button badge
machine is also coming, after that we have some machines.
We have different types of stapler sand, who is afraid of
this is visiting card corner cutter
So you will get all these products, after that you will
get it, see the cold lamination machine near me, I am telling
you all these products for this because if not today, then
tomorrow you are going to need all these products, why?
Because if you run a photocopy and shop or have a photo studio,
gift shop, art and craft or some kind of print zone or
print word, then in all these cases you need a machine that
can print your paper in different ways.
Whether it is a matte or a jio finish, it is a round cut,
corner cut or some kind of one can you bend it according to
your print.
If you want to highlight the design, then all these machines
will be useful for you.
So, it is
If you look at all these machines once and take a look,
then it will always be in your mind that if I have to do such
a project, I need such a machine and I am the only one
to supply this machine to you, then look at the machines we
At the same time, there is a range inside the machine such
as for exams, where is our cold lamination machine used?
If id card is used in photo frame shops in Digi Press in
photo lab in photo studio, then for this we have 14
inches 22 inch,25 inches, 30 inches 40 inches
44 inches, so your project is your project.
Whether your product is small or big, according to its size
correct machine and its variety, we will get it, then this is
this is our cold machine in the same way, our wiro binding machine is a small,
small comb binding machine and this is the value.
value binding m achine
After that, it is a very interesting product for me,
this is round cutters and die cutters, see ID card cutter,
then you will know very well that if you run a photocopy
stop then you know what id card fanatic is.
But if you run a gift shop or you do sublimation work or you
are working in arts and crafts and you have to cut different
shapes again and again and you can not afford an expensive
Then you can make a trophy, where the margins are tight,
then you can take such rounds cutters, you can reduce the
dependence on your staff, increase their productivity and
if you believe you have any kind of movement.
Yes, if the medals have to be round-cutting, then I have
cutters ready from half an inch to six inches, you call, we
will parcel your order, in the same way we also have ID card
cutters, we also have different sizes inside it.
Exhibition size ID card cutter, school ID card is cutter,
after that many times there are some sizes of some custom
government size, they are different, so they are
also cutting id cards with us or suppose you have a unique one.
The requirement came, if there is a different requirement,
then the ID card of that size is being deducted, we will get
it ready for you, there is no problem, we have the option in
that too, even if you take heavy duty, can you do the
Looking at this, heavy duty looks like this, then heavy
duty cutter, which looks like this and this is our
ordinary cutter
these are ordinary cutter and the heavy duty
looks at the order in that way, it looks like your product,
your market will be like this, you will also have to take that
kind of machine, you move forward with the right hand,
your product is not your margin.
Or if your customer just wants cheap, cheap, cheap, then he
will have to give him a machine according to him, or take your
product that matches your market, then see in this way
that all the machines are available with us, take the
size of the ID card,
Take small, take big, take exhibition science, in round
cutter, one inch two inches three inches four inches five
inches one and a half inches two and a half inches in this
way you will get all the size.
Then we have this cold lamination machine.
Then we have these lamination machines which will be the
rollers of lamination to cold lamination sorry.
In this, you will find me, you will find me in this, you will
get canvas matte flower khadi 3D sparkle with it glossy.
All right, you will find all these finishes and in this you will
find 14 inches 24 inches.
I will supply rolls even 40 inches, there is no problem,
the way you look at the rolls and in this way I also have hot
lamination rolls.
Next is this spiral binding machine, so inside spiral
binding I had shown you a small ordinary machine earlier, here
I am showing you a heavy duty machine.
By pressing, calendars are made, diaries are made and a lot of
marketing product orders come, all this is made in the form of
New Year’s diary, in the form of calendar and these three
machines I have this kind of product you can deal with it.
You can target that market and whether the customer has a bulk
to bulk order, you can take these machines and put them on
the order.
So in this we have small hole wiro machine, big hall, viro
machine and we have round hole wiro machine, these three
machines have their hole making machine and they
This machine is called crimp, so you will also get it
together, two in one machine and in another way it is my special
round hole machine, it is special in another way because
inside it sir.
Tomorrow is hall
circle hole, what happens to be tomorrow that December, January,
February, then you will do the work of the calendar, you will
do diary work and in the off season.
If you also make books for students of spiral bound school
children during April to June-July, then this machine
works two-way.
The first work has been done, the second of the calendar has
become, whatever is an evergreen work of the school,
then you benefit from taking this machine.
And this machine has been specially designed by us from
the factory and made specially ready and its rounds have been
prepared in such a way that that the file is also adjusted
and the wrio are also adjusted.
After that, we come, we have a copy of China in lamination
machine from all over the world and if you want heavy duty
machine then we have Sunkken lamination machine which you
can also do gold foil, which I showed you there.
You can also do the ID card, which I am going to show you
here next.
And in this, you do the regular document that you do.
After this comes our roll troll lamination machine, inside
which you can get gold foil, visiting card, wedding card.
Product template browser, will do all these things
After that we have this
Catalog binding Machine
Inside which semi-automatic creasing takes place and stapler in it
becomes even more and these are
Catalog binding machine inside which auto creasing is auto
folding, auto stapler also becomes
So if you want to save time and if you have a little bulk order
then you can think of taking that machine, then keep this
which is a little special, why?
Because inside this I am also showing you the sublimation
machine and at the same time I am also telling you some RC
secondhand machines, which are only for our customers from
Hyderabad, this is the one above which would have told you
earlier in the section.
In the above section, I had A3 size sublimation machine
A4 size sublimation machine mug press only.
And this one is A4 size sublimation machine, this one
will help you with the cap press
And there are two or three other items, we call it five
one, you will also get that too.
If you are thinking of increasing your binding work,
then RIM cutter and creasing Machine was made for you.
If you’re running a Xerox studio, photocopies are working
as yours in its shop or you’re working as a binder where you
give a lot of books to text books to publications by making
small orders.
At that time?
Rim cutter, what does RIM cutter do, if you cut
500 papers together in this way, then you put your entire
book, pulled the handle from here and here the entire
500 papers will be cut together.
After this, our creasing machine which is used to fold
the paper and along with it it is of our small cutters
A4, legal and A3, the special thing about their terms is that you can easily do
a great job in any photo studio, photo lab, small Digi press
small photocopy center, on the side of which is rotary cutter.
Which we will talk about next and this is our latest machine.
It also has creasing, perforation and is a
manual machine.
So what have we done inside it?
Created a die system
If you change the die from here, then the creasing will be
done, if you change the die, then the perforation will be done.
And yes, I forgot to tell you one thing about the rim cutter,
in its future, if you want an extra blade of it, then we will
also get it and the next section is of our AP film, so
suppose you have a photo studio or
Then you have opened a submission center or opened a
print zone, you have a retail shop which is on the main road
or near a nearby school and customers are coming, saying
that make aadhar card for us voter card.
Make it or have another ID card of the school, make it of the
company and give it, then in that case you are ours.
Please use it.
AP film So here you have nothing to do, you have to take
paper, print front and back, put in a good heavy duty lamination
machine, you have to do lamination, after that either
take an ordinary cutter or do a heavy duty and cut it.
And this is how your ID card is ready.
Will such a great ID card be made, can you comfortably put
it in the water all night or keep it in such a band or put
it in any card anywhere?
Very hard ID card is ready
So very cheap
This is a slightly expensive printer, but its quality is
equally great if you want an Aadhaar card center CSC center
PS Online or our online service or
Working in any kind of government service or working
for them
And if you have to print the same type of PVC card or you
have a big corporate order where you have to print
employees’ cards regularly in-house or offline, then this
printer is best for you.
Day on you in this
Up to a thousand cards
You can print front and back fully automatic no matter what
kind of PVC ID card, chip card, NFC, RFID, whatever it is,
everything will be done in it.
After that comes our rotary fanatic, this is a versatile
rotary cutter that you can use in any way for different purposes in
any place, whether you have a Digi press or your offset or you
are a digital press or this photo studio.
Whether you are a person with an ID card, a school, a company,
a corporate, or anywhere, you will need to use the paper
regularly somewhere.
If yours
A small disperson
Or if you work with a small agency, then you have to cut
visiting cards, cut pamphlets, cut ID card at times, cut PVC
because if you have to sizing the paper, then this is our run
for that.
But the machines are ready, but we are telling you a lot, but
how to use them?
For that too, you will have doubts in your mind, so for
that I have made a video for almost every single machine,
which you will find on my YouTube channel as well as my
You will also find it our website and if you are ever coming to
Hyderabad, then our office is established in Secunderabad,
just near our office, there is a metro station of Paradise,
there is a bus stand of Jubilee Hills and we have Secunderabad
railway station behind us.
we are established at SD Road,
which is big highway in itself.
Our connectivity
For our office
It is very good and if you ever come, there is parking here and
you can come here and visit us and visit our machines anytime
ahead, you can see our exhibition, then this was a
small information.
I invite you to see all our machines, understand what we
have, what we don’t have, how you can expand your business,
how we can work with each other, one
If you can increase the work of others, then along with that,
you remember a big work machine called ID card fusing machine.
This is a hundred card fusing machine, in this, we ask for a hundred
card in one hour, we can program it and give a half-hour
setting so that it is
Will make a hundred card simultaneously, it is a little
heavy duty machine, so its rate is also the same heavy
But it works the same, almost all my machines are the same,
there is such a machine that you will take once and forget
and so that
Your work should go on again and again, you do not have
trouble again and again, there is an advantage in taking a
little heavy duty machine, it happens.
At that time?
Only then do we see this.
Some ID card holders in China are metal plastic, some of them
are also from India, some ID card pouches are metal holders,
plastic holders, zip pouches, crystal holders ID cards.
There are many models of spiral sheets, PVC sheets as well as ID
cards, there is a separate video file about them, you will
also see that there is a lot of information, you have to
remember the head lines above so that if not today, then
Even if you get an order, quotation comes, then the
opportunity comes, then you remember us.
and as well
See, we have such a new product, this is our LED frame, so the
lead frame will be available in 12×18 and A4 sizes,
in the same way we will get lamination access to 125 micron
80 Micron, 125 micron
175 Micron, 250 micron will also be
It is also together
We have this
It will be a little difficult to show the full variety of
inkjet sheets in the video here, so we will show you in a
separate section.
At the same time, you need this kind of patient.
If you want wrist band, then you will get the paper wrist band,
then you will find that waterproof non-tearable which are
used in any water park or are used in events, they are used
in New Year’s parties and by pressing it, you remembered that
This is our sublimation press machine
So this is The Lanyard
for the ID card to press, the multi-color line
that is there, the rope that is made in this kind of machine,
then it will be a small machine, starting I had shown you a big
machine, look at this one.
This one is big
The machine is small first.
If you have seen it, then you have to put this multicolor
light here, here it will be pressed and here it has some of
its fittings, see how many varieties are there in the
fitting fittings, there are twenty types of fittings.
to all
Not possible to use
It happens many times but you will get whatever fast minimum
is there and at the same time if you have to do some special
specifications, then you will also get different fittings
like that.
Whether it is metal joint, plastic
Be it joints, golden clips, books, rings or whatever bush
is there, you will get it and there is a separate special
machine for cutting the cord, it will be found, machines will
be found to fit the cord.
and like this
Set n roll sleeve
Will you get all the rolls flat rolls?
See if someone sells the goods
It is not a big task but we want you to take full knowledge
when you come here.
Understand the whole thing, what is not, what does not work,
what does not work when you see so many machines coming
together with us or you are also watching this video and
want to order us online from there on the phone, through
Want to order or want to order a small sample through our
website or most welcome just your practice should remain to
explore something, to do some work and we have explored so
much by the caption people so far.
One two three four five six seven seven certificates and
the Evolis people gave two certificates, so you just have
to keep experimenting, you will get direction.
Once you connect, whether it is business friends, near your
margins or about the range of the product, gradually you will
learn something in it.
If you start the end work, then it will happen, otherwise it is
not happening anyway and
If of ID card
If you are just starting work, then see all these ranges, in
this way you will get all the ID card models from single side
testing double side pasting, crystal ID card holders for RFID
cards then holding one card to hold two cards.
RFID ID card holders
for keeping two cards, one cards, horizontal and vertical
just as fashion changes, nowadays the tag of id card is
changing, there are all kinds of colors, every kind of finish,
then some hooks are of different types.
The mutation combination plays very long in this.
Depends what goes on in each market?
After that it comes to us.
This multicolor
Tag Machine
This multicolor tag machine is a semi-automatic machine hello
within budget.
Big machines also come.
I don’t say that my machine is the biggest, I would say that
my machine is so big and so well that you are getting more
and more work within the minimum budget and this machine
is for all those brothers and sisters today.
Yesterday a lot of women entrepreneurs came, so I will
suggest for all those who are setting up a new business and
they want to test their market that brother, we make such a
big investment, it will not work, how to know how to get
the biggest machine.
Before this, it is a small step and on top of this, if you make
another big machine and big investment, then what is the
See here on the machine, we have given you a side roll
where you will fit the roll ID card, the machine to print the
cord tag, which does not know, multicolor tag, which is called
multicolor nihar multicolor cord, then there you will fit
the roll of white color.
I supply it in white color roll, then here it will pull this
roll and go to that roller.
And see how it was handled
As you rotate the handle, the roll will move forward and in
this way you will put the submission paper here and drag
this machine down and press it.
So I am going to make a detailed video about it soon,
so I know how to subscribe to life share for that.
So you won’t speak?
Because we are Abhishek Products and maybe by when will
you remember my name?
So this is ours
Side Business Exhibition Expo and I am Abhishek Jain and I
hope you like the video and if you like my work or you
understand my thought processor or you have got any side
business ideas from my channel or are coming.
If you are thinking of starting, then write in the comment and
tell me, I get some motivation, my team, my sales person, my
parcel boy and my partners, so we just get motivation that
let’s go.
You are working, doing well, doing business in itself, as
well as making people aware that let’s do this work too, do
that work too, your business will increase, so thank you for
watching videos and
If there is an order, contact us on WhatsApp and if you have
not joined the Telegram channel, then who are you waiting for?
In the description, you will find the link there and if you
want to talk to WhatsApp, then a link is given in the
description below and in the comment, if you click there, it
will open very well, so thank you and bye bye.

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