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Receipt/Bill Printer UnBoxing [Thermal Printer For Billing] Buy Online

Receipt/Bill Printer UnBoxing [Thermal Printer For Billing] Buy Online

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Retsol RTP-80 203 DPI Direct Thermal Printer for Billing, Barcode, Label, Receipt, Tag & Sticker Printing. DIRECT THERMAL TRANSFER PRINTER: Retsol RTP-80 Desktop Thermal Transfer Label Printer that comes with USB, SERIAL + ETHERNET ports to offer high-speed printing of invoices, labels, tags, receipts, etc. at 9″ per second speed in 230 dpi in a single color.


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Hello everyone and welcome, in another video of ours, we are from
Abhishek Products, S.K Graphics and this is our WhatsApp number.
If you want to contact us and purchase the product from us,
then in today’s video we are going to talk.
About thermal bill printing machine or about thermal
printer, then we are basic distributors, rates are
distributors of Restol company thermal printers, we are going
to give you a basic idea in this video that if you
These printers are purchasing, so what comes inside it?
And what level is the capacity of this printer?
So how to use a charging socket wire and an adapter
installation CD and a quick guide that comes inside
the printer’s box?
The printer is very simple, it does not need a guide, I would
say and these printers are the most basic model of the Restol
company, it is comfortable with a serial cable with a USB cable
and if you have an Ethernet cable that will cover your
entire office.
Whether it is a network or an Ethernet cable inside your
facilities or infrastructure, as you are connecting to the
system, then you can also connect this printer to it.
And people are also at different locations, so all
people can access this printer.
This printer is a thermal printer, thermal printer means
that it does not need ink, it does not need any ribbon or it
does not need any powder or liquid, it does not need
thermal printing processes by itself.
What is thermal printing when it is printed?
Thermal printing is basically that it is a thermal paper that
is used, it is a special type of paper inside it, it is
called thermal paper.
And when you give a small electric charge on top of this
paper or in a simple language, if you give an electric shock
on this paper, then it becomes black in color, then basically
where the electricity will be installed there.
This printing will go on
So the basic function of thermal printer is something
like this, so what comes inside the printer, inside this
printer you will find printer by itself and if you look at
the back side of this printer, then all those cables and all
the connectivity in it.
If the option is given, then the paper of the printer is
going to come out of this direction, all the charging
ports are in its backside, so suppose you have a billing
counter, then all the wires will be on the back side, you
will have convenience to work.
So let’s see which type of port is comfortable with which type
of port, then it is comfortable with our serial cable with our
Ethernet cable and with our USB cable and its power supply
option is also given at the back, it is a manual option.
Switching on and switching off is given here
Here we can see that there is an option of three lights
outside the printer, basically if there is an error in the
printer paper or there is another glitch inside the
printer or there is a problem with the software, then this
error button will run if there is a shortness of paper inside
the printer.
The light will run here and if the power supply is off, then
the light of supply to the power will be off here and this
is a button, by pressing this button, the feeding of the
paper starts. Suppose your paper is over and you will get
Time has to be put in a new roll, new paper has to be
So you will load the paper inside this printer?
The role of the paper is something like this, inside you
will load it and press this feed button, then basically
when we press this button, the flat above opens, when you buy
a new printer, this basic inside it becomes basic.
Is received
Meanwhile, this is proof of a receipt or proof that you got
this printer within a well working condition and many
types of details have been given inside it such as power
confirmation of a printer or its model number, its manufacturing
date, its testing.
This printer is in a working condition and it was a basic
overall idea that what you are getting with the printer when
you are purchasing this printer from us.
With the printer, you also get a basic small fifty meter
hundred meter roll of hundred meters for testing just to test
the printer is working or not but you need to purchase the
new roll from stationery shop.
So this was the simple basic idea of rates, all bill
Restol printing machines and thermal printers and one information is
that when the bill is being printed in it, three inches of
capable is printed inside it.
This printer will connect to your system and you can print
the bill through the software and if you want to purchase
this printer or want delivery, then contact us on the WhatsApp
number given here and you message us on WhatsApp that.
You are interested in Restol bill printer machine and from
there we will forward your inquiry or your requirement
For more information or on this WhatsApp number given below,
you message us, we will provide you with your complete
requirement and information and complete information from there,
thank you.

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