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Loading Ribbon in TSC 244 & Pro Printer, Install Ribbon in TSC Printer Buy @

Loading Ribbon in TSC 244 Pro Printer Install Ribbon in TSC Printer Buy @

Loading Ribbon in TSC 244 & Pro Printer, Install Ribbon in TSC Printer Buy @

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Loading Or Installing The Ribbon Into The Tsc Barcode Label Printer. This Is A Very Simple And Easy Method Of Putting The Ribbon In The Tsc 244, 244 Pro Model. Thermal Ribbon Easily Loaded Into The Printer Using This Method.


00:00 – How To Do Load Install Ribbon in TSC 244E
00:23 – Remove Old Ribbon From Label Printer
01:47 – Loading New Ribbon
02:20 – Putting New Ribbon in BarCode Printer
03:35 – Clear Error Light With Reset Button


how to change the ribbon in TSC
  thermal label printer

when the ribbon is finished in the
  printer the colour is faded like this

it starts like this in one or two-meter
  and at the end, all the ink will be finished

full ink is rolled out here

and this cartridge is finished

and the red lights start blinking like this

first, you have to press this button

when you press this button,
  this will open the printer

bring this panel down

grab this and pull it out

and grab like this and remove it

and it’s removed like this

keep it down as it is

after keeping it down remove the roll like this

and there is a panel inside this roller,
  remove it like this

there is a green colour in the panel
  keep that as it is like this

and the other side panel is also having the green colour
  in it keep that also like this

you have to take the new ribbon

you have to open the new ribbon
  like the old ribbon

this roll is opening from the downside
  and this roll also opens from the downside

This is an old roll and this is a new roll

and we have kept two rolls like this

reverse the green colour of the panel like this

and slide inside

and also reverse the green side of
  another panel like this

and keep it on the roll and start rolling

take a waste sticker and stick it like this

and start rolling

so enough rolling is done
  afterward, turn it like this

again the green side is on
  the same side for both rolls

the green colour is on the left side for both rolls

now we go to the machine

after going to the machine first we load the ribbon

when you are loading the shining side must
  be facing upwards

and the dull side downwards

when you bring this open this fully

there is a spring system here press the spring

and roll the roll a little bit and it will lock automatically

the green colour we saw earlier is
  the locking mechanism

now it’s locked

you will know it is locked

when you pull the roll like this it will get a little tight

and press it like this

and you have to fix this green colour in this hook

you have to press the spring system again

and it is locked automatically

roll the extra roll left like this don’t
worry about it and it will get a little tighter

Press the reset button

like this, you can print the whole ribbon easily

I have been told this is a very easy method

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or if you have any technical doubts put it
in the comment box below we will solve it

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