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RIM Cutter, A3+ size rim cutter, it can cut upto 500 Sheets at a time. Robust & sturdy SS blade. Imported high-quality product. Our A3 paper cutter will easily cut through 400 to 500 sheets of 80g paper. The precision of our A3 paper cutter is second to none. With a computer generated grid in inches, The paper cutter will give you a perfect cut every time


00:00 – Intro Paper Cutter , Visiting Card Cutter
00:50 – Basic Of Rim Cutter A3+
01:15 – Replacing New Blade
01:38 – Step 1 – Lower The Handle
01:52 – Step 2 – Remove Screws
02:30 – Step 3 – Secure 8 Screws
02:40 – Step 4 – Remove Old Blade
03:25 – Step 5 – Load New Blade With front Logo
03:43 – Step 6 – Secure New Blade in Position
04:08 – Step 7 – Screw in New Blade
06:30 – Step 8 – Testing Blade
07:09 – Cutting Bill Book Using Rim Paper Cutter
07:47 – Cutting Foam Board Using Ream Paper Cutter


Hello everyone and welcome to Abhishek Products
Today we are going to talk about the A3 rim cutter
Now you can get a spare blade of this rim cutter
if you have purchased the rim cutter with us
If you want a new blade it is also now available with us
you can purchase it online from us
In this video, we are going to tell you how to fit the new spare blade in the old rim cutter
You can give good sharpness to the old cutter
for testing, we cut a bill book
and also we cut the foam sheet to check
This is a 17-inch cutter its name is an A3 rim cutter
Its model number is 858 A3+
and here is its old blade
here is its old blade which has less sharpness
now we are going to change the blade
What is the process and how to use it
The blade comes in a brown cover like this
you have to buy an allen key from the hardware shop
the allen key will be like this about 4-inch length
You have to open all the screws with the allen the key after opening the screw the blade will fall down
first, you have to bring down the handle
slowly open all the screws
if you want to purchase this rim cutter
then you can buy it on the website
If you want to purchase the blade
go to the first comment section below
in that comment section, I have given the website link from there you can buy the product
if you have our WhatsApp number only WhatsApp
we can also send this through courier service all over India
from Ladakh to Kanyakumari, Siliguri north-east Manipur we also supply in those areas also
This is a simple process just open it with the allen key
you have to open the 8 screws
slowly lift the handle of the blade will get loosened and comes down
you have to install the blade in the same process as you removed it
when you remove the blade the logo in the blade will be facing towards you
the zero shape logo must face toward you
now we fit the new blade
The new blade comes in packing like this
pick the blade from the side so that your hand may not cut
pick the blade like this
In the new blade, there is a zero logo which must face towards you
install it like this, keep the blade down first
On the left side, there is an angle keep the blade over that angle
if you practice this, it will be easy for you
you may not able to put in the first time
you have to work patiently
place in the correct position according to the screw position then you will understand
The blade is sharp so lift it carefully
then slowly bring the handle down
if you have another person with you, it will be easy for you to install
Tighten the screw with an allen key. You have to buy an allen key from any hardware shop
First tight the centre or side screw
then the basic work is done
first, we have put the centre screw
then the side screw is fitted after that put all the other screws
you have to practice a little bit and keep patient
if you have another person with you, you can hold the blade and another person can tighten the screw
then you will get help and the work will be very easy
This is the simple job, 8 screws you have to remove and you have to put 8 screws back
Tight with your hand normally
when you tighten the screw you will know how much tight is required
Now we have tightened all the screws
If you want a new cutter we can send you through transport
This cutter weight around 23 kilos
This comes in termocol and carton packing
When you order it we send the parcel
This cutter is mostly used to make bill books, register book,
to make quotation pads, brouchers,
used in any type of xerox shops
this is also used in bookbinding
the most important work is to cut visiting card cutting we also say this as visiting card cutter
This is also known as a paper cutter
If you do visiting card works we have lamination machines for visiting cards
along with we have project binding machines, thermal binding, wiro binding,
comb binding, round cutters, ID card cutters, photo papers, photo stickers
ID card stickers, ID card papers all ID card related products and accessories with a cold lamination machine
you can check this with our old videos
now the new blade is set in this rim cutter
we have kept the old blade apart
now we will test this rim cutter
we have taken our quotation book which has 100 pages of 70gsm papers
which has cardboard at the bottom
now we will cut this and see the finishing work
first, we are bring the shutter down
when you bring the shutter down the book is tightened
when you tight the shutter the book is not moved and aligned correctly and cuts accurately
now we are applying pressure to cut the papers
like this, you have to cut
you will get first-class cutting as done by the hydraulic machine
but the size is small only 15 inch
a perfect cut is obtained you can say it is a flesh cut
perfect finishing with a straight 90-degree cut
It has got a perfect cutting, so this was the book-cutting demo
I think this is a 3mm, foam board
our customer has printed a UV printout
Now we are going to cut this
you can also cut two foam boards at a time
you can also cut separately
if you have bulk foam board cutting you can do that also
you can use this machine for foam cutting and also
the process is the same we tighten the shutter first
we free the handle lock then we bring the handle down
now we give pressure on the handle
when we apply pressure the foam board is pressed down
the blade comes down and cuts the foam board perfectly
like this cutting is done
like this, you can do bulk foam board cutting
like this, you will get the finishing
So this was a small demo of new spare blade of 17-inch rim cutter A3 size
If you want to purchase this rim cutter you know the procedure go to the comment section
where there is our website in which you will get the Whatsapp number
when you order this we can send it through the parcel
If you want to know about more products
Then you can visit our showroom
you can get more than 200 machines related to
ID card, lamination, binding and printing
on order we can send through all over India from Ladakh to Kanyakumari

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