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Wiro Cutting Machine [Twin Loop Wire Semi-AutoMatic Cutting] ABHISHEK PRODUCTS S.K. GRAPHICS

Wiro Cutting Machine Twin Loop Wire Semi AutoMatic Cutting ABHISHEK PRODUCTS S.K. GRAPHICS

Wiro Cutting Machine [Twin Loop Wire Semi-AutoMatic Cutting] ABHISHEK PRODUCTS S.K. GRAPHICS

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our new semi automatic wiro cutting machine, that reduces time of production and creatively improves accuracy. – Twin Loop Wire Semi-AutoMatic Cutting – automatic wiro cutter – wiro cutter.


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00:00 Wiro cutting machine
00:27 Intro
00:40 Wiro Cutting machine
01:15 Wiro roll
01:58 Parts fo wiro cutting machine
02:13 Cutting handle
02:27 How to configure this machine
03:24 Inserting the wiro
04:08 Inserting the knob
04:53 cutting the wiro
06:55 conclusion


Hello everyone
I am Abhishek Jain
from Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics
To order any product message to the below given WhatsApp number
Today we are going to talk about the wiro binding
Specifically about the wiro cutting machine
You may know that wiro is used for wiro binding
It is a kind of metal wire which coils the books
to make binding
wiro is available in two sizes
first is A4 which has 34 loops
and the second is full roll format
we have wiro roll material from 6.9mm to 32mm
similarly, you will get an A4 size also
if you have bulk binding works
then you can use this wiro roll
you may find it difficult when using this wiro roll about how to cut this wiro
you may cut it with the cutting player or scissors may consume too much time
labour is wasted, efficiency is lost and stress is increased
to overcome all these difficulties
we have the wiro cutting machine
this is a versatile cutting machine
you can cut wiro according to your specification
now let’s see the wiro cutting machine
So this is the wiro cutting machine
at the back are the switch, wire and fuse
from here we load the wiro
here there is a wheel which pulls the wiro
and this is the cutting handle
you can extend this handle by putting two screws to cut easily
as I lifted the handle the wheel begins to rotate
now I will tell you how to configure this machine
you may not see the number on your screen now
here zero, zero, zero, zero is given
imagine if you want to cut 34 loops of wiro
so you have to adjust this button to 34
imagine if you want to cut 34 loops of wiro we set 34 here
imagine if you want to make a small calendar
for that, you need just 10 loops
for the table calendar, 12 loops are required
for that press this minus button
then the number changes
now we are going to set 12 loops for table calendar
now we have set the 12 loops for the table calendar
now we have to take the wiro
we have taken the 6.4 mm wiro for demo purposes for cutting
we hold this wiro
we have put the wiro inside
you can see a wheel here
inside the wheel, there is a gear
inbetween the gear I have placed the wiro
to seal this configuration I have used this knob
fitted like this
and the angle of the knob is inbetween the wiro
and the wiro in between the gear
and the wiro is connected to the roll
first, we have to cut the excess waste wiro
wiro is stuck some were
you must keep the wiro straight
you can see that I am cutting the wiro very easily
if you cut manually the the job would be very difficult
the wiro is counting manually
we are cutting manually
wiro is pulling forward
and we are cutting the wiro
you can calculate how much time requires to cut the wiro
you can calculate how much time required to deliver the calender
now we have set it to 12 now
now we have set it to 11
we have cut 12 piece
now the counter says we have cut 13 pieces
we have cut 13 wiro’s
now we have cut 14 wiro’s
now it is ready for the 15th wiro
here we have cut the 12-loop wiro
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 and 12
straight wiro is cut and at the exact position
with proper alignment without any damage
you can work very easily with this cutting machine
note one thing when pushing the wiro
keep the wiro in a proper way
keep the wiro in the correct position
so this was the demo of the wiro cutting machine
to take the wiro you just lift the knob
take the wiro slowly
take the wiro and nothing

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