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Heavy Duty Electric Wiro Binding Diaries, Calendars Electric Wiro Binding Machine AbhishekID.com


Heavy Duty Electric Wiro Binding Diaries, Calendars Electric Wiro Binding Machine AbhishekID.com

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Whatapp Us – https://abhsk.com/e1xsn | Introducing our heavy duty wiro binding machine, perfect for creating diaries, calendars, brochures, menu cards, and more. With the ability to punch holes in paper and plastic sheets up to 1000 Micron, this machine is a versatile addition to any workspace. Featuring a powerful one horsepower electric motor and a stainless steel die, it can be easily adjusted for different binding ratios and spiral binding. Order now and streamline your binding process!


00:00 Intro
00:02 Electric Wiro Binding machine
00:20 Inserting the cardboard
00:36 Putting holes
01:07 Alingment with knob
01:17 Number of paper for punching
01:29 Leg and hand operated machine
02:03 Inserting the wiro
02:21 Pressing the wiro with closure
02:55 Finished calendar
03:36 Electric Wiro binding machine
03:44 Wiro raw materials
03:51 Roll-to-Roll thermal lamination machine
04:02 Golden foil
04:17 Corner cutting machine
04:21 Stapler
04:25 Rim Cutter
04:35 Our Showroom
05:00 Conclusion


Hello I am Abhishek Jain and
today we are going to talk

about electric wiro machine.
Earlier we told you how to make

calendars, books, diaries,
brochures and tabletop

calendars using a manual machine.

today we are going to tell you
how can do the bulk quantity

work inside this machine, the
cupaboard or cardboard can also

be easily punched easily with
this machine, inside this

machine we have given you one
HP i.e. one horsepower motor

and which works with electricity

After placing the cardboard you
will press this handle

Just raise the handle, and it
will be punched lightly and

easily, whether you raise the
handle or you press the leg

pedal in this way holes are
punched in the cardboard, when

ever you are punching cardboard

you have to pay attention to
the alignment of the cardboard

so that its finish is good, in
the starting, its finishing may

be a little worse for the first

alignment will be out and you
can align the papers with this


You can easily do the thick
cardboard inside it easily, as

well as you can put the 20
papers of 70GSM together, you

can also put more paper than
you want, but its finishing and

machine life will be gradually

inserting limited paper gives
more life to the machine, this

is a one-house power machine
which is also leg operated and

you also operate with a hand
also, I am giving you a demo of

this leg operation, when you
install this machine, you will

have to place it in a table.

then use it so that you can get
more convenience.

Just as there are electric wiro
binding machines, we also have

electric spiral binding
machines available and we have

a full chat of wiro from which
you can buy raw material

And by turning off the machine,
we will now tell you how to put

wiro inside it.

We will use this heavy-duty
machine of ours later to put

wiro, now here you have to put
wiro in this way, wiro normally

comes in A4 size here this is
an A5 size calendar, we have

cut this with the scissors

by putting the wiro like this
we will press it here with the

Electrics wiro binding machine
from us, at the same time you

will have to either take an
ordinary wiro machine or take a

heavy wiro machine so that

You can use its separate closure

You have to purchase both
machines because there is no

closure inside the electric
machine, if you want this

closure larger than A4 size,18
inch, then we can also make

that closure separately on that
order basis, but we can give

the same suggestion to all the

Let’s say that you take two
machines together and after

doing wiro, you have to rotate
the paper in this way and your

calendar is ready, then it is a
simple machine, you do not have

hectic work, and you can easily
create a table calendar,r book,

diary, brochures, catalogues.

Here we have shown you the
complete calendar within just

less than two minutes.

So if you are ever a production
unit, then you can do the work

easily if you have to do heavy
work manually, then an electric

machine is the best option you
can easily make a thousand to

two thousand calendars in a day
and you can also do cardboard

in it.

If you can, then it is a very
very very good point which will

help you further and this is
the electric wiro

machine, as well as if you want
an electric spiral binding

machine in the future, you can
also get it. You can also get

raw materials also

If you need any kind of
roll-to-roll lamination that is

used for calendar, lamination
or book cover lamination, then

we also have roll thermal
lamination machines available

If you want to do a golden foil
coating on your calendar and in

this way, you need a
transparent sheet or want to

get a golden print on it, then
that kind of sheet and that

kind of setup is available to
us as well as if you want to do

corner cutting for your books.

you can get the corner cutting
machine from us, you can get a

stapler machine, a hole machine
and if you need a paper cutter

to finish your books, then you
will also get this kind of rim

cutter also

You can visit us, meet us in
Hyderabad which is located

inside the showroom, and all
our machines are on demo,

Monday to Saturday 11 am to 6
pm so if you want to come to

Hyderabad, please visit see our

For order, please WhatApp you
will find a link inside the

description below and inside
the comment or if you want to

order our machines online, then
you can visit our website www.


whose link you will find in
both the description and

comment below.

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