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A4 HEAVY DUTY WIRO BINDING MACHINE TO MAKE CALENDAR, CATALOGS, MENU CARDS, BOOKS, STUDENT BOOKS, REPORT FOR COMPNAIES, HANGING CALENDARS AND OTHER GREAT PRODUCTS. This video shows how to make the student book or company report, how to make the table-top calendar, how to make the hanging calendar etc,.  In this video you can see how to handle the papers while punching the papers.


– Time Stamp –
00:00 Intro
00:04 Heavy Duty wiro Binding Machine
00:17 Products made by this Wiro Binding Machine
00:46 Features of this wiro binding machine
01:00 Handles
01:12 Crimping Adjustor
01:45 Hole Distance controller
01:59 Paper Adjustment tool
02:00 Waste tray (bin)
02:21 How to make Student Book or Company Report
02:40 Paper Alingment
03:19 Punching the papers and Transparent Sheets
03:38 Method for lifting the papers and placing the papers
04:07 Holes made with good alingment
04:25 How to put the Wiro
04:45 How to Crimp
05:22 Student Book or Company Report
06:30 How to make Table-Top calendar
07:07 Paper Punching
08:54 Two types of Wiro Binding
09:37 Punching the cardboard
11:00 How to crimp
11:47 Putting the wiro
12:24 Size adjustment for crimping
12:45 Table-Top Calendar
13:44 Craft Book and Fancy Book
16:18 Other types of Books and Calendars
16:50 Hole Control (position and distance)
18:53 How to make Hanging Calendar
22:25 D-Cut
24:22 Putting the Wiro
24:40 Crimping
25:24 Putting the Calendar rod
25:45 Hanging Calendar
26:06 Vertical and Horizontal type of calendars
26:45 How to maintain the Machine
28:15 how to remove the excess oil
29:19 Our Showroom
29:26 order at
30:15 Conclusion
00:00 – Intro
00:13 – Business Opportunity
00:50 – A4 Wiro Heavy Duty Machine Features
02:22 – Demo – Student Book, Company Reports
03:00 – Paper Alignment Setting
04:50 – Wiro Crimping Setting
06:45 – Demo – Table Top Calendar
08:44 – How to Make Fancy Book Setting
09:44 – Demo – Punching Kappa Board/Calendar Atta
14:03 – Demo – Hole Adjuster Demo
16:45 – Hole Distance Setting
18:58 – Demo – Hanging Calendar
19:35 – Calendar D Cut Machine Setting
22:34 – Demo – Calendar Punching Demi Circle
25:27 – Inserting Calendar Rod in Hanging Calendar
26:45 – How to Maintain Machine With Spray
29:00 – Summary and Business Opportunity


Hello everyone! and welcome to
Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics

today we are going to talk
about the wiro binding machine

which comes in square holes

With this 23kg machine

you can make student books

fancy handbooks

crafts books

hanging calendar

table top calendar

and if you are an expert you can
make this grand calendar like this

you can provide a unique
service to your customers with this

with expanding your existing business

you can develop a new
side business with this

There are many features in this machine

like, this machine punches
square holes for 15 papers at-a-time

above this machine, we have given a crimping tool

the machine comes with dual handle

which runs independently

one handle is used for crimping
and another handle for punching

at the top of this machine we
have given an adjustable crimping tool

by which you can control the wiro sizes

you can crimp 6.4mm to 14 mm easily

and from 10 pages to 150 pages

of 70gsm papers, wiro binding is done easily

On the left-hand side of this machine

we have given the hole distance controller

with this, you can control
three levels of hole distance

At the front, there is a paper adjustment tool

and under this machine is the waste bin tray

so that small waste pieces
are not spread in your shops

and your maintenance cost is very low

so let’s start the demo of
this heavy-duty machine

now we will show you how to make
student books and company reports

for this we put plastic
sheet at the top and bottom

we also supply these plastic sheets also

we supply all products shown in this
video expect this calendar cardboard

first, you have to punch this plastic sheet

you have to adjust the left-hand side
and right-hand side with the adjuster tool

position the A4 sheet correctly like this

so that 34 holes are made
correctly in the A4 sheets

here we have given a pull control to remove
the hole punching at that particular place

with this pin controller, you can decide
where the hole is to be made and not

we want to make a book like this

so you must get 34 holes in an A4 sheet

we take papers and plastic sheets like this

adjusting the paper and keeping
the plastic sheet at the bottom

keeping the 70gsm paper at the top

now we press the right side handle

you can see that with good
finishing our book holes are made

now watch carefully how the paper
are taken and kept in the machine

If you take the paper like this and place
the paper and another side like this

so that your alignment and order
of the paper will not change

and no wastage is done during binding

This process is very easy

you can learn this in a few days
and operate this machine perfectly

the machine will give a book like this quickly

you can see that the hole is made
straight and neatly with correct alignment

you can make perfectly like
this with a few days of practice

now we will tell you how to crimp

bring the papers to the top
and the plastic sheet inside

we will insert wiro into this

you have to insert the wiro like this

Lift the book gently and
insert into the binding machine

select the wiro size of 6.4mm

wiro size is selected with the number of papers

like this take the book

insert into the crimping tool

and press with the left-hand side handle

you can press this handle slowly

This tool will automatically control and stops

Like this wiro is done and locked completely

its fully locked and it is flexible

Now you have to rotate the book like this

Now you were thinking why
we kept the back paper in front

This is done to hide the lock
inside some were in the book

what happens with this is
you get a good finishing book

so that book opening and closing
will be very smooth and easy

and there will be no complaints from the customers

When customer the lift this book
from the left-hand side or right-hand side

The lock will not open because
the lock is hidden inside the book

Like this our student book
or the company book is ready

you can make the fancy book
like this by changing the top cover

Now I will tell you how to make a tabletop calendar

Which is a big seasonal business
between November to January

I will show you how to add
this side business to your shop

How to add this big side business
to your shop, I will show you now

Now we are going to make a tabletop calendar

To make a tabletop calendar
you can print on the 70gsm paper

or 300gsm paper or non-tearable paper

or print on PVC paper and
make tabletop calendar easily

First, you have to adjust and align the paper

Then only you get a good finishing

When you pull the pin above the
the hole will not be punched at that place

you have to align the paper like this

left-hand side and right-hand side paper

hole distance must be equal

You can test this with a waste paper

you can get perfect alignment like this

Tight the knob after getting the perfect alignment

Now you can start the punching

Paper punching work must be done carefully

You must know the method to place
the paper after punching the papers

As we are punching the paper and
placing the paper on the left-hand side

You have to do this work in the same manner

So that your printed paper order or
alignment is not disturbed

If you make the calendar in wrong
the order then it will be of no use

So look carefully at how to pick the
paper and how to keep the  paper

So that your paper alignment
and order is not disturbed

This machine has many features

you can make two types of books easily

This is normal arts and crafts book

and this is a fancy book

In fancy books, wiro is not put in a full length

It is put in a regular
intervals between the wiros

In the art book, the wiro is put in a full length

This hole position and control
is done easily by this machine

If you pull this knob the hole
is not punched at that place

The hole is made only in that
the place where the pins are inside

With this method, you can
make these two types of books

Now we are going to tell how
to punch this cardboard sheet

This is cardboard we say as ” kappa board”

Readymade cardboard is available in
the market, we don’t supply this cardboard

We supply all other items

we take this single sheet cardboard sheet

Insert into the machine and press

Because the cardboard is
little hard you have to press hard

You have to rotate the cardboard 180
degree and punch the other side like this

If you try to punch in any other angles

or you have punched in the opposite side

The alignment will be lost, and your cardboard
will be wasted and will be of no use

So press the cardboard as we said

While doing like that you
will get the perfect alignment

When you had punched in the wrong direction

Then your work will be wasted

you have to punch after a 180-degree flip

not in any other ways

don’t do this, this is wrong

only punch after rotating as shown

So this is a simple work and a simple method

Now we will show you how to crimp

If you have noticed that our book is thin

but our tabletop calendar has more thickness

for this, you have to insert bigger wiro

You get the wiro in A4 size

Our tabletop calendar is smaller than an A4 size

Insert this wiro after cutting with a wire cutter

You can get wire cutter in any
hardware shop for 100 or 200 rupees

You have to set the paper and cardboard like this

Keep the cardboard at the top and
paper inside and put the wiro from the top

you have to set the wiro like this

Then put it into the machine

and select the wiro size at the top

different size books need different size wiros

Now we press down the wiro crimping handle

This is will stop at needed place

Like this our wiro is made

Now the tabletop calendar is ready

You can open the calendar like this

So your tabletop calendar is ready in a great way

You can turn this paper in easily

There is a more innovative method
to make this tabletop calendar

This is the one method

You can also make this calendar also

You can take colour prints like this

You can make this calendar
putting the company name below

You can get this cardboard in any printing press

We can supply other products

Now I will tell you how to add this craft
book and fancy book for your side business

binding works are the same

The only difference is the wiro’s distance

If you are making the fancy book

if you are making a fancy book like this

First you have to set the paper

after setting the paper

keep the pins inside where you want holes

Pull the pins where you don’t want the holes

You can make this design
for college notebooks, hotels

menus, or any start-up catalogue
which is famous for their business

You can see that the hole is made in a fancy method

You can make any pattern like this

To do a different pattern we make some changes

You can give any patterns
you like to the customers

You can make many designs like
this and supply to the customers

normal wiro binding is done by everyone

Everyone will not do these fancy patterns

So when you do this unique work and
give a unique product to your customers

then the customers will not go anywhere

The customer will not get like
this product is easily on the market

Now we see where and what
are the uses of this fancy type

first is the, you can make a book like this

using this you can make fancy
calendar like this or a grand calendar

If you make a long calendar
like this to the customers

putting wiro inbetween

Then they will happy to buy your calendar

This makes your brand stronger

Your product uniqueness will be stronger

This feature is already there in this machine

but also there is a hole
controller in this machine

hole’s distance can be controlled by this

I will show you a rough demo of that

Imagine if you are giving a
fancy design to the customer

and also hole control to them

I will show you how will be the output

Here we have kept the hole control at zero

The hole control zero looks normal

Now we move the level control
from level one to level two

See the level two distance

The distance has increased from the edge

The distance has increased

Now we increase one more level

Now we move to level three
the red colour is the level three

Now the distance is increased more

Like this, you can control the hole position

you can control the hole’s distance

You can do this for any paper

Non-tearable, PVC, Plastic, transparent, PP
sheets which are used for making a thick calendar

You can hole control for all those sheets

The benefit of hole control is

When you are making the big books

the big books can be opened and closed easily

When you are making a thin book like this

You have to keep the hole control to
zero then only you can open and close it easily

Now I am going to tell you how to make a hanging calendar

To make a hanging calendar

First, you need a heavy-duty wiro binding machine

At the top, you have to put a transparent paper

Take some papers

Take one wiro and you have
to buy a calendar D-cut machine

First you have to set the centre alignment

first, pull this angle completely

after pulling the angle

Take a waste paper of the size of
your calendar and fold it at the centre

after folding at the centre

crease it

and put the creasing at the centre of the D-cut machine

adjust the angle at the left
hand side to paper size like this

When the paper and angle are pointing at the centre

open the paper and punch at the centre

After punching the paper

you have to make sure it is made in the centre

two sides left-hand side and right-hand side

You can turn this paper to get more idea

As you get the centre position
your machine position is fixed

Now you can make your hanging calendar

Set the paper according to your
hanging calendar in the wiro machine

Before punching take a waste paper
and check how the holes are made

If extra holes are made at
the edge pull that pin at the top

Mark the centre of the paper once again

pull the pins which come
at the centre part of the paper

What happens while you do this
are you get a good finishing calendar

Now we punch every paper one-by-one

You may observe that the holes are
not made where we have pulled the pins

this is the machine’s feature

Like this, you have to punch all the papers

This D-cut machine can punch 7 to

If you are punching a 300gsm paper

take 2 sheets 300gsm at-a-time

When you are punching PVC, OHP or PP sheets

then you have to use one-sheets only

When you punch in this
the machine you will get D-cut like this

The method by which we are lifting
the paper and placing the paper

you have to handle the paper like this only

If you have taken paper
wrongly and punched wrongly

Then you get a bad alignment

and the order will also change

then your printed calendar
will be made in the wrong order

Which would be of no use

The way we handle the paper

you must also follow the
the way we are handling the paper

So this is a simple method and a simple machine

Now I will tell you how to put the wiro

and how to put the calendar rod

This wiro comes in A4 size so you
have to buy a wire cutter to cut this wiro

Here we are using scissors we
suggest you buy a wire cutter for this

which would be rupees 100 or 200

you can buy it in any hardware shop

then you can cut the wiro easily

put the wiro into the paper

we have punched all the paper in perfect alignment

you will also get this alignment after practice

One week’s practice is enough
to get a good alignment like this

After putting the paper into the machine like this

Tight the knob at the top
according to your wiro size

Press the crimping handle
given at the left-hand side

This tool will stops
automatically at the required place

Now our wiro is locked

Now we rotate the calendar
in opposite direction like this

So that the transparent sheet comes
at the top and with good finishing

Now we put the calendar rod like this

You have to put the calendar rod slowly
and slowly into the wiro carefully

It will lock or stops at the centre position

Like this, your hanging calendar is made

when you rotate the paper
the rod is at the centre

Like this, your new side business is started

After buying these two small machines

you can also make this calendar in landscape

or you can make this calendar
in vertical direction also

you can make this calendar
in A5, A6, A4, A3 or in 13×19

These two machines are
compatible with these sizes

so this was the small demo to tell you

after buying this heavy-duty square wiro machine

what are the different types of
side business you can start

and how to make
different types of products

One important thing that I
am not able to say until now

that is how to maintain this machine

What are the things you
have to do to get a long life

for that, you need an anti-rust spray

Open the cap of the spray and
put the long nozzle into the spray

put the nozzle like this

This is a rust-free spray

No rust is formed when
this is sprayed onto the machine

It acts as grease or lubricant

this spray forms a layer or
coating the gears and lubricating it

So this is a very simple
method to use this spray

First, we bring the handle down

after bringing down the
handle press the spray

spraying one to two times is enough

When to move this handle up and down two or three times

the rust free chemicals in the
spray enters deep into the machine inside

You don’t need to open the machine
and your hands will not get dirty

you don’t have to worry about
assembling and disassembling the machine

Once a week spray
here and at the top here

not needed at the top only at the bottom

When you spray inside the machine
some oil is formed inside the machine

some oils will be there I will show you now

The paper colour changed
because there was oil there

how to remove the extra oil in the machine

When you put extra oil it is
formed over the paper all the time

leave the machine for

take a waste paper and
punch it for 10 to 15 minutes

then the excess oil will be
taken by the waste paper

So that the expensive prints of
the customers will not get damaged

only the waste paper is damaged

So this is the method to maintain your machine

for the long life of your machine

You can punch 15 papers
of 70gsm paper at-a-time

This machine supports easily every time

You can press the cardboard
to make a tabletop calendar

To know about more machines like this

from ID card die cutters

to lamination machine

to visiting card lamination and
visiting card cutters and foils

to know more about all these things

You can visit the website

or visit our showroom

where you get all these
machines, materials, and live demo

if you are from outside Hyderabad

if you are from Kashmir or Kanniyakumari

you can join online through WhatsApp

We can also give parcel service to you

You can also join Telegram
and Instagram channel

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business Tips and tricks

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