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Calendar D Cut Machine For Making Hanging Calendars Buy @

Calendar D Cut Machine For Making Hanging Calendars Buy @

Calendar D Cut Machine For Making Hanging Calendars Buy @

Short Description​

Can Punch Pages Of 70 Gsm (6 Pages ) To 300 Gsm (2 Pages) At Once
Used For Making Calendars – Hanging Calendars
Compatiable With Wiro Binding Setup
Steel Body
Stapler Like Mechanism
Adjustable Center Alignment For Paper Upto A4 Size
Calender Moon Cutting for Hanging Wiro Binding


– Time Stamp –
00:00 – Intro Calendar D-Cut Machine
00:06 – Who can buy this Machine
00:24 – What are the sizes of Calendar you can make
00:44 – What accessories you will get with this D-cut machine
01:02 – What are the things needed to make the Hanging Calendar
01:19 – Center Alingment Setting
02:12 – Checking the Centre alignment with waste paper
02:47 – make holes with Wiro Binding Machine
03:00 – Test with a Waste Paper
03:11 – Pulling the extra hole
03:17 – Marking the centre of the paper
03:25 – Pulling the centre pins
03:39 – Punching all the Paper with the Wiro Binding Machine
04:31 – Punching Capacity of the Calendar D-Cut Machine
05:05 – How to Punch in the Calendar D-Cut Machine
05:52 – Inserting the Wiro
06:01 – Cutting the Wiro
06:41 – Pressing the Wiro
07:29 – Inserting the Calendar Rod
07:50 – Finished Calendar
08:10 – Vertical Calendar
08:37 – Our Showroom View


Hello everyone
I am Abhishek and today I am going to tell about a new product called Calendar D-cut
If you have wiro binding with you
heavy-duty or regular
or 2-in-1 spiral/wiro binding machine
Then you can add this small machine to your business
To expand your business or to add a new side business
With this machine, you can make a small hanging calendar like this
may it be an A4 size calendar
or A5 or A6 or 13×19 big size calendar
All is possible with this small machine
With this machine, you get the punching body
along with a side adjuster
Which helps to align the paper
First I will tell you how to use this machine
To make a hanging calendar first you need a heavy-duty wiro binding machine
Put a transparent paper at the top
then take some papers and then take the wiro and you have to purchase a D-cut machine
First, you have to set the centre alignment for this D-cut machine
You have to pull this angle out
after pulling the angle take a waste paper from your calendar
fold it at the centre
after folding the paper crease at the centre
and keep the creasing at the centre of the machine
Then adjust the left side angle
when the paper and the angle is pointing at the centre
Open the paper and punch the paper
After punching see that the paper is punched at the centre position on the left and right side
you can turn the paper and see
When you get the punching at the centre the machine position is fixed
Now you can make the hanging calendar
Set the paper according to your hanging calendar in the wiro binding machine
If the paper is set
Take a waste paper and test how the holes are made
If extra holes are made pull that lever
Fold the paper to mark the centre position
Pull the pins at the centre position
So that the punching the area will be neat and clean
We have to punch each and every paper
Where we have pulled the pins the holes are not made in that part
These are the machine’s features
You have to punch all the papers like this
This D-cut machine can punch 7 to 8 papers of 70 gsm paper at a time
If you are using 300 gsm paper use 2 sheets at a time
When you are punching PVC, OHP or PP sheets
then you must use only one sheet at a time
When you press like this you will get the D-cut
As we are keeping the punched paper in one place
you have to handle the paper like this
When you have taken the paper in the wrong direction and punched in the wrong direction
then your alignment will be lost
and your order will be lost
then you will get the printed calendar in the wrong order
The wrong-order calendar is of no use
handle the paper as we are doing
This is a simple method with a simple machine
Now I will tell you how to put the wiro
and how to put the calendar rod
you have to cut the wiro with a wire cutter because we get wiro in the A4 size
Here we are using scissors to cut
but we recommend using a wire cutter which is under Rs.200
Which you can get from any hardware shop
then you can cut the wiro easily
put the wiro like this
we have cut the paper in the perfect method
you can do this when you practice it
One week of practice is enough to do like this
after putting the paper inside a machine like this
adjust the wiro side adjuster
tight the knob at the right position
Then press the crimping handle on the left-hand side
You can press this comfortably and this tool adjusts according to wiro size
Now our wiro is locked
now we rotate the calendar in the opposite direction like this
So that the transparent sheet comes at the top
and will give a good finishing
Now we insert the calendar rod into the wiro
You have to put the calendar rod slowly, slowly into the wiro
As you put the rod it locks at the centre position and stops
Now your hanging calendar is ready
When you rotate the sheets
the rod is at the centre
Like this, you have started a new side business
after buying these two small machines
you can make this calendar in landscape
or you can make this calendar in the vertical direction
You can make this calendar in A5, A6, A4, A3 or 13×19 size
These two machines are compatible with all those sizes
To know more machines like calendar D-cut machines
and see the machines and to expand your side business
You can visit our showroom
Which is situated at Secunderabad inside Hyderabad city
You can order all products shown in the video through online
our website is
you can see many products and ideas on YouTube and Instagram

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