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A4 Wiro Binding Machine For Books, Calendars, Reports, Menu & Catalogs Buy @

A4 Wiro Binding Machine For Books Calendars Reports Menu Catalogs Buy @

A4 Wiro Binding Machine For Books, Calendars, Reports, Menu & Catalogs Buy @

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A4 Wiro Binding Machine for Making Reports, Books, Office Use. One handle, two functions, Means one handle can both punch and bind. Super large waste bin. All pin to punch small paper like A5 and so on to A4

– Machine Specification –
Punching Capacity: 10-15 Sheets (A4 Size 70GSM)
Binding Capacity: 150 Sheets (A4 Size 70GSM)
Dimension: 325 x 355 x 220 mm
Weight (Approx.): 4.5 Kg.
Max. Bind: 14.3mm Wire Loops
Size: A4

A4 Wiro Binding Machine For Books, Calendars, Reports, Menu & Catalogs


00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Punchable Media
01:00 – A4 Regular Wiro Machine Features
01:22 – Waste Paper Tray
01:36 – Steel Handle Double Duty
01:45 – Paper Crimp Adjuster
02:00 – Hole Distance Adjuster
02:15 – Demo – A4 Wiro Binding book/Report
03:30 – Demo – Hole Distance Adjuster 3 Levels
07:30 – How to Insert Wiro Rings
08:00 – Demo – Paper Crimp Adjuster
10:35 – Demo – Hanging Calendar 13:11 – Demo – Calendar Hole Punch D Cut
16:10 – Summary n Side Business Idea


Hello everyone, and
Welcome to Abhishek Products

Today we are going to talk about
Regular duty wiro binding Machine A4 Size

in this full video, you will know about

using this simple machine how to do

menu card or catalog book for any
  the company, hotel, restaurant

reports, even student records

and how to make a hanging calendar

from this Small Machine, you can
  make PVC covers, PVC holders

transparent paper, transparent sheet, OHP covers

non-tearable covers

and using 300gsm board paper

how to make different products
  after punching

you will know that in this
  whole video

and before starting

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so let us begin

first, we talk about this machine

there are such square holes inside
this machine

there are 34 holes in one series

to get proper alignment of the square holes

there is an adjuster so that the square holes
  are properly aligned

with this adjuster, you can set that

if you look here in your right-hand
side, you will see the waste tray

when the paper is punched the waste tray
  collects here

this is its stainless steel handle

it does double duty, it’s first duty is
  to punch holes here

and the second duty is to press the paper here

which we will tell you at the end of this video

and in the right side, you can see paper
paper pressing or paper crimping adjustment ruler

that too you will understand, the clarity
of how to use it at the end of this video

and on the left-hand side, you see paper
  hole adjustment tool

you can adjust the depth of the hole
  with this tool

with clarity, we will also explain
  to you in this video on how to use this knob

First of all, we are making a small report
  or a small record

first, we take some papers

and over it place PVC transparent sheet

and below all the papers place PVC opaque
  transparent sheet

there are many different qualities in this

here we have used PVC quality

because when you are using wiro binding,
  you are doing such high-quality work

the top cover must also be of good quality
  so that we have used PVC quality covers

first of all, take the PVC cover and
  punch like this

before punching, we will do our adjustments here

we freed the machine to make adjustments

we adjusted the hole adjuster so that
  you can see that where the hole is punched

you can also use A4, A5, A6

you can make reports, books, calendars

at that time this adjuster will be very

at this time we are making a report on the A4 size

we have adjusted the A4 size according
  to our knowledge

this adjuster controls the
  depth of the hole

hole distance adjuster

we have put a paper to check how
  the holes are made

we have kept the hole distance at zero
  and holes are punched close to the edge

now we increase the hole distance

how it gives the output

now we have increased the hole distance

now you see the yellow, which means
  the hole distance is increased

now we punched the paper

now we can see that the hole distance has
  increased a little bit

like this when you make a report or records
  you can give a different look or design

we have increased one more level, that
  is level 3

now we see the red color which is the
  highest hole distance

one more time we punched the paper

now we see that the hole distance increased more
  a good distance is obtained

this is level 3, this is level 2 and this is level 1
  like this

you get three types of hole distance

now you think what is the purpose of increasing
  the hole distance

when you are making a thin book use the
  smallest distance

when you are making a thick book
  use more distance

what happens with this is when the customers
  turns this book

it will turn easily, they will use it easily

the book will not be stuck in between
  it will not be jammed

in this way by increasing and decreasing
  the hole distance

now you can control the way the book is turned

  now I’ll tell you how to make this book

in the back, we have kept the transparent
  paper, over it we have kept some papers

now we put this in the machine

we have adjusted the hole distance to level zero
  with the help of a distance adjuster

now we are punching our papers and sheets
  inside the machine

You have to take care of one thing at this time,
  you have to put 10 papers at a time

and if you are putting PVC cover then you
have to put only one cover and one paper

so that the handle of the machine will be smooth

see that now we have put the correct number of papers
  so that we get smooth output

when you put more paper the machine will be stuck

at a time you can put 10 papers of 70 gsm

when you are putting 300 gsm papers you can
  put 2 papers only

when you are putting PVC non-tearable papers

which is used in menu cards, catalogs, and used
  for little brochures

in that case, you have to put two papers only

when you are putting PVC binding cover like this
put 1 PVC cover and two or three 70 gsm papers

so that the hole will be equal and the same,
  and it will be easy for you

after practicing slowly you will also be able to
  punch paper perfectly

you can put holes with perfect alignment

we have shown before you how to punch
  this whole book

you have to use this adjuster all the time

you have to put the paper inside properly

so that you will get good finishing and
  good looking books

this is obtained only by practice

you have to make 4 or 5 books
  you have to waste some books

so that only you can learn

now we are going to crimp or binding

what we have done is that we have brought the
  opaque cover to the front

after bringing it to the front like this we will put
  the wiro ring in it

this is the wiro ring, now we slowly put
  over this in the book

if you have put the holes perfectly then the
  wiro goes easily

now you have to set all the wiro in 90 degrees,

and you have to lift this and put it in this slot

now you will know the use of this knob

number in this knob will be higher
  according to the thickness of the book

now we are making a 6.4 mm size book

this book is bigger than half a centimeter

or it is a 1/4 inch book for which we have selected
  the 6.4 mm wiro

in wiro, there are many sizes

this is 6.4 mm wiro so we have set 6.4 in the

as you set the knob the shutter above will adjust
  according to your setting

now we slowly put our book

and pull the handle down

as you bring the handle down

as the setting in the knob, the shutter presses the
  book from down in a forward direction

as you press all the wiro will stick to each other

now I will show you the side

when I showed you first it was open
  now it’s closed completely

so in this method, the wiro is locked

now I will tell you why we have kept the
  back side paper to the front side

Now the locks inside are hidden

the book is completely ready in this way

like this, the book opens

when you give it to the customer they will not see
  the inner lock because

the lock is hidden inside one piece

because we have used the correct hole distance
  the book opens easily

the lock is hidden on this page in
  backward direction

before the last page

In this way our entire book is ready

it has become a normal company
report or a report for students

and in this way, your report will
  be a fancy report or arts and crafts

if you are selling books online or making your
  own brand book and supply

so put this multi-color PVC cover over it

so like this you can make a vertical book also

now I will tell you how to make a hanging calendar

using this small and simple A4 size office duty
  wiro binding machine

now we discuss how to make this calendar

we are placing a transparent sheet first
  over the calender

you can put 100 microns or 175 microns also

we supply this sheet also

with this, at the back, we have our
  printed calendar also

this can be a 300 gsm paper or 120 gsm or
  130 gsm

printed glossy paper or photo print

we put this calendar rod over it

we have 9-inch and 12-inch calendar rods which
  is regularly size

which is used of making a calendar

A 9-inch rod is used for making a vertical calendar

when you are making a horizontal calendar
  like 13×19 length

for that, you can use this 12-inch calendar rod

after that you have to use this, this is called

with this calendar d-cut

with this D-cut the calendar rod is installed

now I will tell you with small process

first, we punch our transparent sheet and papers

you have to take two or three 70 gsm paper or
  one 300 gsm paper

with this paper, you have to keep the transparent
  paper which is 100 microns or 175 microns

you can also use 250 microns also

then you have to punch it

when you are punching, keep this
  knob to punch mode

if you have kept the knob to pressing mode
  this will not function correctly

when you are making holes, we say it as punch,
  then set in the pouch mode

now see carefully how the paper is punched and

so that your printed papers alignment
  and numbering will be correct

like this, we have punched the paper

and we have to bring it back

now we will do the wiro pressing

sorry, now we will do the calendar D-cut

before cutting in the D cut, there is left and
  right alignment set it first

now we are going to punch it

there’s a limit to punching in this

you can punch 7 or 8 papers at a time

you have to press like two or three times

so like this method you have to press
  your book 2 or 3 times

after pressing you will get this
D cut above

now you can see that the D cut is formed here

the plastic above has been punched like this and
the white paper is neatly pressed

  now we will do wiro this

there would be one wiro in the
left side and another on the right side

with the help of a wire cutter cut the A4
  size wiro into a little piece like this

insert this into the machine and press it

same technique, we bring some paper from behind
  and put it in the front

so that the wiro’s lock is hidden
  the customer won’t see that

we have inserted in left and right

and the machine is set to pressing mode 6.4 mm

slowly put the calendar on the machine
  and press the handle gently

this is the pressed calendar it’s pressed
and locked inside

now the hanging calendar is almost ready

now we bring the transparent sheet back to front

now we insert the 9-inch calendar rod
  to the A4 size paper slowly

as it comes to the center it locks and the
calendar is ready

now you can see them when shaking it doesn’t fall
because it locks when it comes to the center

now we will show how to rotate this calendar
with the rod

for example to change the week or month you
you lift the sheet like this

the rod always remains at the top
  because we used D cut for it

like this your hanging calendar is ready
from this little machine

you can target many industries and companies

xerox market, company market, restaurants,
new car business

you can target all these companies and sectors
or work with them

and in the new year season, you can make a calendar
  with this little machine and supply it

if you have a small photo studio

photo framing is your business

so you can give the calendar in non-tearable paper
like this

you can give a hanging calendar to them

and if you have small xerox shops you can do
  the side business

or if you want any corporate gifting or

different types of branding work. with this little
machine, you can give the customers reports

you can introduce bookbinding and calendars
product and you can expand your business

so this was a small video to understand
this machine and the whole setup

shown products in this video like a machine,
plastic sheet calendar rod, D-cut,

PVC sheets and transparent
sheets and of course wiro

we supply all these products on our website

which name is

but the story doesn’t end here

the story begins here, with wiro binding we have

we have 222 machines other than this
so that you can include it in your business

may it be ID card cutters, round cutters,

lamination machine, speed lamination
machine or 18-inch lamination machine

thermal machines, sublimation
machines, corner cutters, gold foils

staplers, button badges, and paper cutters

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Thank you

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