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6mm Single Hole Punch 290 Pages Heavy Duty Capacity Best Quality Buy @

6mm Single Hole Punch 290 Pages Heavy Duty Capacity Best Quality Buy @

6mm Single Hole Punch 290 Pages Heavy Duty Capacity Best Quality Buy @

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Aluminum Die Casted Heavy Duty Punch. 6mm Single Hole Punch 290 Pages Heavy Duty Capacity. All Metal Robust Construction. Colour Of The Product Delivered Is Subject To Stock Availability.


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00:00 Intro
00:08 200 page hole punch machine
00:11 capacity of this machine
00:35 How to load the paper
01:07 How to punch the paper
01:28 Dust collector
01:40 Working principle of hole punch machine
01:53 how to order this machine
02:04 more machines used for binding


Hello and welcome everyone
Abhishek products by S.K.Graphics
I am Abhishek Jain
Today we are going to talk about 200 pages of hole punch machine
which makes 6mm hole punching
This machine’s capacity is it punches hole for 200 pages of 70 gsm paper easily
There is a stand to align paper at left and right
you have to fit that stand through the screws
which is a very easy job
now I will show a demo of this
you have to load the paper like this
you can put holes in your skills
you can also centre the paper with this alignment tool
if you have experience with this machine then you can hole punch with your skills
after fixing this centre alignment
then you can hole punch all the papers and books
You have to press the handle like this
with a single press, you will get a 6mm hole
if you are making a calendar this machine is perfect for you
this machine gives a single hole like this
waste pieces of paper are collected in the dustbin at the back
you can clear this whenever you want according to your work
This is a simple machine
in which you can hole punch like this
This machine comes down and gives pressure and makes holes like this
and the paper gets a round hole like this
To order this machine you can go to our website or you can communicate with WhatsApp number
you will get a website and WhatsApp link in the YouTube comment section
More machines like this can be used for binding like
200 pages of 70 gsm side stapler
or 200 pages centre stapler machine of 70 gsm
you can also order this and you can also watch detail video about this product on our YouTube Channel
To know more about products like this you can Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
Thank you!

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