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Best Way to Maintain Binding, Cutting, Die Punching Machine – Zero Efforts Buy @


Best Way to Maintain Binding, Cutting, Die Punching Machine – Zero Efforts Buy @

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Rustic Spray Is A Quick Maintenance Spray For Maintaining A Easy And A Free Motion In for spiral binding machine comb
binding machine, cold lamintion machine. spary to metal parts of sprial binding macine, comb binding machine or cold lamiantion machine


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00:00 Intro
00:03 How to maintain Binding, cutting, Die punching machines
00:14 Rust free spray
00:18 Installing the nozzel
00:33 Spraying to Die cutter machine
01:20 Spraying to Comb binding machine
01:56 Spraying to Sprial Binding machine
02:56 Spraying to Cold lamination machine
03:25 Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome to Abhishek Products S.K Graphics
Today I am going to tell you how to maintain your binding
Machines Paper Tools and Die cutters
Keep rust free from a small product, named Rust spary
So first you have to install it this way.
In this way, you have to fit this pipe inside it and carry
it inside your die cutter.
As soon as you press this spray inside the die cutter, the spray
it goes inside the die cutter as gas form
its rust free coating is done on it, as if they have a metal
and each metal slowly catches rust
Yes, there is damage, its sharpness is less, you are
basically increasing the life of your product by doing this
spary this way you can do it and if you have to fit inside
the machine somewhere inside the corner on the side, then
you can deliver it to the inside through the pipe.
Is this the same processor?
the spiral binding, wiro binding and comb binding machines are sparyed
Like this is your comb binding machine and its left hand right
hand side has gears, bearings and you can not open the machine
every time when you use the handle it become tight
to make it free again
Close the machine down like this and then press the spray
When you spray such a machine, the gas inside goes inside the
gas goes inside and becomes liquid.
And let me tell you another little bit inside this machine,
So you first lowered the handle of the machine.
After doing it down, because it comes ahead of the blade, you
will spray it on the blade in this way.
A light spary is enough, the machine is now completely
lubricated and in this way, by pushing the whole handle back
and forth, the oil reaches the inside.
And if you have a cold lamination machine, we also
tell you by lubricating it.
cold lamination Machine No matter what size you have,
12 inch, 14 inches, 30 inches, 40 inches
52 inches large machine
You don’t have to do anything, you just have to take the spray
on top of the bearing on the side of the machine and press
it on both sides.
And now when you rotate the handle lightly round and round,
a little bit the lubrication that is fully circulated inside
the machine and the machine will be a little free, the life
of the machine will be maintained and you will be able
to pull the machine a few years longer.
You have been shown the process, do it once a week on your
machine so that the life of your machines is quality.
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