Cold Lamination, How To

25, 30, 40 Inch Cold Lamination Machines ABHISHEK PRODUCTS S.K. GRAPHICS

25 30 40 Inch Cold Lamination Machines ABHISHEK PRODUCTS S.K. GRAPHICS

25, 30, 40 Inch Cold Lamination Machines ABHISHEK PRODUCTS S.K. GRAPHICS

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How to do the cold lamination in 25 inch, 30 inch and 40 inch machine.  In this video we show how to do the cold lamination and three different types of cold lamination machine that is 25 inch, 30 inch and 40 inch.  In this video you can see the basic method to do the cold lamination. How to stick the cold lamination sheet into the foam board and insert the paper or photo to the cold lamination sheet


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00:00 Intro
00:02 How to do the cold lamination
00:20 Sticking the cold lamination sheet to the foam board
00:26 Inserting the paper for lamination
00:40 Rolling the machine
00:55 After lamiantion
01:32 30 inch Cold Lamiantion Machine
01:36 40 inch Cold Lamination Machine
01:50 25 inch Cold Lamination Machine
02:08 Our Address
02:12 How to fold the cold lamiantion machine
02:41 Conclusion


Hello everyone! Welcome to
Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics

In today’s video, we are going to
see about the cold lamination machine

This is the cold lamination sheet

To laminate any photos or
paper peel the edge like this

Grease it and stick it over the foam
board on the cold lamination machine

move forward the cold
lamination machine little bit like this

and place your photo or paper to laminate

here we are using a brochure to laminate

pull the release sheet gently and
rotate the cold lamination machine

you have to do this work carefully

now our paper is laminated

peel out from any corner

now the paper is laminated
in a glossy finish,

you can use matt, 3d, glitter, velvet
or any type of finishing

This is one side lamination you
can also do the double-side lamination

At the side of the cold lamination machine
there is a handle to rotate the foam board

when you rotate the handle the foam
board move and lamination are done manually

At the top, there are two knobs to
adjust the pressure of the roller

This machine is available in

This is a 30-inch machine

you can laminate photos
and paper under 30-inch width

and length according
to your foam board

and this is a 40 inch
cold laminaion machine

and we have another size

This is a 25-inch cold lamination machine

we have 25-inch, 30 inch and

To buy any of these machines
log on to

This is our address. We are
situated at Secunderabad, Telangana state

these are very useful machine
to develop your side business

you can fold the machine like this

which would be easy for transportation

so these are the three type
of cold lamination machine

you can buy to start new
business or expand your business

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