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6 Type Of Cold Lamination Machine In Just 1 Machine Cold Lamination Machine Buy @


6 Type Of Cold Lamination Machine In Just 1 Machine Cold Lamination Machine Buy @

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Buy 14 Inch machine – | Buy Special Cold Rolls – | 14 inch cold desktop lamination machine that comes with a versatile roller, allowing you to easily laminate various sizes of articles, including A4, 12×18, 13×19, and 12×36. This lamination roller is perfect for use with old laminations of glossy, matt, canvas, sparkle, 3D, and the latest mirror lamination. With its user-friendly design, you can achieve professional-looking laminations in no time. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or office worker, this lamination machine is a must-have for preserving important documents, photos, and artworks. Watch this video to learn more about this amazing lamination machine!


00:00 Intro
00:04 14 inch cold lamination
00:32 What are sizes we can laminate
00:45 Different types of lamination sheet
01:00 Inkjet print out
01:29 Roll and a4 lamination sheet
02:24 Sparcle lamination sheet
04:15 Cutting the edges with rotary cutter
04:54 Canvas lamination
05:23 Finishing look of the canvas
05:46 3D Lamination
06:03 3D lamination finishing
06:21 Satin lamination
07:25 Glosssy lamination
08:10 Mirror lamination
08:45 Detail demo of mirror lamination
09:15 How to stick on the glass
11:45 Conclusion


Good evening welcome to
Abhishek products I am Abhishek

and in today’s video, we are
going to talk

About 14-inch cold lamination
machine, with this cold

lamination machine, you can do
ID card stickers and photo

lamination, and in the previous
video I told you how to use a 7

inch hand roller and how to do

photos or documents can be made
of different types of special

lamination and in today’s video
I am going to tell you how to

use 14-inch cold lamination
machine to A4 size, 12×18,

photo paper or photo sticker or
any kind of smart sticker,

transparent sticker, or AP
sticker over it you can make

glossy, 3D, satin, sparkle,
canvas and our latest mirror

lamination how to do all these
unique lamination for your client

For the document I have used,
Epson L4260 Printer, which is a

four-colour eco-tank printer,
inside which you can easily

take out A4 size printouts.
for bigger print, we have used

for smaller print, we have used

start the demo with you, we
have roll format and A4 format

available with us, if you have
small order and not a bulk


And if you want an A4 size
lamination then you can order

these A4 size documents from us
on our website

or you can also contact us
through WhatsApp for bulk orders.

You can do this, whose link you
will find in the description

and comment below, first of all
to use the machine you have to

use the form board to prepare
the machine.

So after arranging the foam
board, you have to align the

machine according to your
convenience, make space for the

machine and set the foam board
in such a way that the foam

board is tightly through these
nodes and the roller can rotate

comfortably upwards.

On the other hand, we have
given a silicone roller in this

machine which is 14 inches wide
and on top of this, we are going

to do A4 size sparkle

I will tell you by doing

For the sparkle lamination, we will
give you will be slightly

larger than the A4 size so that
you can easily laminate its

four documents. To do the
lamination, first, remove the

release the paper lightly and fold
it and press it near the roller

so that you can do your own.

With the pressure that can
easily roll the document, in

this way you have to stick to
your lamination

And keep the paper in this
orientation and keep the handle

nearby you, keep the paper

Start moving the handle

So this way your sparkle
lamination is ready

It is such a simple task, it is
such an easy work, if you have

seen my demo using my roll
before, it was very difficult

to do it on that machine, it
was very difficult to do but

now we have done lamination so
easily because here you

You are getting the perfect A
for size cutting, which is with

perfect margin, alignment also
you do not have any problem in

it and you can see a lot of
sparkle lamination in it, I am

recording and showing you here
in the camera but it’s real

Beauty is there, you will
understand it only when you see

it yourself.

So this is sparkle lamination
after lamination, you need to

finish your document in such a
way, here we are using rotary

cutter to give finishing which
is easily any kind of documents

whether it is 100 gsm

Whether it is of 800 GSM or 300
GSM, up to 600 GSM and upto 800

micron plastic can be cut
easily with this rotary cutter

This is the sparkle lamination
whose finish is great, here I

have told you.

You have been shown while
recording with the mobile

camera, but its real beauty can
be seen when you visit it

yourself, you can see it.

In the next document, we will
laminate is canvas lamination

which looks something like this,
there are lines of light matte

finish line on its top and this
finishing is in between satin

Matt and glossy finish between
so quickly I will tell you by


This is satin matte lamination,
you can see its reflection or

there are lights on the top,
this is it and you see how its

reflection is coming, there is
no overshines or over brightness

here, now we will finish it.

Let’s cut the extra edges

This was canvas lamination, now
lets next see the 3D lamination,

which has the design of the box
inside, I will now demo it and

tell it.

These are 3D laminations that
gives a very good look for any

funky product or funky display
for children or any super

duper event it is very useful

These are 3D lamination

next is the satin matt
lamination or only matt

very good lamination
and economical when you have

too much light source or too
much reflection, then you can

use it to reduce that reflection.

Let’s do a demo of it now and

We have put a ring light here
and I am taking it very close,

even then no torch reflection
is visible on it, here we have

lights on the top and despite
that, there are no lights

reflection on it.

If the light reflection is too
much in your area or if the

light reflection is too much in
your room, then you use matte

lamination. Now let’s do the
finishing work

So this is glossy lamination
and everything inside it is

reflected, here you are seeing
the ring light, the lights of

the ceiling above is visible,
so if your light source or

emulation is too much in your
room then this lamination is

not for you

If you can print it inside just
some link or shiny item, then

it is enough for that, but if
there is moderate light and

there is good control of light,
then this lamination is useful,

it is called glossy lamination.

So this is glossy lamination
and next is our latest Greatest

Mirror Lamination

The sheet of mirror lamination
is slightly different, from all

the other laminations, the rest
of the lamination comes in a

double layer sheet, while
inside the mirror lamination,

we tell you by doing three
layer lamination, then there is

a release paper on top of it,
one on its back.

There is a release paper and
there is a gumming coating in

the middle of it and its end
the output looks something like

this is the mirror
lamination, now I will quickly

tell you a detailed demo of it.
First of all, you have to match

your paper

If the extra margin of paper is
in your comfortable range, then

keep it the same or you can cut
it a little.

And then remove the release
paper of any one side on the

top, the release paper is very
thin because we had to keep it

transplanted, so you will have
to use a little nail to remove

the release paper may be it
will take you a while to remove


Once you learn it, you can work
it out as soon as possible.

After cutting it with rotary
cutter, you have to remove the

third coating of the mirror

The release paper above here is
also thin, so you will need a

little practice to remove it
and if you have nails then the

work can be done very easily.

That too has been removed, now
only the layer of the centre is

left, inside which there is a
gumming, here I am touching you

and telling you here, see that
it is sticking.

this gumming is used to paste
on any glass or window because

I have this size window, so I
took a 4×6 inch paper and did

mirror lamination on it and its
the output will be given to you.

Look at how it has been shown,
now yours

Here, even if I scratch from
here or do anything

Even then, nothing will happen
to this document, it cannot be

spoiled, but if I take it in
the back side and then nail it,

then this document starts
coming out here, that’s why it

is called mirror lamination
because sticks at its back and

not on the front side

Its application is of a very
wide range, you can use it for

one click frames, panels,
windshield glass, house windows,

any payment QR codes or to put
posters at any ticket counter.

it’s special for cars

This has a special application
for cars and to do this

application, we can also give
you the product in roll format

and you can also give the
product in A4 size and to use

it you will need a lamination.

The machine which is 14 inches
and if you have a rotary cutter

then you will be able to give
finishing well, then this is

simple mirror lamination and if
you want, you can use Epson

inkjet printer for it.

You can use a 13×19 digital
printer that can give you a

print out in different formats
of media, so this mirror

lamination is a very simple
product, some people also call

it reverses lamination or window

Yes, but its correct name is
Mirror Lamination.

So if you want to order this
product from us then you can

contact us through our website

or you can contact us

Below are the links of WhatsApp,
which you will find within both

the contact descriptions below.

Thank you for watching the
video, I will see you next time

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