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How to Remove Mobile Skin Smart Sticker, Use Lamination For Best Result Buy @

How to Remove Mobile Skin Smart Sticker, Use Lamination For Best Result Buy @

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Buy Products Online – | Smart speaker is an injured based heat proof for mobile skin sticker. Specialty to be flexible and stretchable when heated why are hot air gun. You can easily print this sheet using any inkjet, ecotank, ink tank printer such as Epson HP Canon brother. The paper is especially mat coated for rich finish and a premium product with a durable life waterproof.


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00:00 Intro
00:03 First video about how to make mobile sticker
00:12 Why this is said as smart sticker
00:40 Removing the smart sticker
01:45 After removing the sticker from the mobile
02:03 Practice the mobile sticker process
02:28 Buy at
03:04 Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome to Abhishek Products by S.K
Graphics Earlier in a video I told you how you can make such
a mobile cover from smart stickers using a normal printer.
That’s because when you pull this sticker from the side and
remove it in this way, it does not damage your phone, it does
not leave any kind of black or ink or any sticky substance
above it.
I put this sticker about a month ago when I recorded it
and today I am taking it out from the top of this phone.
The task of removing the sticker is not very difficult,
no, the sticker is made of very good synthetic plastic, which
is easily stretched when heated and in this way you have to
pull it out, then we understand one thing.
It is said that whenever a new movie is launched, I am still
no one in Hollywood or Tollywood, then you should
design it in advance and message your regular customers
as soon as they make the poster so that they are their favorite
heroine heroines.
You can also get cover in this way or keep your friends and
family or any anniversary or birthday gift or friendship day
or Valentine’s Day ready by making such complete designs
and keeping your regular customers ready in this way.
You can message from that the new time has come, the new
sticker is ready, you come today for your phone, we will
give you a new sticker, then what will happen to it?
That your regular customer will keep coming, he will continue
to get a new design and your goods will continue to be sold,
so in this way I have removed this sticker, you can see that
I am able to comfortably put it on my senior who is there, no
sticky substance.
Yes, there is nothing, it can call comfortably, it is stuck
and there is no problem, if there is a small sticker here
and there, you have to pull it out by hand, the work of
removing it is very easy, but the work of putting it.
It is a bit of workmanship, you will have to practice on at
least five ten mobiles or put five hundred times on your own
phone or give yes tickets to some of your special customers
for free, then your practice in starting too.
If testing will also be done, then it is very easy to remove
the sticker and you know that you will need practice and if
you want to purchase these stickers from us, then you can
contact us.
Our website is www.abhishekid. com
from where we will give you such a plane sticker on which
you have to print and put it on the mobile, if you have any
bulk order for it or you want to know any other information,
then you can communicate to us on our WhatsApp.
Do this, whose link you will find on the description below
and to know many more such products, if you plan to do big
business from small printers like small printers or develop
a new side business, then you must subscribe to our YouTube
channel thank you.
thank you

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