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7” Best Cold Lamination Flim I Photo Lamination I How To Photo Lamination Buy @

7” Best Cold Lamination Flim I Photo Lamination I How To Photo Lamination Buy @

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Buy 7 Inch Roller – | Buy A4 Cold Sheets – | The new 7 inch cold hand lamination roller! This amazing tool is perfect for anyone who needs to laminate small articles, such as 6 size 4×6, 5×7, and more. With this roller, you can easily laminate your documents, photos, and other important items without any hassle.

The 7 inch cold hand lamination roller is designed to work with a variety of lamination types, including glossy, Matt, canvas, sparkle, 3D, and the latest mirror lamination. This means that you can use it with your existing lamination, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution for all your lamination needs.


00:00 sizes you can laminate with 7″cold lamination roll
01:02 Printed with inkjet printer
01:30 Normal lamination sheet
01:46 Cutting the lamination sheet
02:15 Remove the release paper
02:38 Placing over the photo
02:54 Pressing with the 7″ roller
03:32 Finishing the photo
04:07 Canvas lamination
04:51 3D lamination
05:28 Satin matt lamination
06:27 Glossy lamination
07:16 Mirror lamination
08:17 Sticking over a glass surface
08:58 Conclusion


Good afternoon and welcome to
Abhishek Products I am Abhishek

Jain and today we will talk

as you can do mirror lamination

lamination is available in roll
format and in A4 size format,

some of these design names are
glossy, 3D, Satin matt, sparkle,

canvas and the latest mirror

All the lamination you will get
are from a little bigger than

A4 size and the mirror
lamination is almost in A4 size

If your document is of A4 size
then you can use our 14 inch

cold lamination machine so that
you can easily do lamination of

all sizes like A4, 12×18, 13×19,

these sizes lamination easily.
If your document is 4×6 or 5×7

or in 4×8 size you can use this

to laminate all these documents,
we have used Epson’s 4260 Model

Inkjet Printer, inside which we
have a used 270 gms paper RC


The configuration of this photo
paper that I have told you is

the highest configuration,
which is compatible with a

normal desktop inkjet printer,
if you want, you can also use

photo paper like 130 gsm or 180

Can but the quality will
decrease in the same way, so

let’s get started, I will show
you a demo

First of all, let me show you
how normal cold lamination will


When you purchase a normal
lamination packet and open it,

you will see something like
this packet inside it, a sheet

will appear, you will place
that sheet on top of your

product, whether in horizontal
or vertical and cut

Cut off any extra parts so that
you have to feel your release

paper from the top after you
finally do it more easier

a thick-release paper is given
in our regular lamination such

as matte, cold, glossy and
canvas, but we have a thin

release paper inside our mirror
lamination, I will tell you the

demo of it at the end.

In this way, you will peel the
release paper from the top,

after that, you will put your
paper upwards.

Place your sparkle roll,
sparkle or cold lamination

paper upwards and then hold the
roller with one hand and hold

the paper with the other.

And let the pressure of the
roller comes nonstop from the


The more you practice, the
better you will get the result,

so if you have noticed here,
then I put one cardboard

down and I have done lamination
on it, I have done this so that

my table is not damaged, there
is no gumming on it

If you are placing any
cardboard, foam board, MDF

plywood, you can keep anything
so that your table is not

damaged and after doing your
sparkle lamination will look

something like this.

So now how do we finish it, let
we tell you

So whatever extra parts you
have, just take a normal

scissors and cut it.

If you see it in real life, you
will see a lot of brightness

inside it.

Maybe the camera is not
capturing so much, but it

throws it for a spark on top of
the entire document.

So this was spark lamination,
now one by one I will show you

the finish of the second

next is the canvas lamination
will quickly show you a demo of


So this is the canvas
lamination and its finishing is

a little matte, little glossy
between the two and it seems as

if a khadi or cloth lamination
has been done on it or a

painting that is a canvas
painting, it’s surface like that.

it is rough, then this is the
canvas lamination, next we will


Whose output looks like something
like this

So if you have to do any of
your small children or funky

lamination which is very eye
catching, then you can choose

laminate easily

The next demo is about satin matt

In this, we will use our 7-inch
roller and inside this you will

also, know how the finish of the
satin matt lamination looks.

This is satin matt lamination
and this gives the glossy opposite

matte finish, so if you keep a
bright light on top of it

Even then, the print you have
will look clear, that’s why it

is called matte finish, so if
you do not have any natural

light available to you and your
product is going to be

displayed in artificial light,
then the quality of the settlement

is the same as you can.

Will give a perfect result or
canvas lamination will give a

good result

And it happens that clear satin
matt and to print it, we used

the Epson printer, I will tell
you the next demo.


The lamination looks like something
like this and you have to use

it is when you have the ambient
lighting very good and accurate,

then you can use the glossy
lamination, this glossy

lamination is the best-selling
product or most popular


Apart from this, you can use 3D,
canvas, sparkle or mirror

lamination which I am going to
tell next, then you can work a

little differently in the
market, then this is glossy


Next is mirror lamination.

You can also use a foam board,
such as a background or plyboard

or MDA board for the base and
then you have to place your

mirror lamination in this way.

After placing, you have to
drag it from the bottom and

rotate the roller from the top.

This is your lamination

Now you will understand why we
asked you to put a cut on the

bottom so that your table is
not damaged

So in this way, my lamination
will come like this, it is very

clear lamination and now we
will finish it

So this is our lamination, now
put it in the mirror and tell

how the output comes, now there
is another transparent coating

on the top of the mirror
lamination, you have to remove


If the coating is a little thin,
then you have to use your nails,

now you have removed the top
coating and if you have a

mirror with a good height
the difference then it is a very

good thing, but here I just
want to give you an example of

this miller.

I am putting it on the back
side too, if you want, you can

rotate your handler so that
more quality will come, here I

have put it on top of one of my
windows, so it has become your

mirror sticker or window sticker.

So this way you will be clear.

The product has come in its

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