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telugu New Side Business Expo Renovation HYDERABAD @ Buy AbhishekID.Com

telugu New Side Business Expo Renovation HYDERABAD @ Buy AbhishekID.Com

telugu New Side Business Expo Renovation HYDERABAD @ Buy AbhishekID.Com

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WHATAPP – wa.me/917670853745 | ALL MACHINES RANGING FROM SPIRAL, WIRO, COMB, LAMINATED, ID CARDS SOLUTIONS, CUTTER AND BINDERS IN 1 ROOF FOR DISPLAY N SHOWCASE WITH TUTORIALS AND BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE. In this video you can see all types of binding machines, lamiantion machines, ID card holders, Wiro and comb binding raw materials, roll-to-roll lamiantion machines, lanyard printing machines etc.,


-Time Stamp –
00:00 Intro
00:04 New Showroom
00:32 Spiral Binding Machines
00:52 TSC Barcode Printers
01:05 Button Badge Machines
01:23 Gold foil
01:35 Big Staplers and Centre Pinning machines
01:40 Corner Cutting Machine
01:42 Single Hole Punching Machine
01:49 Lamination Spare Parts
02:03 Cold Lamination Machine
02:14 Die Cutters
02:39 Thermal Lamination Rolls
02:52 Wiro Binding Machines
03:04 Hot Lamination Machine
03:30 Thermal Binding Machine
03:35 Cataloge Binding Machine
03:40 Sublimation Machine
04:02 Mobile Pouch Machine
04:03 Binding Machine
04:12 Paper Shredder
04:23 Rim Cutter
04:31 Creasing & Perforation Machine
04:48 Paper Cutters
05:03 Rotary Cutters
05:36 ID card software
06:24 Evolis Pinter
06:43 ID card Fusing Machine
07:18 OHP sheets
07:32 ID Card Holders
07:46 Yoyo, hooks, fittings, Joints
08:14 Cold Lamination Films
14:05 Conclusion


Hi! Hello and welcome to
Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics

This is our new showroom
with more renovation

just one month before

All machines are set in racks

for comfortable viewing

you can buy any products

we have made many changes

I am going to tell you what are the
the product we have in each rack

We have the spiral binding machine in rack one

Top load and download models

and also we have electric
spiral  binding machine

We also give an EMI option to the customers

you can also buy through the EMI option

Here are the TSC barcode printers

and also label the barcode printer

bill printers and barcode printers

scanners and button badge machines

in 4 different sizes

you can get moulds and die in a set

you can get gold foil rolls also

you have to take
printout in laserjet printer

and laminate with this
gold foil in 120 degree

This is very useful in
projects works, college works

we have big staplers,
centre pinning stapler

corner cutting machine,
single hole punching machine

This is very useful for
starting small business

we also have lamination
machine spare parts

If you are in Hyderabad, please
visit Abhishek Product Showroom

we welcome you

Now we see the different types
of cold lamination machines

This is very useful for the photo studios

these are manual machines

now we are going to
see the special die cutters

we have ordinary die
cutter and special die cutters

round die cutters, ID card size die cutters

button badge die cutters

pasting badge die cutter

different types of die cutters

you can get this product
anywhere at anytime

if you attend either function

compulsory visit to
Abhishek Products once

Here we see the thermal rolls

packing rolls, different types of OHP rolls

Here you can see that these
are the different types of rolls

here we see the wiro binding machines

With this heavy-duty wiro binding
the machine we can make calendars

We also have the normal binding machines

below that rack is the lamination machines

from 175 microns to 350 microns

We have seen gold foil roll here

for that this Snnken
lamination is very useful

you have to set 160 degrees for that

then your project
work will be done easily

we also have a thermal binding machine

which is very useful
for making visiting cards

this is catalogue binding machine

catalogue folding machine

now we are going to
see sublimation machines

here is the heavy-duty
A3 sublimation machine

you can do it in A3 size
as well as five in-one set-up

you can also make the T-Shirt
with an A4 sublimation machine

Next is the mobile pouch machine

and also a heavy binding machine,
normal regular binding machine

comb binding machine,
thermal binding machine

we also have a paper shredder machine

you can shred 9 papers at-a-time

here is the rim cutter

heavy-duty rim cutter

you can cut 500 pages at-a-time

next is the creasing
and perforation machine

you can do both works
this is 2 in 1 machine

This machine is only for creasing

This is a 2-in-1 machine

in this machine
only creasing is done

in this perforation
and creasing is done

these are the normal paper cutters

photo paper cutter

you can cut 2 or 3 papers at-a-time

This is available in three
sizes A4, A3 and full scape

Next to that is the rotary cutter

In the rotary cutter, we have
two types 14 inches and 24 inch

In this, you can cut non-tearable
sheets, photo papers

you can also cut thick laminated sheets

you can cut easily with this cutter

extra blade for this cutter
is always available with us

you can get a rim cutter blade also

you can also get through a courier

So now we are going to
see how to make an ID card

This is the Abhishek
Product ID card software

you can get Abhishek Products
ID card software by mail if you want

you can start by sending it online

also, you can get Epson 3250, 3210 printers

you can get any model

you can take a printout
with inkjet tank printers

then laminate with Snnken brand
lamination machine and die-cut it

This is the special
die cutter of size 54×86

Universal size

die cut with this machine

then your ID card is ready

these machines are very
useful for your business

you can buy Evolis
Primacy printer in EMI option

or it will cost fifty-five thousand rupees

direct card printer, thermal card printer

Printers and ribbons and
cards are available with us

now you see the
fusing card machine

you can also use this to make
hundreds of cards at the same time

we have made few
changes in our showroom

now the full showroom is like this

to look good

to know clearly which product is where

this full set is done

now we are going to see
about the raw materials

here is the raw material for spiral sheets

wiro rings, spiral rings

badge pins, calendar
rods are also available

As you can see above, there
are different types of holders

plastic holders, metal
holders, leather holders

transparent holders, we
have many types of holders

you are looking at the
yoyo, different types of hooks

fittings for ID cards

joints and hooks for ID cards

and also dome badges

This is the button badge you have to see
the button badge cutting machine earlier

with that machine you
can do these button badges

also, we are going to see some products

These are the cold lamination films rolls

you can get this in A4 sheets
as well as in 50-meter rolls also

we can send 10 meter
rolls through parcel

This is an LED frame

you can get LED sheets from us

you can also get lamination pouches
in different sizes and different thickness

you can get different
types of thickness pouch

These are ATM card pouches

in this, you can get two
types glossy and texture

these are the comb-binding raw materials

comb rings, leather pouches, paper bands

and also patient wristbands

different types of inkjet printable sheets

All these are different types
of inkjet printable sheets

super bright sheets for LED frames

AP film for making ID cards

these are the sheet to make ID cards

these are the different types of
photo paper with different thickness

different size is available

Gold/silver sticker for
making trophy making

This is gold foiling

Print should be
taken in laserjet printer

you can make it in
any colour available

sublimation paper

I had already mentioned about
the sublimation T-Shirt printing

this is the paper for
sublimation printing

we also got the Epson inks

calendar D-cut machine,
corner cutting machine

Thermal cards, inkjet cards
all these are available to us

this is to sit and relax for those
who are coming from far away

You are cool and relaxed

you can discuss with
sales executives calmly

you can also get the WhatsApp
number in the description below

Those calling numbers
will be available to you

you can call or give a missed
call or message or a voice message

then we will call you

This is a lanyard printing machine

This is single side
lanyard printing machine

you can get the lanyard
rolls for this machine

sleeve rolls, satin rolls, colour rolls

also a machine for joining ID cards

tag cutting and sealing machine

these are all the raw materials

fit in the tag and joint

total raw material and
heat press machine

we have different types of holders

pasting holders


slide holders

we have ID cardholders
in fibre, plastic and metal

also leather pouches

Any types are available with us

we have tag rolls you can
work with the machine only

we have direct-fitting tags also

different types of tags shine
tags, satin tags, sleeve tags

special sleeve tags

flat tags

with normal hook and

different type of hook

this is a lever hook

This is a fish hook

this is a normal hook

you can put the holder directly in
this and give it to the customers easily

we also have different types of holder
like crystal holders, transparent holders

pasting holders

we have all these types of holders

And now we are finally going to see
the double side lanyard printing machine

This is a newly launched machine

In this, you add a direct role

you can make double side
printing with this machine

heat press with double side at-a-time

This is also going to be
uploaded soon on YouTube

We are also going to
put a video demo of it

Also, all these are the certificates
received by Abhishek products

Once you see this

Sir give them certificates

Okay and finally this is the newly
made showroom details

Like, share, and subscribe
if you like this video

also, come and visit our showroom

We welcome you

Thank you!

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