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How To Assemble Heavy Duty 350 Micron Die Cutter For ID Cards Best Quality Buy @ abhishekid.com

How To Assemble Heavy Duty 350 Micron Die Cutter For ID Cards Best Quality | Buy @ abhishekid.com

How To Assemble Heavy Duty 350 Micron Die Cutter For ID Cards Best Quality Buy @ abhishekid.com

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54×86 Size Id Cards Die Cutters. We Compare Regular Quality Id Card Cutters And Heavy Duty Id Card Cutter. To Expplain Which Is Best Suited For A Given Work/industry. We Test It In 250 Mic Lamination, 350 Mic Lamination, PVC Fusing Sheet For Getting Best Id Card Cuttting.


Time Stamp –
00:00 Intro
00:03 How to Assemble Heavy Duty 350 Micron Die cutter for ID cards Best Quality
00:14 how you will get this product
00:53 What you need to assemble
01:14 How to assemble
01:16 wooden base
01:40 Installing the plastic bush
02:38 How to put the legs on the wooden base
03:16 Methods to fit legs
04:18 Fitting the die
06:46 Fitting the handle
07:20 After Assembling
07:28 Cutting 350 micron
07:45 How to cut ID card
09:02 Other Machines available at Abhishek Products
09:29 Conclusion


Hello Good Evening Welcome to Abhishek Products S.K Graphics
Today we are going to tell you how to assemble 350 micron
heavy duty ID card cutter
There will be four legs, screws, two plates of left right, one will
have a wooden base, one rod and at the end we will have our
actual die, which makes the cutter when we are parceling or
couriering this machine, then we will normally disassemble
you these machines.
Let’s do it so that this machine is not damaged anywhere
in transport on the way and that is why we give you it by
opening it in such a way that it is very easy to assemble it.
Three tools are needed: a normal school driver, whether
small or big, one allen key and one gain.
You will find it in any small hardware shop or anyone else
around you will have a big one, there is a lot of common tools ,
this is a very simple way to assemble it completely, now I
will tell you by doing it first of all.
By placing this wooden base in front, these feet will fit
inside it, which is plastic bush, you can hold this wooden
base directly or even upside down.
You can apply from the front, you can also put it from the
At that time?
It is a very easy system, just take this plastic bus from the
bottom and put it inside the screw.
You have to straighten the plate that is there, the legs
will be on the bottom, the plate will be upwards.
And in this way, the four screws that is in front of you
should be in front of you and the clean best should be ahead
of you and these left and right side legs should be fitted like
This left side foot will come like this, the foot of the
right side will come like this and here too, the screws that
you see on the bottom have to fit here from the bottom, you
have to pay attention to what the left and right side are
That is, you have to do it from this angle and in the same way,
you do not do it from anywhere, do not do it upside down, do
not do it and do not do it in any other way, there is only
one way, that is this.
Now just fit it from the beginning.
When you are fitting it, this bush should be placed below, it
should be placed on the natu, then this screw will sit on
this side from the bottom and the bush is on the bottom.
We have tightened all the screws and on this base, we
have to fit die, there will be four screws behind the die,
you first remove these four screws, after removing these
four screws, these four screws will be the halls here.
These holes will fit on top of this base in such a way that
the dye is very heavy, so you have to hold it very tight with
both hands and see if the die is fitting well.
No screw is very heavy on it, so if you want, you can take
someone’s help to catch it on the side.
And slowly fit all the screws on top of it one by one.
Because the die is very heavy, it is not easy to lift it, you
do one thing, turn the dye upside down and then flip this
base like this and now easily fit all the four screws which
are black colored screws easily.
These screws are a little different, it is called Ellen’s
and with this allen key, you can tighten it in such a way that
you can tight it by hand, but there is not much power inside
that joint.
When you do allen key, he gets very strong
And you will easily find it in any hardware shop under twenty
thirty rupees, you will not get any screw driver
or get it with the machine.
So in this way you tighten it
The machine is now almost ready. We just have to fit our rod
inside it. It is very easy to fit the rod. Remove the screw
from the side, loosen it a bit, put the broad inside a little
like this and then tight the screw back.
Now our die is completely ready, if you punch it in this
way, it will be easily punched and now inside it, you have the
lamination of 350 microns that we made with AP film in a
normal inkjet.
There is a printed card and we have done 350 micro
lamination of it, the company is working inside the suspected
brand, the company has done it inside its brand’s lamination
machine and now we will tell you by cutting it.
This 350 micron die cutter, this is heavy duty cutter
its weight is also very high and its specialty is
that it easily cuts the lamination of up to 350 microns
or you have a fusing card
Whether it is dragon sheet or any kind of photo paper, you
can easily cut it, the dimension of cutting will be
54×86 and round corner will remain inside
it and once cut and tell back all the cards.
can be cut
And this is a heavy duty cutter and now you have
understood how to assemble it, if you want such machine solar
material, then you will get material available with us and
with this you can also cut
350 microns or 250 microns
You can cut it equally easily because it has a long handle
inside it, you do not need to pull too hard because it is
longer, it also puts less pressure on your hand and in
this way you can get your ID card PVC quality.
You can visit our showroom inside Secunderabad to see and
purchase solar materials and if you live somewhere outside
Hyderabad, Telangana, you can visit us.
You can also order online or leave the enquiry on WhatsApp,
we will give you all the machine material products and
technical videos.
Courier can also send through transport
And thank you for watching, Abhishek products and more
videos, subscribe to our channel.

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