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Start New Business Ep4 – Gift/Branding Shop [Machines For Various Markets] Buy @

Start New Business Ep4 GiftBranding Shop Machines For Various Markets Buy @

Start New Business Ep4 – Gift/Branding Shop [Machines For Various Markets] Buy @

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A Complete Guide On How To Start New Business In Gift, Novelties, Branding Shop. Target School, Colleges, Companies, Events And Xerox Shop.
Different Machines and Software Needed In a Gift, Novelties, Branding Shop, Machines Need In A Graphics Shop
-ID Card Software
-Rotary Cutter
-Cold Lamination Machine
-Round die cutters
-Diary + Calendar Binding Machine
-Button Badge Machine
-Gold Foil Roll – Lamination Machine
-270 Gsm Photo Paper
-Sublimation Machine n Setup
-Paper Bands-
-Gold Foil Rolls
-Thermal Label Printer


– Time Stamp –
00:00 Intro
00:05 Starting gift shop Business
00:39 What is gift shop
02:09 ID card Software
02:43 Rotary cutter
03:14 Cold Lamination Machine
03:28 Round die cutter
03:47 Diary + Calender Binding Machine
04:13 Button Badge Machine
04:54 Gold foil roll Lamination machine
05:54 270gsm photo paper
06:40 Paper bands
07:41 Thermal printers
09:32 Paper bands
09:49 Sublimation Machine
10:00 Round die cutter
10:10 ID card Software
10:17 Cold lamination machine
10:33 Round die cutter
11:06 2 in 1 spiral wiro binding machine
11:29 Button badge machine
11:49 Photo Paper
12:03 Gold foil Roll
12:25 Rotary cutter
12:42 Scratch label
13:35 Conclusion


Good morning, good evening and good afternoon everyone
And welcome to Abhishek Products
Today we are going to talk about
In the gift shop business
What are the machinery required
How S.K.Graphics with Abhishek Products can help you to supply the products
We give a detailed demo of the machine and how to target the customer
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and this is our company’s new logo
First, we will see what is a gift shop
The gift shop is also called as novelty shop or handicraft shop
It is also called a fancy store
The gift shop that I am talking about is
related to schools, companies, college, big organisations, corporates
branding related organisation or event management organisers
How to supply materials for archives like gift shops
how to set up a semi-wholesale business
so that you can supply materials for a retail vendor with customisation
So the gift shop itself has many varieties
We are going to talk specifically about
we are going to focus on the category of printing, cutting and finishing products
The customer segment I am going to introduce today is
that is most companies, mostly corporates and big organisation
This is one sector
and another sector which runs parallel like the retail shop is the direct customer
different events like anniversary and birthday gifts they need something
so you can join all this in the retail business
When you are working with companies or corporates their need are in bulk quantities
Imagine if a company has 5000 employees
for the 5000 employees on the occasion of Diwali
want to print mug for each employee
With its companies branding name and the employee’s family photo
In that case the ID card the software will be very useful
The name of the software is ID card software
but it can be used for other articles like mugs
broachers, certificates, pamphlets and other types of articles
this software will help to make such articles
second is the rotary cutter
Which is the basic cutting tool which can cut any type of paper easily
Imagine it’s a children’s day and if Do you want to make something out of paper
or if you are working in the sublimation industries
when you are working in sublimation work
then it will be easy for you to cut paper
for cups, mugs and other plate products
If you are supplying photo frames for companies or a retail customer
After printing the photo, it has to be laminated so that it gets a long life and finishing
So that lamination machine is very important
If you are making keychains, badges, labels, stickers,
or making any branding tools or instrument
in that case, you need a round die cutter the most
because when the companies logo is cut in the round shape it’s can be seen in the distance also
When you are working for a company
Then this diary and calendar binding machines will be very useful
and this is bulk quantity work
if you have good retail customers
then you can make a calendar of their family photo
This is also the best business and we also, provide machines for this business
and in the corporates and big an organisation like a non-for-profit organisation
like aids, women’s day or any international labour’s day
in that case to make an awareness
They demand badges for that
In the companies, the badges are made for the employee of the month
when you are marketing in the school they make badges like “This is my best teacher”
“I love my school”
“I Love Science” “I love Mathematics” like this funny badges
there is also demand for like these badges
it is said a smiley badge, it also has many variations in it
This is a different product called a gold foil roll
If you do certificate making job for companies or schools
or in big engineering colleges where Phd’s are done
or when you are connected with big science projects
When they contact corporate branding gold foil will be very useful
you can give a golden impression over the print
A good look is obtained when it’s gold foiled
Next is the 270 gsm photo paper this is not the machine this is a media
This is a media, this is a printing paper
specifically, we have made 270 gsm because
If you are running a gift shop you are running a branding material shop
in branding, quality is very important
because of that, we have given the 270 gsm paper
when you are making a gift shop or novelty shop
if you are making handicraft materials you need this sublimation machine
This is called the sublimation machine and setup
We also made a specific video about this product
With this machine, you can do
T-shirt printing, cup printing, mug printing, frame printing
napkin, small pillow covers, cushions
11-ounce mugs, key chains, small badges
some small quantities of ID cards
printing over the stained cloth
printing over the polyester cloth
and many other multicolour printing jobs
you can do it with this single setup
most of the orders are got from the T-shirt and mugs
next, we see the paper bands
you may see the paper bands in ocean park or Ramuji film city
or any other water park
when you enter they put a ticket in your hand
the pass would be red or green
and they tear the pass after visiting
If you want to go next time you can’t go because you have to take a new ticket
So we supply this type of bands
These types of badges are now used in cities
In hotels which have veg and non-veg buffet
To distinguish between the veg and non-veg use band system
Similarly clubs, pubs, discos
or if there is an awareness programme going on
or a big event is going on
where security has a separate pass and VIP have a separate pass
civilians have a separate pass there also these bands are useful
The last item is the thermal label printer
Thermal label printer is not used in every shop
but when you are doing a retail job
You don’t have to focus on big companies you just need the retail business
if you have an online shop or marketing
If you like the retail customer the best
In that case, this printer is very compulsory
Thermal label printer
In this, you can customize your products
brand and print
You can’t say the rate, details every time to the customers
for that, you can print a label and stick on the product
The customer will come and see the rate, size, manufacturing date
and see every detail on the label
imagine if a retail customer is coming to your shop
a family of 10 members
if they order photo frames for all
when you pack this in a carton
you can print everyone name at the back with a sticker
If you write with your hand
or print in the individual paper and cut it will take lots of time
for this, you can use a thermal label printer
so that the customer feels it is premium quality and product standard has been maintained
Now I will show you all the machines
you may know that we always give the physical demo of the machine
Because of Corona Virus, we are also at home
so we taught of showing the photo of the machine
This is the thermal label printer which we told earlier
which is a versatile printer and it can print different types of labels
This is the paper band which is used in the Ocean park
sometimes this is an entry ticket or access level pass
This is a water-proof non-terabel paper band
It can be used in many way with your imagination
This is the sublimation complete setup
This is compulsory if you want to focus on gift shops, branding and customisation
you can see the two plate printed one is big and another small
A mug is printed here
here a cap is printed
and here a T-shirt is printed
If you focus on bulk ID cards works
We suggest this product
This is the cold lamination machine
in which you can do certificates, posters,
if you are making big coding or making photo frames product for giving a gift to the customers
So this product is highly suggested for you
If you have a good connection with companies and you are making key chains
Then this product is very good for you
if you are making yo-yo retractors for a company
or making specific stickers for a camera brand
If a company want its product a separate branding
Then we suggest this product
Similarly, if you are making ribbon badges, round bages
or making round fridge stickers then this will be very useful
If you have a good connection with a company and your focus is on making calendars
or if you have a retail shop where you want to focus on selling calendar
not for every customer only for specific customers
who focus on that field for new year diaries and brouchers
Then we suggest this machine to you
If you focus on badges
If your client connection is with a big NGO
with big organisations or companies
or if you have a retail shop where you make different types of smiley badges
or if your connection is with event management companies
then this product is highly suggested
This is a photo paper which is a common product
High-quality media is required for the gifting work printing
In this we have A4 size and 4×6 inch size also
I have told you about the gold foil rolls
This is the golden roll
The golden colour is transferred to this paper through the gold foil roll
Then the paper gets a good look
a golden print is got and it’s shinning
In the distance, you can see the paper and feel it a special paper
This is our paper cutter
This paper cutter is a rotary cutter
In this, you can change the blade in the future
In this, we have two variation 14-inch and 40 inch
You can do many things with the 40-inch machine
last product is a bonus product for you
bonus in the sense
This product is used in housie or lucky draw
if a convention is going on in a society
or lucky draw of a lottery
in the lucky draw, a card is given to scratch to find the winner
these projects are done in small scale in some society
if you have any connection with such customers or in your group
we also supply scratch label stickers also
you have to print at your place and just stick a scratch label sticker over it
we supply like this product also
If you like this series start a new business
We have made 3 videos before, start a new business in the ID card industries
Photocopier industries and
What are the machines needed for graphic design
like that, we have made 3 different videos
this is the 4th video
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If you want to make a video which is connected to our machines
Then we entertain your request
You can contact below on WhatsApp the number for any type of orders
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To know all our product range
Thank you!

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