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Label Printer – Installing and Setting Up Any TSC Barcode Printer Buy @

Label Printer Installing and Setting Up Any TSC Barcode Printer Buy @

Label Printer – Installing and Setting Up Any TSC Barcode Printer Buy @

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For all TSC Label Printer TSC 244, TSC TTP 244 PRO, TSC DA310, TSC DA 210, TSC 310E Driver and bartender setting with installation. We also Help you install and setup TSC Printer, Driver and Bartender Software. We also provide bartender ready made files for commonly used stickers sizes. we will upload the contents of the given printer CD to a online link and share it with you. so you can the acquire CD contents into your computer. service is what customers not have a driver in their laptop and want to install the printer driver and software.


– Time Stamps –
00:00 – Intro to Label Printer
00:45 – Setting Up Paper in Printer
01:45 – TSC TTP 244 Pro Setup
02:09 – TSC Printer Drivers Download
02:59 – Printer Installation Service
04:00 – Barcode Sticker Sizes
08:00 – Sticker Format Files
11:16 – Branding Stickers For Packaging


Hello everyone. And welcome to Abhishek Products By S.K.Graphics
I am Abhishek Jain
Today we are going to talk about
How to install the
TSC barcode label printer
with the windows operating system
may it be windows XP or windows 10 or windows 8 or any other higher model
The method is the same, the system is same and the software is very good
You may buy any of these printers like TSC244 or TSC244 pro or TSC310
or higher model like TSC310E or TSC345
You may purchase any model the method is the same
So let us start the simple installation process
Before installing the software to the system
we have to keep the printer ready
Here we have the TSC244 model
Now I am showing how to load the paper
The paper will come at the back
from the back, the paper passes through these green line comes out
The new ribbon roll will start at the back
and you have to put the other end of the ribbon here at the top
I have made special dedicated video for how to load the ribbon
I will give the link to the description
So you have to put the paper like this
This is very easy and you can do it easily
and green light glows to show the paper and the ribbon are loaded correctly
Many times the customer will make mistake while putting this ribbon
for that, you can see the special dedicated video about ribbon
If you have TSC244 Pro or TTP Pro model
inside that models
many of them make this common mistake
while closing the cover and putting the ribbon at the top
Putting the ribbon is a long procedure
I have put the video link in the description
Let us start the software installation
we will give software CD with the printer for installation
Many times what happens is that many of They will have a laptop and don’t have the cd drive
So we are starting a free service for our customers
Where you can get the all model CDs of the TSC printer
we upload all the CDs and we will give the link to that
so if you don’t have the CD drive
You can use the printer software with download files
At this time we are installing the TSC244 printer software
We will provide any model support, there is no difficulty in that
If you don’t have purchased the printer with us or ribbon with us
and you have difficulty installing the software
and you want these CD files
We provide this also but some charges are applicable
But if you are our customer you will get this free of cost
First, you have to download the TSC244 the folder which is around 600 to 700 Mb file
download this file and open the file
If you find any difficulties in the whole process or if are not able to install the software
We provide a free installation process if you have purchased a printer with us
and in case you have purchased some where else and having difficulties
then also we are ready to do service and help you
service charges are different for that
Like this BarTender software is opened
This is the sticker-designing software
What are the stickers we get
The sticker is of unlimited sizes
But the question is what sticker runs the most and what sticker is good for your work
We are doing this for 5 or 6 years so we have a basic idea about this
We know which one is best for the markets
and what you have to use for the international standard or market standard
When you are working with Amazon, Flipkart, Sanpdeal, Shiprocket, Delhivery
Picker or any other shipping company
when you are working in e-commerce you have to buy this product
This name is 100×150 or 150×100
or it’s said as 4×6 inches
Like this comes the roll for each size
This roll is inserted into the printer and the sticker comes out like this
If you are working at Amazon you can buy this sticker
If you are manufacturing some thing like UPS, batteries
or if you have imported any products from China or Japan
and if you want to put a sticker over it
Imported by your company name
and other details like imported date, warranty, e-waste etc.,
and this is our BISAC code
like this, there are many technical details which are said to be complaints
to print warranty, complaints you have to use this standard sticker
Which name is 100×70 or 4×3 inches
Next is
if you do any spice work or pickle work or pappad or khakada
if you are working at home and selling or at the market
then you can use this sticker which name is 50×40 mm
it’s nearly 2×1.8 inches
it’s used in cloth shops, MRP, food packaging
Best Before, expiry, IFSC code licence
for government complaints
manufacturing date, expiry date, procuring date
marketed by, imported by
like these small details in food or cloth shops
you can put all this on this sticker
If you have a supermarket
or if you have a mobile store
or if you have a general retail shop
then I recommend this type of sticker to you
you can also use any of these stickers
But if you follow the market trend
If you follow that
then only the customer find it easily
The customer had already seen other products details in the same sticker
Then your product will have a standard and uniform look than other products
The customers also understand these things easily
we say this as 50×25 mm or 2×1 inches
This sticker is perfect for MRP
In the first line, you can put the shop’s name
and at the bottom line put the product MRP, packaging date, pack of 50, pack of 100,
not for the retail sale etc., you can put small details like this
and you can put your contact number also
If you are working in a mobile repair store
or if you want to do corrections in bulk printing
if you want to print only the MRP
or if you want to print the expiry date or small details only
Then you can use this sticker, we say this sticker as 25×25 mm or 1×1 inch
this will be a very small and come in the roll like this
you can print 4 or 5 lines on this sticker
Like this is the sticker
you can use this sticker if you want
Imagine if this is your product
and this had come on the 15th of this month, the put the date and stick it over the carton
Then it will be easy to handle the carton in the godown or warehouse
That’s it
Now we talk about the design
Installing the printer and the setting is very simple
It’s not a difficult job
The difficult work is to set the design and size
To remove that difficulty
We have made ready-made files for them
Imagine if you want to print the 2×1 MRP sticker
for that, we have made a ready-made file for that in 2×1
I will open that file
When you open this file
one more tab opens
In that tab “Sample Text” will be written
If you want to change something in this
or if you want to put your barcode
like this, you have to put your barcode
so you can put your barcode easily
you can start editing immediately and work immediately
nothing to worry
about the printing size and sticker size
I have done this work for you before
we get instant print like this
The sticker we used here is 3×4 inches sticker
I have made 3×4 inches file already
here are 4×3 inches
here is the 4×3 inches file
In that, you can enter the warranty details or any other details easily
Press this button “T” single line, multi-line or symbol font character
then you can type any thing like warranty, address
warranty, address
you can write the address with the pin code
Like this, you can design this sticker
you can drag and drop the text
you can rotate this
you can design as you like
you don’t need to worry about the size
Like this, your printing will be done
we have got the same output
you can also put a QR code and barcode
every option can be selected from the button above
for making a box like this or to make a QR code
so you can make it easily
similarly, if you want to change the the font can be done easily
you have to focus on printing
you must make the design correctly
If you have purchased the printer with us
you can ask for these files, we will send through the WhatsApp
you can download and use these files
if you had not purchased the printer with us
and want all these files don’t need to worry about
there is a comment below the description
contact through the comment we will give these files
and charges are applicable for that
This is to give an overall idea
how this printer works
how to install the printer
We provide many products like this
for product branding and to give an idea about the product
may it be a colour stickers
or it may be a transparent stickers
or it may be a non-tearable stickers
you can buy this sticker for packing your products
we provide this colour stickers for electronic products
we provide this non-tearable stickers for food and packaging
we provide this transparent sticker sheet for
making beauty products
and there are many small things like this
which is best for branding
Similarly, if you want a barcode scanner
or if you want any billing printer or paper
or if you want tags for jewellery
tags for laundry works
we provide that tag also
we have a wireless scanner and a wired scanner
We have many products like this
to run a small business
and for marketing and branding also
or to make your work more systematical
you can get many small products from us
if you want any update or details of any products
you can subscribe to our YouTube channel
or you can join our Telegram channel
or you can join the Instagram handle
So that you will get regular updates about the product. Thank you!

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