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Metal Name Magnetic Badge for Laser Engraving by Abhishek Products.

Metal Name Magnetic Badge for Laser Engraving by Abhishek Products.

Metal Name Magnetic Badge for Laser Engraving by Abhishek Products.

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Metal name magnetic badge for lase engraving.  What are the different types of name badges available at Abhishek products.  Rectangle name badges, oval name badges, magnetic name badges,
inserting name bades,.


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00:20 Magnetic name badge
01:08 Protection cover over the steel sheet
01:23 How to printing is done on this badge
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Hello everyone.
You are welcome to another product video by Abhishek Products
We make ID card lamination, binding, corporate gifting
We do great business in the badge making and we have a wide variety
This video is about the variety of badges
These are the magnetic name badges
This is mostly used in hospital
or if you are doing corporate supply
I will tell you about this product
This magnetic name badge is made of steel
In the magnetic name badge there is a magnet at the back
A very strong magnet
you can see three magnets at the back
and there is a metal piece attached to the backside
and there is a plastic base
there is a high-quality PP plastic base, over it, is a steel piece
and over the steel piece there is a protective cover over it
There is a protective cover over the steel piece
when you print over it
you have to remove this cover before printing
This badge is printed through engraving
If you know laser engraving or signage industries
Then this badge is compatible with that machine
for example, you can give the logo here
and here you can give the post like manager, salesman, receptionist etc.,
or you can write the whole a name like Moorthy Rao
or Kunal Shah, like that any name you can be printed
and give to the customers
and it becomes an instant magnetic name badge
We have many sizes and colours in this
This is the first badge, its size is 3/1 inch magnetic badge
made with steel and you can engrave your name over it
this is one size or variety
and another size is this oval shape
you can see this in the PVR cinemas
or in the senior labs, you can see this type of oval badges
Here also there is a plastic coating over it
After removing this cover
you can do the engraving over the gold colour base
with high-quality
and you will get premium the quality or good-looking badge
you will get a magnetic badge
Here also there are three pieces of magnet
this is a strong magnet
It will stick instantly when you bring it near
someone wearing a blazer or shirt or saree
You can suggest this badge for daily use
when you use a pin badge a hole will be formed over the cloth
when you have a VIP client or VIP visitor or chief guest
when you are honouring them
when you give them a pin badge, it will not be a good thing
when you give a magnetic badge there is a brand value in it
This is also printed with the same process of engraving
This is a golden glossy finish magnetic name badge
this also printed in the same process
you have to do the laser engraving
then your badge will be ready
we have given the three magnetic system
This is another type of magnetic name badge
In this also we have given three magnetic systems at the back
and you can see a sliding piece in it
this piece slides out
You can see a paper here
over the paper, there is a plastic piece
What is the benefit of this?
You can see these 1,2 and 3 these are used through badges
You can’t use this many times
If it is printed for one person only that person can use that badge daily
for example, if this is printed the word manager
If we have printed Mr Moorthy as the manager
Then only Mr.Moorthy can use that badge
But in this badge, you can change the names
You can do the laser engraving in this
The golden colour you see here
Imagine that at the top it has written the IPL team name
Team names like Knight Riders at the top
and at the bottom, you can print the cricketer’s name
or managers name or sales managers name
imagine if you have an event today and a man is a manager
so you can easily print his name and insert it
and tomorrow there is another event and want to make new badges
I don’t want to disturb the vendor for one or two badges
Home made easy solution is required
he will take a small printout with his printer at the office
and he will paper slide it
The same badge was given to the manager last time can be given to the salesperson
or you can give it to another manager
at the top, it will be written IPL manger and at the bottom any name like Samy, Gunal
Abhishek, Ashok any name at the bottom it can be changed according to the events
In this we have given two colours one is bright gold and another one is dull gold
you can choose any colour according to the company
Our shop name is Abhishek Products
We are also known by the name S.K.Graphics
If you want to purchase all these products from us
So keep in mind that we only supply the raw materials for this, not the printing for these badges
We don’t do the job works
We supply the whole sales products only
Kindly contact me if you have any whole sales business
or if you do retail or re-seller business
If you are a direct customer and ask for 10 badges or print these badges
for this purpose don’t contact us for this we can’t do the services for that
our business is to give the plain badge
a professional vendor will easily print this for you
If you want our address this is our address Abhishek Products
Shop No.37 Ground Floor, Minerva Complex, S.D road, Secundarabad Telangana -500 003
If you want to place an order or enquiry this is our number 9666224275
This is our WhatsApp number
First, leave a WhatsApp message, then ask for the rates and product details
Then call and place any order

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