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CITIZEN Bill/Receipt Printer – Premium Quality Thermal Printer Abhishekid.com

CITIZEN BillReceipt Printer Premium Quality Thermal Printer Abhishekid.com

CITIZEN Bill/Receipt Printer – Premium Quality Thermal Printer Abhishekid.com

Short Description​

Citizen CT-D150 Thermal Receipt POS Printer with USB Serial Ethernet and Auto Cutter Compatible with Cash Drawer Port. VERSATILE POS THERMAL PRINTER – CITIZEN CT-D150 is a professional-grade thermal receipt printer that can print all types of receipts up to 3″ width at high-speed.
APPLICATION AREA – The small profile, lightweight body, perfect for use in retail shops, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, canteens, restaurants, Corner Grocery Stores, ecommerce etc.
WIDE COMPATIBILITY – Equipped with USB, LAN, and cash drawer port, it is compatible with Windows, Java POS, OPOS and CUPS and other different operating systems. S
HASSLE-FREE OPERATION – One-click button for paper tray opening, it can easily accommodate the paper roll with paper thickness between 0.057-0.085mm without any effort.


– Time Stamp –
00:00 Intro
00:04 Citizen Bill Printer CT-D150
00:25 Unboxing
00:30 Accessories
01:50 Ports
02:16 How to open the top cover
02:28 how to load the paper
02:43 best direction to set this printer
02:51 how to cut the paper
03:22 Head fo this printer
03:31 how to load 2 inch paper roll
04:14 Power and Feed button
04:23 How to load the paper correctly
04:52 Printer model number


Hello everyone. And welcome to Abhishek Products By S.K.Graphics
In today’s video, we are going to talk about the Citizen bill printer
with full technical details
This printer is from a Japanese company
but made in china
but you can get its service and delivery all over India
When you open the printer cover you will get the user manual first
With that, you will get 2 inch and 3-inch adjustor
with that, you will get a USB 2.0 cable
a sample paper roll
Inside is the 3-inch white roll
The best thing about this paper or this printer is
It does not need any ink, the ink is in the paper itself
This is the standard power cable
and this is the standard power adaptor
Next is our printer
A solid packing is given to the printer
A solid packing is given so that no problem while transporting
And here comes the printer
You may have seen many printers like Epson
Retsol companies printer, TSC company, TVS company
Each printer has its own peculiarity
each printer has its own properties
But when talking about its class, look and design
it has a good look, design and class than other printers
It’s has a sleek look and square in shape
It will look better on your retail counter
now we will see what are the ports available in this printer
Here they have given a dc port
one ethernet port
one USB 2.0 port
Sorry this is an ethernet port
there are many ports
you can connect to the different types of systems or hardware
you can connect to the Android os system or Windows os system
you can connect with any of these types easily
if you want to open this cover
you have to open it like this
it stops at this angel and doesn’t come down
and you have to load the paper like this
when you load the paper like this it won’t work
you have to load the paper like this
That’s it
If you have a supermarket
you have to keep the customer’s this side
you have to stand on this side
after printing the paper comes in this direction
and there is an auto cutter for paper
The printer can handle over one million cuts
one million cuts means ten lakhs cuts
This is enough for many years
if have any DMart, Spencer etc.,
if you have any type of stores
This ten lakhs cuts will a reasonable
You have to put the paper like this
The head is at the top of the printer
and at the bottom is its sensor and the roller
and you have to put the paper like this
imagine if you want to print 2-inch paper insted of 3 inch
The 2-inch paper looks something like this
and the 3-inch paper is a little bigger
so this is 2 inch and 3 inch
This is the difference between the two
you can put 3 inches also in this printer
The company has given an adjustor
when you fit this adjustor inside the printer
you can handle 2 inch and 3-inch paper roll easily
when you fit this divider in this printer
you can handle 2-inch paper roll easily
so this was Citien’s brand printer
at the top is the power-on button
and at the bottom is the feed button
like this is its top cover or lid
it opens like this
Here clear instruction is given inside how-to and to not put the paper roll
Don’t worry if you have inserted in the wrong direction
what happens is the printer doesn’t print
and the printer will not get damaged
When you put the paper like this
Then it will print properly, there will be no problem at all
its a just a versatile printer
and it comes with one year warranty
Now I have reviewed the Citizen CTD150 printer
If you want to purchase this printer with us
and if you want to include barcoding system in your office
So you can contact us
we provide a barcode system and billing system also
we also provide a barcode scanning system also
may you have a cloth shop or games shop or retail shop
or Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal
or you are working in any type of such platform
you can get any product related to that from us
I am Abishek shown this Citizen printer
If you have any doubts regarding this printer
contact through the WhatsApp number given below
Thank you!

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