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Why Head Cleaning is Important in a Inkjet Printer Make ID Card In inkjet Buy @


Why Head Cleaning is Important in a Inkjet Printer Make ID Card In inkjet Buy @

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Buy Online – | Cleaning your inkjet printer is an important part of keeping it working efficiently and accurately. Regular cleaning helps to reduce clogs, smudges and streaks on your printouts. Cleaning can prevent costly repairs and extend the life of your printer. With regular cleaning, you can keep the nozzles free from obstructions, which can help preserve the quality of your printouts. Proper maintenance also includes regular inspections for signs of damage and ensuring proper ink levels. Taking the time to regularly clean your inkjet printer will save you money and produce better results in the long run.


00:00 Intro
00:02 Diference between injet and laser printer
00:20 How to clean injet printer
00:35 4 different print outs in AP film
00:39 Print without head cleaning
00:54 Change print setting
01:23 Print with high glossy
02:00 After head cleaningb
02:43 Regular head cleaning is required
03:55 Conclusion


In the previous video, we
talked about what is the

difference between an AP film
and a laser card and I told you

that there is a small issue of
head cleaning inside the inkjet

printer and how we can
tackle it. hello everyone I am

Abhishek Jain with Abhishek
Products by S.K.Graphics

Today you are here at our expo,
today we are going to talk

about how to clean the inkjet
printers you can understand,

tackle and possibly print a
better ID card after head


Yes, I printed four ID card
sheet using AP film. First I

printed a sheet inside which I
had not cleaned the head and

you can see that there are a
a lot of lines inside the print.

And the print quality is not
overall satisfied?

I changed the print settings,
here I used a 3250 printer and

selected the plain paper.

and kept the quality high, so
now you see that the lines or

the marks that were coming have
gone out, a little detail has

come inside the face, but the
original face colour of this

boy is not matching

to overcome this problem, I
took another third printout,

in which I used again 3250
printers, but in the printer

settings, I chose high glossy
the quality paper type selected and

did so on the standard of
quality select.

On doing this, I got some print
like this, obviously no lines

were visible inside this
printer, the colours were also

very dark, and the barcode was also
very dark, but there was a

a small problem which is the
original face colour of this

boy and that skin tone.

Its colour was not matching and
inside it, we got a lot of

control of the colour, but we
we’re having trouble doing this

the colour setting, to be a little
more technically perfect, so to

solve it, I used again 3250

I did head cleaning inside and
after cleaning the head, I kept

the print setting is plain paper
quality standard.

I repeat plain paper quality
standard and now you see

The colour of the face is equal
and we do not see any lines

here inside the background.

If we want, we can also keep
the plane paper high, we will

also get a good results inside
it and before that see what we

had kept.

This is before head cleaning
this is after head cleaning and

inside these two

There is a difference between
the ground and the sky, both

Ram and Shyam are not looking,
both are looking completely

different, neither here we have
understood one thing that we

have to keep regular
maintenance inside these inkjets

printers, just like we make our
bikes regular.

In the same way, you have to
clean the inkjet printer

regularly, if you do not use
your inkjet printer once in

three days, then its colour
the setting will be out, then every

three days just print ABCD or
something else

At the same time, do head
training cleaning when the time


When you want to print ID cards
in future, you can print ID

cards in plain paper setting,
you don’t need to take them to

high quality or photo quality,
so that

Your ink will be saved but yes,
when you do head cleaning there

is a cost to do it too, there
is a little ink will be wasted

in it, but when you are getting
quality and you make an ID card

for Rs5 to Rs.8, if you sell it
at Rs.50

then you must bare with this
management or maintenance

the expense also, much, then this
was a small understanding of

what is an inkjet printer?

What is its colour matching,
what is the head cleaning

inside it?

I am planning to make many more
such technical videos and if

you subscribe like and share
me, then I get more motivation

that let’s do what I am doing,
people are liking it, so I am

Abhishek Jain with Abhishek

and you are in our showroom
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thank you, my name is Abhishek

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