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Which Is Better PVC Card Printer? Epson L800 Vs 8050 Best Studio PVC Card Printer AbhishekID.Com


Which Is Better PVC Card Printer? Epson L800 Vs 8050 Best Studio PVC Card Printer AbhishekID.Com

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Whatapp Us –  https://abhsk.com/o57l4 | The Epson L8050 is a versatile printer that is  ideal for PVC card printing and photo studio printing. With its high-quality  printing capabilities, it can produce sharp and vibrant images that are  perfect for professional use. Its user-friendly interface and efficient  printing speed make it a valuable addition to any workspace.


00:00 Intro
00:08  Difference between L805 Vs 8050
01:13 Inks
01:40 Print  quality and print speed
02:19 PVC card  printing
03:30  Warranty
04:28 USB, WiFi and Wifi direct
04:59 Ink  yield
05:29 Waste inkpad
06:16 Pick-up  rubber
07:13 Size
08:15 Buy at  abhishekID.Com
08:45 Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome  to
Abhishek Products by S.K.

Graphics. I am  Abhishek Jain
and you are inside our  showroom

located in Secunderabad
Hyderabad City  today we are

going to talk about what is  the
difference between Epson 805

and Epson  8050

Epson Printer has recently
launched the  latest model called

Epson 8050 and now Epson  805
which was the strongest printer,

has expired,  and there is no
more production if you are

looking  for that printer

if you want the same printer,
we  have very limited stocks of

that printer is available  with
us, but these printers are not

available in  bulk qualities, so
now before moving  forward,

let’s understand what is the
the  difference between these two

printers, which we have got  the
latest upgrade model Epson 8050

What is the  benefit of this

A detailed report has  been made,
the chart has been made about Epson

,  both are A4 size six colour

printers, both have  Wi-Fi
the technology inside both inkjet

or eco  tank printers technology,
both are the best in  technology.

are heat-proof and heatless
printer,  so here the base is


these printers  have CMYK, LC, LM
inks, but there is a major

the  difference here is that in
Epson 805 we used Epson  673

inks but now in Epson 8050 we
use 057  inks

which is a little costlier

so,  overall you will get about
Rs.300 or Rs.400  rupees

costlier per set than the old
ink  model

So this is the first setback,
but it has no  benefits.

The advantage is that its print
quality  has improved a bit and

the print speed has  increased,
earlier we used to get print

speed  within.

speed of 8 ipm, so here you get

speed  increment of around 40%
in the ipm

In the second  calculation, if
you do bulk printing if you

have  a lot of printing, then
you will be able to take full

advantage  of it, but if you
print your single print  one

print two prints at once, then
you don’t feel  the difference

in speed

The next major  difference that
we get is Epson L805, we used

to  set up the PVC card,
manually we used to modify  that

get the software and software

for  printing PVC card printing
inside it.

Pvc card  printing settings used
to connect direct  through

coreldraw or Photoshop but that
the  option is not in the 8050

you can’t do this  setting
inside 8050, you can’t print

direct PVC  card from Photoshop
and CorelDraw with 8050,  you

have to use separately
different software, in  which

the option of editing and
resizing is very  limited, and then

basically what you have to do  is.

Suppose you want to create a
hundred ID  cards, then first

you have to design there  inside
the CorelDraw or Photoshop,

then there is  a different
software for printing in PVC

the card  you have to insert into
that software and print  it

the work of the software has
become a little  slow, but the

printing speed has increased
within  8050, so overall your

work is going to be slow if  you
are going to do PVC cards,

that’s  it.

The entire story and first when
you used to  set up a PVC card

train inside the 805 then  you
did not get a guarantee or

warranty from the  printer, the
the company had to say that you  did

not get that but now in 8050

you  get that warranty from the
the company, whether you print  PVC

card or not.

There is another angle  here,
another catch terms and

conditions, here  first within

print paper, you used to get
that  warranty for 3000 prints

or one year but now they  start
giving here.

One-year warranty and  50,000
pages which are great but here,

this  clarity has not been given,
the company has not given  that

if they print 50,000 cards or
print 50,000  papers, then both

are equal or not, it is  seen
that if you

If you are printing a PVC  card,
then its calculation is

different that the  same PVC
card will have that warranty,

so this  one calculation has not
yet come from the  company.

Secondly, earlier we had USB
printing  inside the option and

Wi-Fi printing, the  latest
model that has come now, Epson

getting  USB, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi

Direct, those who do not know
what  is Wi-Fi Direct is.

that the printer creates a  hot
spot of its own and by

connecting those hot  spots, you
can print directly, if your

shop does  not have a router,
you have cut expenses  there,

then you can now print your
mobile and  mobile without a


The printer  will only need
these two things and none  are


And the next big difference  is

Your ink may have become  costly,
it has become three hundred

rupees, the  ink has become about

yield has increased, that is,
earlier  when we used to refill

these, we used to get  3000
copies of black now.

We will get 3600  copies
earlier, we were getting 5400

now we are  getting 7200 copies

Similarly, another big  problem
or the solution to another big

problem is  that under 805, you
used to get waste inkpad,  in

which waste used to be
collected there and  then if it

was filled with waste  ink

then you have to call the
service center and  he used to

come and change the waste
inkpad, but  what have they done

here is, what they have  given
maintenance tank, because of

maintenance  tank you don’t need
any service person to  change

the waste inkpad

You just have  to go to the
market and buy the maintenance

tank  and replace the
maintenance tank only

you have to  change the
maintenance tank like the  ink

cartridge, then your printer’s
maintenance  will also be done,

the cost is increasing a  little,
but your self-sufficiency is

increasing,  because now you do
not have to depend on  any

service centre.

Next is here, they  have done a
very good job, they have given

an  option to replace the pickup
rubber, there used to be  a

thick pick-up inside 805, so
that you can get  PVC cards,

fusing card, AP film, dragon
sheet,  270 photo paper, powder


photo  stickers, AP stickers,
transparent stickers,  smart

sticker, super bright paper,
some varieties  of canvas were

also printed inside it,  just
during all this printing, the

pickup rubber  used to slip, but
now here they give the  ability

to replace the pick-up  rubber

This will increase the life of
your  printer.

Because now the first concern
is bad, if  the paper is not

pulling, then it means that  the
pickup rubber is bad, so here

you have got an  option that you
can change the pickup  rubber


a third good option  that I
the thought was earlier a printer,

it used  to be so big and so
wide and very heavy, now they

have  made the printer small, up
and down, the side byte  is

right, so that the printer
looks exactly like  the best

square box suitcase and

the  printer is small you can
hide it by putting it  inside

this big drawer, this one good
thing that  is well done apart,

from the ink quality and  the
printer quality in speed also,

so this was  the big difference
in 8050

In the next video, we  will
discuss the difference between

Epson 18050  which is the latest

Epson  1800

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