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EPSON L8050 L805 PRINTER No More PVC Card Printer Studio Printer AbhishekID.COM


EPSON L8050 L805 PRINTER No More PVC Card Printer Studio Printer AbhishekID.COM

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Whatapp Us – | The Epson L8050 is a versatile printer that is ideal for PVC card printing and photo studio printing. With its high-quality printing capabilities, it can produce sharp and vibrant images that are perfect for professional use. Its user-friendly interface and efficient printing speed make it a valuable addition to any workspace.


00:00 Intro
00:05 Tribute to Epson L805
00:45 Epson L8050 printer
01:11 CD/PVC card tray
01:43 Epson 057 inks
03:28 Two different thing from L805
04:01 Build quality
04:10 Back feed tray
04:28 Output feeder tray
05:03 How to insert the CD/PVC card tray
06:04 for double side ID card printing
07:05 Compact size
07:33 Wifi option
08:20 Photo paper media you can print
08:39 Special media paper you can print
09:36 what you should not do with L8050
11:44 Tribute to Epson L805
12:25 Other machines in our showroom
13:05 Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome to
Abhishek Products. I am Abhishek


Today I am very sad to tell you
that our Epson printer L805

It’s not there now.

The company has launched L8050

And I have many memories and
you will also be with the L805

printer because I know at least
a hundred people whose entire

the business foundation rests on
this single printer.

If you open and close your
shutter above thL805, then

let’s see whether L8050 can
reach that point or not.

Like L805 and L1800 is L8050
the printer which has 6 colour inks,

which can print on different
media, inside it also we have

eco tank or whatever you say,
the facility is available and

the printer is available as

And the pack comes inside the
cardboard box.

You find it inside it.

You get the user manual and
the tray with L805 you will get the CD

tray, but for this, you can
also, make a PVC card inside the

tray, by default there is no
need for a separate PVC card

tray, you will see its detailed
video soon.


Next comes our plastic cover
which is enough to dustproof,

then a detail has been given in
different languages which you

are not going to read and then
comes our standard power cable.

The thing to note in our
standard deluxe is here

you have come to 057 but Epson
L805 and L800 inside the fact

Epson L1800 and L805 the ink
used was 673 inks we also used

to but here we are getting 057 ink

There is a major difference
here, so it is a major difference

means that you can’t use old

and of course old and new model
ink has price differences


It will be

So here are some inks
cartridges, if you are doing

sublimation printing, then this
ink is of no use, you have to buy

separate sublimation inks and
feed inside this printer.

Now we are talking about all the
inks, CMYK, LC and LM as in L805

printer the colour is

Good, if you want, you
can order this product from us,

we can deliver this product to
you through different cargo

transport service, not a problem.

So now let’s take the printer.

Two things inside the printer
are very different, compared to

L805, if you remember, that
L805, which was so high but now

L8050 is almost 75% shorter and
the height is also less, but

inside it, we get the latest
eco tank printing technology

like these times, which has
been kept in front, wherein

L805 the ink tank is one the
side of the printer

you could not see the ink
levels in front of L805, but

here you can see immediately, I
have to tell this benefits.


Built quality is not as the
L805 printer but it is ok it’s

not a problem and here you get
back tray like L805

There’s a slightly upgraded
pattern design, better

economics and stands well and
here you get a transparent

feeder that you can easily own.

You can see what it is.

Here we have found a very
different thing and a great

thing that was not inside our
old models, so here is when you

remove this one.

So this

output feeder tray

So the output feeder tray that
they have made in a very

different way and in a very
brilliant way, looks quite

different, looks unique and
looks quite durable, but we

will see what quality comes in
its production, so here we are


you can also insert the CD tray
and PVC card tray here, so

let’s see how that tray is

So this is the 8050s tray of
and inside it, you get a CD

cassette and on the top you can
keep the 2 PVC cards on it,

they come in standard ATM card
size, cassette number 1,

cassette number2

you have to take the PVC card
which is compatible with Epson,

if you put another card, or
thermal card the printer will

be damaged and only the
the compatible card that will fit

perfectly inside it and will be
comfortable with them.

If you don’t have compatible
card then you can order from us

from our website, go to the
comment below, type, and send our

WhatsApp link to you, then you
just have to take the tray like

this, and stand you have to
hold it with both hands and

If you want to print the card,
then you need the card.

You have to keep it, take it in
the center and as soon as you

put it at a distance, then
there will be a small voice of

registration, mechanical, you
will feel the pressure and then

put it inside and here you will
get it from two lines given at

the bottom.

Press inside and cross both

Will alignment near this wall
and it is done

Now all you have to do is
connect it to your system, send

the print, remove the work over
card, send it to the party.

But there is a small problem
here, like the old L805 used to

print a single side card, there
will also be a single-side card

printed inside it.

If you want to print a double
side card, then once you have

painted, you have to remove
your card, then turn it upside

down and then put it back on
the inside so that it can print

on the backside.

A little bit of a quality issue
is going to be 100%, there will

be some problem in printing
cards, but overall not bad

you can do the work, foam
the factor is very good and sleek,

you can do the work in less
space if you have a drawer you

can keep this printer in it

You don’t even know that you
have this printer and you have

the right to save my business,
it will have an effect because

many people like that way, keep
everything hidden.

the print is really good,
inside this you get Wi-Fi

option so you can also give the
option of printing it from your

mobile, it will be a little
difficult to print PVC card

through mobile, I don’t believe
that PVC card will be so easy.

Print through mobile is not
easy but you can easily print

plain paper


Very good features have been


Even from your top side, what
is here

On the top, you do not have the
scanner, there is no scanner

inside this printer, it has
just regular printing options

inside it.

Within Epson L8050, you can
print 130 gsm photo paper, 180

gsm photo paper, 210 gsm glossy
photo 2 side and single side

photo paper, 270 gsm, 265 and

A4 size

and also 8×12 this was the
regular media in this printer

you can also print photo
sticker 130 gsm photo sticker

gsm transparent sticker with

certain colour settings

You can also print AP sticker
with some colour settings

you can print smart sticker
which is used for mobile skin

you can also print Superbright
sheets which are used for LED

photo frames which will come in
very super quality because it

is a 6-colour printer.

In my testing, I found that
this work well with a bottle

stickers too. the bottle
stickers product is not ready

yet, but this product is also
compatible with this printer.

You can also print transparent
inkjet sheets inside this

printer, all these products and
stickers are also in our

website, you can also check
there what you can not do with

this printer?

You can not use this printer
rough and tough, you will keep

this printer is slightly covered
so that the dust inside it is

less and at the same time if
you put a non-compatible card

inside it while printing the
PVC card, then the head needs

to be cleaned again and again.

It will be

The PVC card that is inserted
with it should be smooth

finish and not rough finish,
adjust, the smooth cut should be

done, not hard cut, if you went
to do this, you put the wrong

card, then put cheap cards,
which is a common habit of all

of us, then your head will
be damaged quickly

In this printer, there is a CD
printing setting as well as PVC

card setting you have to
understand one thing that is

when using normal paper the

Will go for one year with no

but the warranty will be decreased
when you use more PVC cards

then your warranty will be low,
so you have to take care of

these things

The next thing that you should
not do at all in this printer

is that you do not have to put
an OHP sheet inside it, do not

print, it will be that the
rollers you have will have

their coating inside and stains
start appearing on your next


and secondly, OHP sheets are not
printed with this printer

It is not printed

Apart from that?

You cannot put any regular
synthetic media inside it

As a normal PVC sheet, you can
not put it inside it, you have

to print it inside it with a
coated PVC sheet such as AP

film fusing sheet, Dragon Sheet

Because it supports the 270 gsm
paper, you can also use the

fusing sheet and dragon sheet
inside it, but one thing you

have to take good care of is
that the feeder rubber is not


If it gets worn out, then you
will have to go to servicing

again and again, you will have
the problem of double paper

pulling and there will be a red
light error again and again,

then these are some of the
things you should keep in mind

that you should keep in mind
while using your printer.

It is very necessary for long
term usage

So this was the Abhishek Jain
giving tribute to Epson L805

printer, who has started my
career on YouTube, my first

video is on my channel’s first
the video was about Epson L805

today he is not a printer, we
are very sad about this and

Let’s hope that Epson L8050

Support you guys as L805

So thank you very much I am Abhishek inside
our showroom where you get the demo

and product details of more
than 200 machines, if you ever

come to Hyderabad, visit our
showroom where you will get

details of many such products

Like ID card cutters,
lamination machine, cold

lamination machines and hot
lamination so this is some

examples of the machines in our
showroom where you can get

round cutters, lamination
machine, button badge phantom

printers, thermal lamination,
roll-to-roll lamination

machines, Evolis printers,
inkjet 10 or 15 media

You can use it to develop your
business as well as you will

get the sublimation inks and
printers. When talking of

sublimation Epson L8050 can
also, be converted to

sublimation printer when using
sublimation printer

we have sublimation stands
available with us

So this me Abhishek singing of
and thank you for watching the


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