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DataCard Ep2 – Printing Aadhar Card, Id Cards Using Ribbon SD360 Thermal Printer, PVC CARD PRINTER

DataCard Ep2 Printing Aadhar Card Id Cards Using Ribbon SD360 Thermal Printer PVC CARD PRINTER

DataCard Ep2 – Printing Aadhar Card, Id Cards Using Ribbon SD360 Thermal Printer, PVC CARD PRINTER

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DataCard Sd 360 Thermal PVC Id Card Printer, Demo Of How To Load The Ribbons, How To Print Pre-printed Aadhar Card, Voter Card, Driving License, Id Cards. How To Use The Aadhaar Card Software To Easily Print Cards Using The Thermal PVC Id Card Printer.


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Hello and welcome to Abhishek
Products by S.K.Graphics

today we are very happy to announce that
we are now authorised reseller of Entrust brand

and you contact us specially for their greatest and
latest model SD Datacard 360 thermal card printer

in case you guys are wondering what is
SD360 what is thermal printer dont’t worry

we will discuss that in detail in this video

we are launching a new series
called Datacard printer series

in which we showing you unboxing of the printer

the working demo of the printer and thirdly, an
aadhaar card software for SD Datacard printer

So lets begin this video

so this is part 2 of our series
of Datacard printer series

and in this part specifically
we will be talking about

how to turn the SD Datacard
printer on and how to load the ribbons

and what are the different
kind of ribbons used in SD 360

what is the cleaning kit and how to use it

what are the different kind of cards
that can be printed in our Datacard SD360

and how can you aadhaar
card, voter card and other ID card

using full panel ribbon

and how you can print pre-printed
aadhaar card using a half panel ribbon

and at the end we will be discussing what are
the unique features of our Datacard SD 360 printer

and, so lets begin with the demo

this is exactly the SD360 printer basic model

this main company from Entrust

and here is the all of the options

here we get the power option, how to connect power

and this is a USB port, you have the USB
cable along the printer you will get the USB cable

and here you will get one more Lan cable also

you can connect through Lan also

you can take print out with this
option also this is an extra features from this one

here we have the options

power on options and power off

and here is the main menu option

I am starting first

now it is initializing

checking all installed are not in the printer

here its showing the ribbon, and cards everything

so it take generally take 1
and half minute to totally get on

it will show ready status on the screen

this is the ready satus screen

the model of the printer is SD360

here you will get the menu option

continuous blinking, if you
have any problem in the printer

ribbon break down and card
jam at that time it will display here

  and this one here will blinking

right now it is continuous light, if
there is a problem it wil start blinking

here you will get the status of the ribbon

ribbon is 25%

it will indicate this side

using orange colour light

and here it shows the card option

it not have any card

hopper is empty at that time
orange light will come here



here, how to install the ribbon

press this knob and it will be opened

this is the head

so this is the head of the printer at
this part all the printing take place

here is the ribbon cassette,
this is the ribbon cassette


this is the ribbon

ribbon box


cleaning roller and cleaning card

every box you will get this three items

so with every Datacard 360 ribbon you will
get 1 ribbon 1 cleaning roller 1 cleaning card

so this features is only available in Datacard

no other printer will give
cleaning card and cleaning roll with it

only in SD360 Datacard we
are getting all the three items

so that our head life is maintained

so one more thing I am saying

this is YMCKT ribbon, full panel ribbon

it’s a full panel ribbon

full panel means you can print both
front side & back side in multicolour

this is RF ID tag

at starting this side will be empty

this side will be full

once it is completed this side will
be full and this side will be empty

every ribbon has this chip on
the side, this is RF ID chip

this chip will authenticate the
printer for the genuinety of the ribbon

and the detail about how
much we have used it will display in percentage

how much we have consumed 40% 50%

that data also the chip will give us

the empty roller first we have to put here

and the filled roll we have to put here

so that we will get click sound as
soon as we put, we get the click sound

when we open also, when we want to
remove, like this you can press like this

small lock inside

  here also same

this is the cleaning roller

so this is the cleaning roller
knonb and this is the cleaning roller

this comes with the printer

and this comes with the ribbon

every box you will get new one like this

and this will be common

you have to put like this

we have to put this in one direction

we have to put in correct direction

here is the locking system

put it like this and when
you press here it will come out

this roller can be left or right any thing

after that you can remove this one

this is the sticky side

once card passing like this

if you have dust on the card

it will stick on this

so for example

here we are printing this
pre printed aadhaar card

the card will go inside and if any dust
particles are there that will stick to the roller

and thid roller will rotate

  install like this

here is first port function

this is second

it’s free

it’s free

and you have to close like this

you have to force both sides

press here it will open

it’s ready

connecting USB cabel to laptop

here is the card input hopper
which can hold uptp 100 cards

it will goes from here and comes here

in and out

so we can put around 100 PVC plain
white card or pre-printed cards here

all those card will be automatically
printed front and they will come out from here

and this is the input hopper
and this is the out put hopper

in order to print a demo card here
we have using the colour print software

in the colour print software we have put our
governments issued

PDF version of the our aadhaar card
and we have given the password here

and after just putting all the
details and hitting the preview button we got

the sample version of the front
and back of our aadhaar card

and this with proper QR code
and bar code and other details

now we will send the print of this
aadhaar card directly from this softwar

to our SD360 Datacard printer

here is the option print a card

giving that command

so we have send the print card command here

we will get like this,
we will get a pop-up

sending. So the software send two pages the page one
that is front and the page 2 that is the back side

now data is being send via USB cable
into the printer and it will get printed

now we will see what
happens at the side

so the knobs keeping rotating and then

the cards goes inside the input hopper

and then from the bottom
we will be getting the card here

it has completed the front side

so now it has completed
the front side of the printing

now it has completed both the
front and the back of the card

so this is our printed card

here is the front side

and here is the back side

and all the details are prefect

and very sharp and very jet black

and the card is PVC

and it’s water proof

and also wheather proof

now we will show you how
to print the driving licence or any other cards

the process is the same

here we have the scanned
copy of the driving licence front and back

you have to scan separately

both front and back you have to scan separately

and we have to scan them in
the ration of 54×86 millimeter

we are selected them and we are doing right click

and then we are selecting the print option

bottom we have to select this box

then the card will come prefectly

this is the front side

and this is the back side

it showing 2nd pages, not 2 pages

  now I am giving some command

you have that 300×600 dots
per print you can use this one also

and here you can use this
one not the retransfer print

iso 85.60×53.98

so here in the paper size you
have to select the ISO 85×53

and in the quality we select

here we have to select the
printer which we have to print

so without using any special software

just by scanning we can print our
aadhaar card or any ID card or driving licnence

into the printer

here the printer takes the card inside

and this knob starts rotating

now started rotating our card went inside

and it’s now printing both the front side
and the back side of the card in single shot

approximately this printer takes one
minute to print front and back cards

and in one hour if you are printing full colour
front and back around 60 to 80 cards can be printed

and if you are using the half panel you
can print around 120 cards to 150 cards

so right now for printing this driving
licence we are using the full panel ribbon

as you can see about one
minute our card is printed

this is the front side of the driving licence and
this is the back side of the our driving licence

and the print quality is prefect

it is jet black and their is no complaint

the quality of your scan will
be the quality of your print

so if you are scanning in very good
quality you will get very good quality print

now we showed you how to print aadhaar
cards, and driving licence or any other ID cards

using the full panel ribbon

this set up is only for the cutomers
who want to tackle the retail customers

who are using for retail business

now we are going to show you, how to print
pre printed aadhaar card, pre printed voter card

using our SD360 printer and half panel ribbon

so the half panel ribbon is ymcKT.KT

and using this ribbon you can print this
pre printed aadhaar cards and voter cards

this is especially used for TS
online, AP online, CSC centres

this is a half panel ribbon

so this is our half panel ribbon

this is ymcKT.KT and just like the full panel
this ribbon also has the RF ID chip at the side

this chip will tell you

what is the quantity of the
ribbon that is ready to print

and what is the status of the ribbon

so all that information is within this ribbon and
we have to use the same panel to load the ribbons

we have installed the ribbon
and we are closing the lid

the lid is prefectly closed you
can feel it buy touching here

so now again we have to use the same
concept of the input hopper and the out put hopper

in the input hopper we are placing
our pre printed card instead of placing white cards

aadhar card which you have downloaded right

and the same password

here it’s password and just click the preview button

you will get like this

so here in this method also we are
going to use the colour print software

and we have put our PDF and
given password it generates the card

now the interesting thing is
since our card is pre printed

in our software we have an
option to remove the background

so we can print it without
the background aslo

so very simple method and now
we will show you how to load the card

when you are putting the card
into input hopper

the India flag should be in the right hand side and
the red colour line should be in the left hand side

in this way only you have to put the card

if you are putting it in the wrong
way you will get the wrong print

only like this passion you have to put the card

into the printer

now we simply send the print from our
colour print software into the SD360 printer

as soon as the knob starts
roating the card goes inside

and within one minute our
pre printed aadhaar card

will be printed with the users data on it
and will be printed and output will come here

for printing this pre printed aadhaar card, voter
card it take approximately it will take one minute

so this is the output

picture quality is prefect the ink is also jet black

and the bar code and QR
code is aslo very clearly visible

now we tell you about the very important features

which is only available in
Datacard Entrust SD360 printer

we have this rotating knob, this rotating knob
is for removing the waste card or jamed cards

you can open this one, here it will display card

this is the jamed card card here, the
card some reason is stuck over here

due to some system error or
card proble and power off also

in case of power off, electricity failure
then your card will be stuck inbetween

so you don’t have to take your card with the hand
and pull the card so that machine will get damaged

in order to protect your machine
and maintain it’s quality and life

we have given a special knob here

so what we will do is rotate this knob

in clockwise direction

as you rotating it the clockwise direction

front and back, rotating in
clockwise will move forward

when you rotate it
anticlockwise it will go back side

and what is in the back side, in
the back side their is a waste bin

this is our waste bin all the card
that are wasted due to some error,

due to some proble it will go into the
waste bin and you can collect them all at once

so here we send this card to the waste bin

that’s it, the card is gone int to the waste bin

here there is a knob, and we
can pull this and our card is here

so this way you can also use this card again,

it is a just a method that we
have shown to maintain the printer

what are the basic functions
that are given in the printer

so in this very detailed video we showed you

how to use the full panel ribbon to print

aadhaar card, driving licence, any
other ID cards using the full panel ymcKT ribbon

and by using the ymcKT.KT ribbon

how you can print aadhaar
card if you have a CSC centre

AP online or TS online you have to use
this half panel ribbon to print this aadhaar card

and we have also given you brief demonstration of

how to use the colour print software for printing
aadhaar cards with background and without background

apart from these features

SD Datacard 360 printer
also has one unique features

every time we turn on the printer

a process called
ribbon initializing starts

when the ribbon initialization starts

it actually wastes one length of the ribbon

so one card is wasted during
process of ribbon initialization

in the thermal printers

but in Datacard SD360 we have
special ribbon management option

where you can stop the wastage of
ribbons during the turning on process

this features is also
very unique to data card

and one more features unique is the rotating
knob which gives the manul control to the operator

to remove the waste cards

so these two features are very
unique and very versatile for SD360 printer

and one more unique feature of
this printer is that it is very light weight

it has a weight of just 3 to 4 Kilos

so you can pick it and keep it
at any place of your convince

and it works at normal room temparature it
does not require any special air conditioning

the only precaution you need
to maintain with this printer

is to maintain the neat and
clean dust free environment

for it to maintain a very long life

so friends I hope you have understood
what are the features and strength

of Datacard SD360 printer

and I hope you are impressed by the great inovation

and technology with superior
speed and productive capacity

of this printer that can definitely
surely help your business grow

and delliver better experience
of PVC card and quality

to your clients, we strongly
recommend this printer

  this Datacard SD360 printer

for health care ID cards

for student or vistors ID
cards, for retail or hospitality

or loyalty membership cards

for your local government
voter ID cards, aadhaar card

voter cards, pan cards, Ayushman Bharat cards

and ofcourse your LIC and
other premium related cards

and this was the basic overall idea of the
printer and it’s working and it’s very most basic

hopefully in the future we will
also discussing about this printer

  in the detail in different languages also

so that all of you can get
the better understanding

and later in this series we
will be talking in detail about the

aadhaar card software that
I have shown in this video

we are coming of even more

brilliant softwares for pan
cards and other type of ID cards

that is compatible with thermal printer

so stay tuned with to our channel
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