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Start New Business Ep1 – ID Card [Complete Guide] Buy Online

Start New Business Ep1 ID Card Complete Guide Buy Online

Start New Business Ep1 – ID Card [Complete Guide] Buy Online

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A Complete guide on how to start new business in ID Card Industries. Target School, Colleges, Companies, Events and Xerox Shop.


00:00 – Intro
00:17 – What is ID card
00:28 – Types of ID cards
01:14 – Pasting ID card
01:24 – Samples of Pasting ID Card
01:46 – Laminated ID cards
02:09 – Direct PVC ID cards
02:24 – Details About Pasting ID Cards
02:29 – Why to use ID card software
03:16 – Things needed for making Pasting ID cards
03:25 – Slide showing What are needed for making Pasting ID card
04:46 – Laminated ID cards
05:02 – Products needed for making Laminated ID cards
05:34 – Picture Showing products for making Dragon ID cards
06:30 – Disadvantages of Dragon Sheet
06:38 – AP film ID cards
07:04 – Product for making AP film ID cards
07:04 – Product for making AP film ID cards
07:28 – Picture showing Product needed for making AP film ID Cards
07:47 – Fast moving Product
08:10 – Why to use AP Film ID Card
08:31 – Disadvantages of Dragon Sheet
08:58 – Fusing Sheet ID Cards
09:03 – Who can use Fusing Sheet ID cards
10:09 – Picture Showing Products for making Fusing ID cards
10:52 – Common Product for AP Film / Fusing sheet
11:15 – Who can do fusing ID card Business
11:46 – Direct PVC ID Cards
11:55 – Products required for making direct PVC ID cards with Epson Printer
12:32 – What are the Product you will get when you buy direct PVC card Printer
13:00 – Who can do direct this PVC ID card Business
13:54 – Direct PVC ID Cards
14:11 – Who can do this Direct PVC ID card Business
14:27 – We are the Authorised Zebra Delar
15:12 – Products for making PVC ID cards
15:28 – Who can do this Direct PVC ID card Business
16:34 – Why Less Technical Knowledge is required for Direct PVC card Printing
16:46 – Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome to
Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics

in this video, we will share
about how to start a new business

or expand existing business

with ID card products

so let’s start

What is an ID card?

  ID card is a thing nowadays every
persons have 5 to 6 types of ID cards

your pan card, Aadhaar card,
voter card, driving license, school card,

  company card, loyalty card,
membership card, companies card

this all varieties

comes under the category of ID card

in this big market

you have an opportunity
to approach it and make a profit

all the products are shown in this video
is available and we will provide all these things

we will give all details about these machines,
we will provide all demos of the machines

and of course, we sell all over India

if you want details of
any products in this video

you can contact me through the
Whatsapp number is given below

first, we see about the pasting ID card

pasting ID card is such a category of ID card

which is mostly used in schools and colleges

here is a sample photo of this ID card

if you are already a vendor
of school ID cards materials

and you are supplying school diary,
books, reports, cleaning equipment

then you can supply ID cards also

then you approach for pasting ID card industries,
or for the pasting ID card products

if you are running a xerox shop

or if you have a xerox shop (photocopier)
near a school or colleges

many times people say that,
this is my aadhaar card, this is my

school card, this is my driving
license and make a copy of it

in this case, you approach

laminated ID cards or inkjet cards

if you are serious about your work

if you are working in multinational companies

or if you have a corporate supply chain

or if you are involved in corporate gifting

then you approach direct PVC cards varieties

first, we talk about pasting ID cards

for setting pasting ID card business,
first, you need ID card software

why use ID card software,
you say I know Photoshop,

CorelDraw, I will do
DTP, typing, and designing

and I will do the printing

I want to tell you because when you
approach school and colleges there is big

there is a big audience in the school
there would be 500 or 1000 students

all data entry and photos

signatures, parents’ phone numbers,
emergency numbers, etc., etc.,

there would be many details to be recorded

in this case, ID card software will
help and make fewer mistakes and cost

The next thing you would need is an ID card printer

then you need a photo sticker, cold
lamination machine and another type of cutters

in this slide, we have arranged ID card
the software first, second you need a printer

third, you need to printing
media that is a photo sticker

fourth you need a manual cold lamination machine
because you have to do sticker lamination

for this, it is compatible to
use a cold lamination machine

in the fifth category, you have two options

you can buy high quality
cutter or ordinary cutters

if you have no budget
the problem, buy high-quality cutters

now if you want to do a small investment
and know how this business is growing

definitely lamination cutter is the right choice


this machine is used for paper cutting

now you have to cut ID cards, in the
the shape of ID which has four round corners

for this, you need 54×86
millimeter ID card cutter

you can buy low-quality cutters

or you can buy high quality

similarly, if you have no budget problem
high quality and if have low quality

The next variety is a laminated ID card

if you have a xerox shop

then it is better to focus on
the lamination ID cards products

for this, you need ID card software sometimes according to the business you approach

definitely, you need an inkjet printer, dragon
sheet and much technical knowledge

because dragon sheet is an old
technology or old methods for making cards

for this, you need technical knowledge and an idea

The next thing you need is lamination
machine, rotary cutter, and ID card cutter

when you see the earlier setup, pasting setup
and when you see this setup you can understand

you may find that half of the machines
these two setups are common

if you want to start two of
the business the half of the

investment is common there is
no need for double investment

if you have already pasted the ID card setup

so you can easily enter
in lamination industries

for this, you need an ID card
software terms and conditions apply

may not need this depending upon the customers

second, you need a printer,
third, you need a dragon sheet

forth you need a hot lamination machine

fifth you need a cutter

sixth you need a PVC ID card
cutter, which cuts in ID card shape

because dragon sheet is
quite complicated and difficult

and it needs technical knowledge their
would be mistaken when doing this

for this purpose, we have introduced AP film

AP film is also a type of
the laminated ID card product

comparing dragon sheet technology
this is very easy and simple

in these mistakes and wastages
are less and the quality is very good

for this also you need an ID card
software again terms and conditions apply

in the xerox shop, you don’t need this software,
it depends upon the customers who come up to you

second, you need an inkjet printer, of course
AP film comes in two sizes, A4 and 6×4 inch

one lamination machine and two types of cutters

once more I revise this
first is software, printer,

lamination machine, and
for printing, AP film is needed

and cutters for cutting in length

and die cutter for cutting in ATM size

AP film has a fast-moving market

this is high demand product

if you are running a xerox shop
and you want to do pan card,

aadhaar card and other cards duplicates
for students and nearby community

then my first suggestion is AP flim

first, this is a waterproof card

second, it needs less technical knowledge

third, it has less wastage

forth peace of mind

as it needs less technical

you can manage easily and you
can store the stock easily and maintain it

and if you use a dragon sheet
there is more complication

and there is more complication
to maintain the stock also

and it gives colour variation
according to the different seasons

there is no problem with AP film

because dragon sheet is an old
technology and it is also not waterproof

and there is colour fading problem also

the AP film is made with the latest technology

so there is no problem with it

going ahead we talk about fusing sheet

fusing sheet is not for xerox shops

we recommend fusing sheet for
those who take the business serious

nowadays when you are
targeting big schools and colleges

when they demand high-quality cards

high-quality print and good build material

we need waterproof material and
in short, we need an ATM like a card

for this case you supply fusing sheet materials

and again we need to understand

it depends on which market you are going

if your business is well established
and you want to expand your business

then only you have to
introduce fusing sheet to market

if you are new to ID card
industries you start

with AP film moldel then
upgrade to fusing sheet model

for this, you need an ID card
software, a printer, and third

this is likely to be heavy
investment for fusing machine

the setup I have told before are
below twenty thousand rupees setup

and the fusing machine set up average setup
is around 30 to 35 thousand rupees

and if you go to upper range setup it will
cost you around 80 thousand rupees

it needs technical knowledge
and patience is also needed plus

this is not a one-man job, if you
have a helper in your office it is better

to operate this machine

you can see in this

AP film’s setup and

fusing sheet business setup also

lots of machines are common like ID card software

printer, die cutters, and cutters

one thing is changing that is
fusing machine and fusing sheet

you will approach this
business only when you have

set up a business and you
want to expand the business

and you have good technical knowledge

and you have existing customers who demand
for ID cards and you already supplying to them

to upgrade your supply
and to bring it to a high level

and make them version

The only thing is you must have good daily business

let’s go ahead to the most trending
methods which are direct PVC ID card printing

for this, you need dedicated Epson software

which we will provide

an Epson printer which we
will modify and give it to you

we will give the hardware
to print 10 ID cards at a time

template for CorelDraw and Photoshop

free installation is
available all across India

and compatible inkjet card which
goes into the printer and prints the cards

we will provide this type of
hardware when we supply the printer

with the printer, printer’s
hardware, technical knowledge,

  it’s technical limitations and
warranty, terms and conditions, and similarly

it’s short details and demo and some ideas
how to pursue the customer and entertain

if you have a xerox shop this product is perfect

if you are doing a supply
chain or if you have a retail store

and want to give membership card and you have
technical designer, then this product is better

and if you have the retail shop and
you don’t have any technical designer

then this product is a failure,
then you don’t buy this product

but in case you shop is
near the school or colleges

any printing shops, or
digital shop, or flex printing

shop, or baby offset
printing machines

and many of the times customer demand
that this is my card and make a copy of it

so you can definitely go ahead
with this machine and this method

The last variety is the thermal printer

thermal printer is a basically
technology which itself is very costly

very latest and made from innovative
platform with thermal ribbon technology and

you enter this business only when
the customer needs high-quality products

the customer who need
good quality, the cost doesn’t matter

for those market, we approach thermal printers

now we are the Zebra company
authorized dealers in Hyderabad

we sell printers and we do service also

Zebra’s ZXP 3 model, ZC300 model,
and many more products with original ribbon

we provide free installation and a free warranty

you can get compatible accessories
like ribbon, cleaning kit, PVC cards, etc.,

you can you ID card software with this printer

this is optional depending
upon what type of market is yours

the printer is like this, the
the ribbon is like this, the packing

of the ribbon is like this,
and the PVC card is like this

you know our ID card software is
like this and PVC card is like this

this business, this product,
or this method is followed

only when you have already
knowledge or customers

for those who want quality
not the quantity only quality

so when you have like that business or
market in your range or multinational companies

or you have high-profile customers
who needs quality products

and quality cards or want to
represent brand value with the cards

for that, you follow this type of business model

and again when you have
retail office or general store

and in your office membership card, loyalty card

or any discount card, discount coupon
to promote the loyalty of the customer

when you have less technical
knowledge and time

so this product is best for you

because for this product you need less technical
knowledge and you get adaptor software with this

with that, you can print very easily

and this was my overall
idea of how to use this software

if you like our idea, a basic explanation
do like, share and subscribe to our videos

and tell us what type of ID card industries
details you want to know to give comment about that

you can message through the
below given Whatsapp number

if you want there is also
a Telegram channel also

in which we give regularly updates
about ID card products and industries products

you can get the link of
the group in the description

Thank you

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