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Super Fast Mini Xerox Machine @40ppm Pantum 5100 Buy @

Super Fast Mini Xerox Machine @40ppm Pantum 5100 Buy @

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Whatapp Us – | Automatic Duplex Printing, High-efficiency  Output
A4 printing speed is 40 pages per minute, and it supports  automatic duplex printing, which can easily improve work efficiency. Wireless  Printing, Convenient Experience. Through dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G and 5G), NFC  touch connection and other methods, wireless printing can be easily realized,  and free office work style of users in the new era can be  enjoyed


00:00  Intro
00:02 Pantum 5100 xerox machine
00:27 Basic future of  pantum 5100
01:02 Front loading
01:08 Cardridge  changing
01:58 7 features of pantum 5100
02:00 ID card  mode
02:17 Dark print
02:40 Tonner saving  mode
03:25 Synthetic non-tearable waterproof sticker  printing
03:55 Transparent sticker
04:22 175 Transparent  sheet
04:48 Gold foil method
05:46  Conclusion


And this is the BM5100 and  it
is a WiFi printer, its special

thing is that  it can print A4
size at around 40 ppm and at

the  same time it also holds a
legal size i.e. FS size  ADF.

you can print double side print
out easily.  Let’s know more

about this printer in this  video

The speciality of Phantom 5100
is that  inside you get

adjustable LED, flatbed  A4
scanner, fast double side

scanning ADF  system.

easily feed A4 size paper  in

the tray below with adjustment
you can also  put A6 size paper

also, because they have given  us
an adjustable tray

from the front side the  printer
is very versatile, where you

can load  some of your special
media papers from this side and

if  you want to replace the
cartridge, you can easily do  it

from here.

It’s very easy to remove  the
cartridge, you just have to do

something from  the front, there
is a drum inside the  cartridge

and toner tank. The toner that
you get  at the beginning you can

take 3000 printouts from  one

To open it, just press the  button
below and open the cartridge.

In this way  and if you want to
change the cartridge or  refill

the cartridge, then you can do
it easily,  by reloading the

cartridge, we just have to
Press  and the cartridge will be

locked in its place,  after
being locked, your slide  back


You can slide something  like

Then turn off the printer  and
your printer is ready again,

now know some  basic features of
this printer, this printer  has

feature number 1, you get ID
card  mode in which you can scan

both sides of the ID  card
simultaneously and print it

inside a single  print, you do
not need to load the same  paper

inside and out again and  again.

feature number 2, these are
some normal  receipts that have

a light colour print inside  them,
these are some of the

enhancement receipt’s  Xerox,
which has a dark clear and

visible print,  this has been
done because phantom printers

have  a feature called receipts
Copy, whose button  is

On pressing, we automatically
get a dark print  on the receipts

Feature Number 3

We get  toner-saving mode inside
phantom printers

I have  taken the xerox of this
pamphlet twice, it is  normal

Xerox and this is toner saving
Xerox, the  print inside it has

come a little light and  your
toner has been saved if you

have any clients  who have a
bulk order and they want a rate

in the  competition.

you can give this as a sample
and  make approval, to use toner

saving mode we have to  press
the toner saving button in such

a way that  the blue light will
come and then press the  green

button and remove its  xerox

Our paper is scanned from  the
top and our print starts from

the  bottom

And this is how your print  is

feature number 4 is  the
synthetic non-tearable

a waterproof sticker  that we have
printed, with Phantom printer,

this  is a waterproof
non-tearable sticker you can

not  tear it with your hands,
inside this also we are  getting

jet dark black print with
Phantom  printers

If you are taking a job for
branding a  customer or for

taking jobs for different types
of  stickers, then you can also

print these stickers  inside
this printer feature No. 5 this

is a  transparent sticker,
a transparent sticker can also  be

printed with this printer

you can  print transparent print
with all Phantom models, this  is

a transparent sticker If you
want to gold foil  on it, then

it is also possible and again
this is  a waterproof sticker on

which we printed a laser  jet
with a black and white printer.

You can use  it for branding by
cutting it in any way

Feature  Number 6 This is our
limpi sheet which is front  and

back transparent of 170 Micron
and we have  also printed it

inside our Phantom printer, it
is  easily inside any kind of

book cover or inside the wedding
card  invitation gift cards.

You can also use it like  an
even visiting card, after this

the card is  printed here, you can
easily see it and if you  want

in the future, you can also
make a gold foil  on it.

After gold foiling on its top
it looks  like this, how do

gold foil?

For that,  you subscribe to our
channel and wait for the next

video,  in this way we have made
a gold foil on it, on the  front

we are getting this reflective
print and on  the back, you get a

black and white regular  print.

this is also possible in the
Phantom  Printer

Gold foil can also be done on
normal  paper through our

Phantom printers and to use  it,
you have to put the printer in

receipt mode after  putting it
in receipt mode.

First of all, you  have to turn
off the toner saving mode, then

turn  on the receipt mode and
then print it, so that  you

will get such a great dark
print and on top  of which you

will get deep dark gold foil
using  the gold foil machine.

with different colours,  all
these features are possible

inside our Phantom  printers

comparing with other big
company in the  laserjet market

Phantom printer’s costing is
much  lower than them and their

refilling toner is also  cheaper,
we deliver phantom printers all

over  India and if you want to
contact us in wholesale  and

purchase printers.

If you want to  connect with us
through WhatsApp below, at the

same  time you can keep in mind
that these printers are  quite

durable and they come with a
one-year  warranty all over

India. This is our showroom  to
know more about like this


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We have all these  machines
material and technical

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