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How Make Magnetic Badge ? Make Magnetic Pin Batches Buy @


How Make Magnetic Badge ? Make Magnetic Pin Batches Buy @

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Short Description​ |   we’re going to show you how to quickly and easily make any badge magnetic using our high-quality magnets! Whether you’re tired of pins poking holes in your clothes or just want a more secure and hassle-free way to wear your badges, our magnets are the perfect solution.


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00:50 how to use the magnetic badges
02:00 acrylic badges
02:28 button badges
04:28 neodymium magnet badge
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Inside our showroom and today I
am going to teach you how to

create magnetic business along
with ID card and business

these are the badges and this
is the 29×84 big badges, 22×72

small badge, 25×55 acrylic
badge and this is a 58mm button

badge and there is a smaller
button badge which size is 44mm

button badge now comes the
heroes whos

name is magnets this is our 45
mm magnet, this is a 2

centimetre magnet and this is

There are different ways to
create these badges

to make sticker badges print it
on the AP sticker with normal

inkjet printer, do cold
lamination and then paste it on

by die cutting it, then it has
become two pieces, this is

printed badges

If we want to install a
a magnetic system, then we have

to take a compatible magnet for
that, which is 45 mm, bar

magnet, so we have to take this
magnet and this is the way the

magnet looks like from the
behind and one of its partners

comes in this way.

So here we will do this work
with a partner, first of all, we

will remove the gumming

the gumming went out like this,
then we will take our badges and

there is a pin behind the badge,
along with that pin put another

strip of a magnet, right in the

After installing it in the centre,
you have to attach this magnet

and give it to the customer in
this way and when the customer

receives it, he will remove the

And in this way

they will put the magnet in
whether it is a blazer, saree,

shirt or anything, you can
easily use your magnetic badge

from any angle and if there is
a lot of strong gumming inside

them, then it will not hurt
your reputation and will also

adorn the customer.

So this is the story of our
sticker badges, the next story

comes, the way to make acrylic
badges of our acrylic badges are

very easy, you just have to
print any inkjet printer with

this shape

After cutting, you have to take
this acrylic badge and just

slide inside it, and that’s it add
the bar magnet, behind and this

way you have to make the badge

this is our button, how to make
these button badges?

I have made a detailed video
about this, check my YouTube

channel to see it.

neodymium 2 cm magnet is
compatible with this button batch

This is 2 centimetres so that
this button can stick on the

back of the badge, whether it
is 44 mm or 58 mm, because 58

mm is more sold, I am giving
you a demo about it, so this is

the simple way to do it.

keep the batch at the back
remove the two-piece magnets

one piece is a metal piece which
has 3 mm gumming in it and

another one is our magnet

Just remove the gumming from
the back, now take this button


paste it in the centre like
this and then take the magnet

and give it to the customer,
when the customer receives it,

then will just remove the
backside magnet and

Something like this

Use in your shirt, blazer,
saree or any other cloths

It is very common in the
hospitality industry and hotels,

it is very used and the cost of
one magnetic badge is very low

on you, but when this sale is
done, it is easily sold in the

range of 100 Rupees or 150 Rupees

If you want to purchase this
magnet from us and want to know

about the topics, then you will
subscribe to our YouTube

channel, as well as if you want
to buy something from us, then

you can visit our website www.


You can visit

But before going

We have to check, the black colour

Under the description below,
you will find a link from which

you can connect us through

Now our third type of colour is
black colour neodymium magnet,

this type of magnet has two
features and one disadvantage.

One feature is that it is very
lightweight magnet, it is of

very low cost and both its sale
and its supply is very high.

the problem is that it is a low
quality magnets and it leaves

black coloured soil, that’s why
we call it chini miti magnet

in Hindi, in English, it is said
as just a black magnet we will


The way to use it is very
simple, it is only to give it

to the customer who will put it
on the fridge or top of a

notice board, if you give it to
put it in the shirt, then the

customer’s shirt.

And both the customers
reputation will turn black

because if you leave a black
colour one, then you do not have

to do anything, you just have
to put fevicol behind it, by

putting a fevicol, you will
paste it with the fevicol

behind whatever you are badge
is and

It will be a single-piece only
and you can use it on top of

any fridge or any other.

and it will stick to any
metallic notice board, which is a

very low-power magnet and we
just have to put it on a single

piece only, this is not for

If you want to buy all these
magnets and badges and any

other kinds of machine from us,
then you can contact us on our

website www.abhishek

or you can go down to the
comments section or on the

a description where you will find
our direct WhatsApp link so

that you can communicate with us.

Just like this and there are
many machine materials inside

our showroom which is located
Secunderabad in Hyderabad City,

Telangana If you ever want to
come here, please visit us,

give us time and look ahead all
our machine material and our

efforts so that we can see

In the next video, I am
Abhishek with Abhishek products

by graphics and thank you for
watching the video and giving

your precious time.

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