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Sticker Cutter Round Dia Cutters 70MM For Button Badge & Ribbon Badges Abhishek Products


Sticker Cutter Round Dia Cutters 70MM For Button Badge & Ribbon Badges Abhishek Products

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We serve a wide variety of die cutters of 18,22,25,30,35,40,54,65,70,75,80,85,90,100,120mm round cutters. They are made to cut 300 gsm board paper or art paper. widely used in ribbon making, button badge cutter, ribbon badge cutter, plate sticker cutter.


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00:00 Intro
00:06 Round Cutter Sizes
00:23 Uses of Die cuttes
00:40 What are the sticker we are cutting in this video
01:19 Cutting with 70mm die cutter
01:23 Cutting A4 paper into half using Rotary cutter
01:49 Inserting the sticker paper into the die cutter
02:05 Cutting the sticker
02:19 Buy at www.AbhishekID.com
02:35 Cutting non-tearable sticker (AP sticker)
03:00 What are printer you can use to print in AP sticker sheet
03:25 Cutting AP sticker film
04:18 Other size die cutters you can use


Hello everyone welcome to Abhishek Products By S.K
Graphics. I am Abhishek Jain and our job is to develop your
side business, today we are going to talk about round die
cutters which are available in many different sizes and we
have from 18mm to 150mm
We have round details available from mm i.e. half an inch to 6
this is used in lot of places
such as in making badges, in making stickers
and in making the package of the political party.
And many times we also use it for branding from the customer,
today we are going to show you using this cutter how you can
use a regular photo sticker?
How to cut not able stickers and transparent stickers?
In today’s stairs, we will only tell you by cutting the sticks,
but in the previous videos, we told you by cutting the board
paper of 300gsm, which is as thick as the visiting card, in
the video.
Let me put it in the description below, so first we
will cut and show you regularly, at this time we are using 70mm
die, 70mm means 2.75-inches, so first of all we will use rotary
card and give the paper.
At this time we are using a normal white sticker, but you
can use that sticker by printing it in a different way,
then first cut this paper and cut the rotary.
at that time
We have got it, now we will put it inside our die cutter, this
is a regular sticker because it is a regular sticker, it can
easily go a little by hand.
This is just like regular sticker and it can be easily
attached by hand, you just have to punch the handle from the
top in this way and the paper will be cut easily.
here we have used 130gsm sticker you can use 170gsm this
is also available in our website www.abhishekid.com I
will put the link in description and on the comment
now we will cut non-tearable sticker which is a kind of
vinyl and we cut this vinyl sticker inside this cutter and
tell you how it will be easily cut if you think
If you are thinking that vinyl non-tearable sticker i.e. AP
Sticker, is actually name. its technical name is AP Sticker,
so how to print it from AP Sticker?
So we have used a inkjet printer of Epson, you can also
use the normal small printer of Epson like L130 or L1800
There are 1000 of printers, there are 1000 of models,
whatever is inkjet printer or ink tank printer or eco-tank,
whatever variety they should be, just in it you can use it and
print the AP sticker.
And now let me give you an idea of how this non-tearable
sticker, which is also waterproof, which you can
easily use for any of your brands, etc., how you will cut
it for product branding.
If you want, you can first do cold lamination, thermal
lamination and even after it is put inside this better, it will
be easily cut, so see in this way, it is completely cut.
I try to tear it, now we will try to tear it, it will burst,
but it will not burst because it is completely non-table, it
will stretch, but it will not burst, otherwise it is a very
strong sticker, which does not explode easily, but that too is
The inside of the letter is easily cut, I will tell you by
cutting another sticker once.
Yes, the thing you need to note here is that we are here to pay.
we used 2.75 inch die cutter i. e. 70 mm
But if you want, you can also use any other size such as 18mm,
20mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 54mm or any other size, we will get all
the sizes, but before showing all the sizes, I will give you
I will cut the transparent sticker and tell

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