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Id Card, lanyard Printing, Lamination, Spiral Binding, Paper Cutter, Sublimation, Inkjet Printer MC

Id Card lanyard Printing Lamination Spiral Binding Paper Cutter Sublimation Inkjet Printer MC

Id Card, lanyard Printing, Lamination, Spiral Binding, Paper Cutter, Sublimation, Inkjet Printer MC

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00:00 – Intro
00:08 – Basic walk-through in our Showroom
03:57 – Catalog Binding Machine
04:02 – 5-in-1 Sublimation Machine
04:08 – Individual Mug Pressing Machine
04:12 – Complete line of ID Card Parts
04:22 – Dome Labels
04:41 – Gold Foil Sheets
04:59 – Rim Cutter
05:10 – Paper Folding and Center Pinning Machine
05:13 – Corner Cutting Machine
05:29 – Manual Creasing Machine
05:52 – Semi Automatic Creasing, Half Cutting & Perforation Machine
06:05 – Hot Lamination Machine
06:34 – Cold Lamination Machine
06:46 – Spiral Binding Machine
07:18 – Wiro Binding Machines
07:50 – Paper Cutter
08:14 – Imported Spiral Binding Machine
08:20 – Comb Binding Machine
08:28 – Thermal Binding Machine
08:40 – Retractor Yoyo
08:52 – ID Card Pouch
08:59 – ID Card Accessories
09:25 – ID Card Holders
09:47 – Key Chains, Button Badges
09:50 – Badges
10:09 – Retractor Yoyo
10:14 – Direct Fitting ID cards
10:20 – Scratch Labels
20:32 – Dome Labels
10:33 – Silicon Band/ Paper Band
10:36 – Luggage Tag
10:38 – Satin Tags / Rolls
10:44 – Belts
10:51 – Different Types of Printing Sheets
11:36 – Readymade Satin Tags
12:11 – Fusing Machines
12:18 – Button Badge Machine
12:33 – Dome Liquid
12:44 – Sublimation Roll
12:48 – Cold Lamination Roll
12:49 – Gold Foil Roll
12:51 – Satin Lanyard Roll
12:57 – Joints for ID cards
13:05 – Roll-to-Roll Lamination
13:23 – Jumbo Matt Roll
13:27 – Electric Wiro Binding
13:40 – Photocopier(Xerox) machines
13:59 – All Types of ID card Holders
14:48 – Imported ID Card Holders
15:13 – Conclusion


Hello everyone!

Welcome to Abhishek Products
by S.K.Graphics, I am Abhishek

This is the latest renovation
walkthrough of our showroom

This is a showroom cum permanent
exhibition and a learning center for our customers

those who want to know about our
machines and want to expand their business

in this showroom or display center or
learning center, there are more than 207 machines

machinery’s demo is kept


Whatever machines you see we give full
demo of these machines for our customers

we will give product details

give ideas

give knowledge

we acknowledge them to
how to use these products

to improve their products and services

we have

entered into multiple industries

from ID card



a little bit of corporate gifting

and a few sublimation products

we have for you

from general consumer
products like printer inks, papers

to very production specific
and industries specific products like

colour toner, drums, plates


ID card lamination, binding
products and other ID card accessories

and magnets, badges,
along with a number of printing media

like dragon sheet, fusing sheet, AP
sheet, AP film, laser sheet, Teslin sheet

along with lamination films and pouches

you get all types of products

in quantity and in time and as
per your specification on the order

this full display center we have made is

it is recently done renovation you
have watched in past videos

this display center is made last November

I have made a basic video
to intimate and invited you all

to visit our showroom, so this is the following video

visit our showroom at Hyderabad
near Secunderabad station

our office by the name of Abhishek Products


after coming here you can find the true
product lines and true capacity and idea about it

you will also get knowledge what
are the product you can order or deal

what are machinery you
can arrange with us or order

and how you can expand your business with these products

or how to expand your machinery for your customers

how to improve product range

so this was the basic walk
through small exhibition centers

and now you will have got the basic idea

what are the products you can get from us

at the same time let me show you in
specific and in detail

what is the expectation you can get from us

this is a basic machine

catalog binding machine semi-automatic

the basic machine of sublimation 5 in 1

individual machine for cup
printing and mug printing machine

complete line of accessories for ID cards

some things are called two-part, three-part and

two-part and three-part

plastic hooks and metal hooks

then we have a complete range of dome laminated labels

you can get its raw materials and machinery also

and you have complete service
for gold metal plated stickers

gold foil roll, for project books
On the first page, we do gold foil for that

so this is specifically a raw material for that

if you do events, product management,
event management so this is a paper bands

if you run a xerox shop, and if it has a
basic center of rim cutter and paper cutter

this is the rim cutter which can cut 500 pages at a time

this is a paper folding and stapler machine

small corner cutting machine

this is heavy duty corner cutting machine

in this, you can use 100 paper at a time

in this, you can cut 200 pages at a time

then we have the manual creasing machine

excuse me

this is a manual creasing machine

this is our semi-automatic
mini sticker half-cutting machine

this is creasing, half cutting and
perforating machine all-electric

this is a complete range of lamination machines

we have ordinary JMD brand lamination
machines and excelam company lamination machines

Neha brand lamination machines

with that, if you are a power user
we have a speed lamination machine

this is an 18-inch lamination machine
in this, you can laminate 13×19 inch size

after that, you can get 40-inch cold lamination
machine and 14-inch lamination machine

and this is a 30-inch lamination machine

and this is a 25-inch lamination machine

this is our spiral binding machines range

in the spiral binding machines, you will
get heavy duty spiral binding machines

legal size and A4 size

These are top spiral binding machines in 4mm and 5mm size

this is an ordinary A4 spiral binding machine

this is heavy duty A3 spiral binding machine, legal size
spiral binding machine and A4 size spiral binding machine

just in spiral binding machines
we have about 7 to 8 varieties

if you have a corporate office we have
medium range wiro binding machines

version 1 and version 2, small and heavy

if you have a calendar-making business

so we have two variations of wiro binding machines
one with a square hole and one with a round hole

then we have the range of normal paper cutters

if you have a xerox shop and basic arts
and crafts store you require this cutter

we can supply you with that from A4 to A3

in case you are a power user or you
have heavy or bulk work or artistic work

then we have this 24-inch rotary cutter

this is one more Chinese
imported spiral binding machines

this is a comb binding machine, if you have government
office supply or if you are in a government office

we can definitely supply comb binding machines

and similarly, we have thermal binding
machines for high-profile customers

you can get a range of retractors and yo-yo from us

along with button badges and its machinery

here you can get ready-made pouches, leather
pouch, blue cards, pouch, plastic cards, plastic pouches

different types of temporary cards

These all are ID cards accessories

belts, two parts, three parts, horse
hooks, fish hooks, plastic hooks

and metal joints and lever hooks, twisted hooks,
oval hooks, fish hooks, plastic clips, plastic hooks

if you have supplies for schools we have a full range of
ID card holders in different shapes, sizes, and colours

the three lines you see are for corporate
companies, transparent holders, transparent cards

plastic holders, crystal varieties
and PP varieties, polycarbonate variety

you can get key chains button badges

you can get badges

similarly, we have these metallic badges

and metal magnetic badges, in which you
can engraving, paper slide, dome chemical

available in different colours gold and silver

this again complete range of retractors and yo-yo

if there are district schools or government schools

so this variety can be used

as a direct fitting ID card in
different designs and colours

you can get scratch labels, ready-made scratch
labels, dome chemical labels, silicon bands, paper bands

then even supply of luggage
tags, satin tags, white satin tags,

colour satin ribbons, colour satin ribbons, and rolls

multicolour raw material for sublimation

when we talk about plastic sheets and printable sheets

then we can supply a big range of products
like A4 AP film, A4 AP sheets, photo stickers

then we have this fusing sheet,
dragon sheet, sublimation paper

teslin paper

Kent dragon sheet, A4 250 microns,
A4 350 microns and 125 microns laminating pouches

along with there are many
sizes like 65×95, 70×100, 85×110

and nowadays 130×180

we can supply that also, you can get that
raw materials for any type of machinery

like that

you can get from us

like this

you will get ready-made satin
tags from 12mm,16mm, and 20mm

regular 12mm china satin

polyester T316 cloths

polyester tags

similarly high quality tapes

like this, you can get the raw
materials, machinery, and parts

and similarly, if you are doing serious business in ID

we have ID card fusing machines
of 100 cards and 20 cards

if you are focusing on badge work we
can supply button badge machines

along with the cutters and raw materials

and if you want to make dome labels

so you can get dome chemicals

if you are interested in multicolour
tags we have multicolour tag machines

along with sublimation roll 8″, 12″, 14″,

cold lamination roll, gold foil roll

similarly, satin lanyards roll

white and other colours

like this 12mm, 16mm and 20mm, joints are also available

and if you are running a big xerox shop, then you
can get this big 40-inch roll-to-roll lamination machine

when you have a digital print unit

for that

we can supply a 30-inch roll
to roll lamination machines

and we also have jumbo matt rolls and glossy rolls

and if you have a big xerox center for that we supply

electric spiral binding machine with one horsepower

we keep the stock of the motor also, so you
can get this also along with demo and tutorials

and if you have a new business and you
want a xerox machine for your office or shops

with an affordable and reasonable rate
along with a warranty and guarantee

we are also dealing with xerox
machines, specifically of canon

this is the basic idea of what is our
capacity and the product we are dealing with

this showroom basically show
the customer’s convenience

that what we do, what are the
service we can provide for them

just like this

specifically, we have this board for our customers

in this board a variety of
holders with colours are displayed

along with the key
chains, badges, and yo yo’s

please visit our showroom this is the open
invitation so that you will get an overall idea

ID card industries, spiral
binding industries, xerox, binding,

and what are the products available in industries

similarly, this is an imported holder from China

basically, if you have a corporate customer

who want the specific high-level design

you know he has a demand for
something new and something very flashy

then for them, you can supply like this
holders and badges of metal engraving from us

so that all guys

this is just a basic walkthrough

our products and our services

of Abhishek Products and S.K.Graphics

our WhatsApp number is given below here

you will get on the screen

so contact through WhatsApp number

don’t call first, first WhatAppv then call

from there give a message about the products
details or product requirements

we will understand and reply to you

Thank you!

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